Coco KPOPs

Monitor and pre keyboard checks complete. Five. Four. Three. Two. One. MundaneVision you are clear for launch! We have broken the upper atmosphere and now entering the blogosphere.

It’s a lot smaller than i remember it up here and crowded! look at all those tiktok dancers. My goodness what are they doing? They really do look ridiculous. Look at that them over there they look like a cat on speed. The makeup tutorials have gone and been replaced by KPOP! I thought KPOP was a breakfast cereal, like a crossover between Kellogg’s and coco pops! Hang on don’t Kellogg’s make coco pops, which means they own coco the monkey, which also means he’s being forced to sing that song over and over again against it’s will. If animal right groups only knew… Please stop rescuing chimps in Borneo, there is one closer to home that you need to worry about. Oh yes I know I will get comments saying “Oh Chris coco the monkey is only animated”.. sorry I’m being corrected by producer sloth, I didn’t know I was at school. Okay so basically there’s animated monkeys and animal rights groups should have a division focusing on animated characters.

Do we need David Attenborough to do a show on this? Although he’s probably far too busy as it is. However if he did do a series it would be incredible, he should call it Animated Planet, and it would really DRAW peoples attention. Haha see what I did there, oh yeah I made that joke I’m not afraid of the joke police; they ride around in cardboard police cars with whoopee cushions for seats how could you possibly take that seriously. What I’m trying to say here, is coco the monkey being forced to perform against his will? That would make a really dark Netflix show, the Netflix producers would be all over that and after dodging a few phones calls Coco would definitely give his side of the story. Maybe MundaneVision should become an investigative blog, it’s a much better environment, maybe he would prefer to be called by producer sloth as apposed to a human being. I can see it now Coco would have been driven to smoking due to the fact he can’t get anymore coco pops because of Brexit. He would have been fired. Down in his luck wondering the streets begging for coco pops; “Has anyone got any coco pops? Just one spoon bro, Please just one! or even some coco rocks?” I wonder what the actual difference is between coco pops and coco rocks? Maybe that cockerel on the cornflakes packet knows, he’s kept very quiet about the subject.. He think he does know! We need him on as a guest but how? I can disguise myself as a hen, maybe then he’ll talk to me.. I wonder if you can get Hen suits online, I mean I don’t need the full egg laying ability, just the look. Maybe I could wear a wire hidden under my feathers and blow this story wide open! It wouldn’t be a sting, no one needs to be partnered up with a hornet or a wasp.
I always thought hornet were superior, They are the lords of the animal kingdom. Right, Sloth, make a few calls and we will liberate Coco ourselves.

A few hours later…
Okay so Coco didn’t want to be liberated, unfortunately he saw a big dish on a van and thought it was just another place to keep more coco pops. I tried to tell him it wasn’t but he was up on the roof before anyone realised. Happily munching coco pops out of the satellite dish. The rooster couldn’t tell me the difference between rocks and pops however he did say he was a fan on the blog! Which was lovely to hear, we have a fan! can you believe it? First blogesode back and already a captivated audience. He said he’d like to come round and tour our studios next week. Which I might not let him do, I don’t want to rush our animated character liberation relationship.

So what have we learnt from todays blogesode? Undercover journalism is hard, I take my hat off to Ross Kemp and Stacey Dooley, and all the over undercover journalists past and present. I would ask, if your are an undercover journalist get it touch but that might blow your cover. I do have an update though; Coco the monkey has signed a deal with BTS; he will now be selling coco pops exclusively to KPOP fans and groups. Everybody is coco for KPOP. Apparently they will sell CD’s on the front of the boxes and have everyone will be having coco KPOP’s for breakfast! Crunch, I have to say we have ten boxes in the studio, it is a very good fusion product. It’s a good cereal to eat alone, but much better with friends, you can get a good dance routine going. I should imagine they’ll be amazing in Korea. The original is always better, remakes rarely live up to the hype. I will blow up on tiktok I mean literally blow up!
WE HAVE TEN SECONDS TO GET OUT OF THE STUDIO!! So with that I would rather have a bowl of Weetabix.

Thank you very much for reading/listening to our first blogesode back! Enjoy this whether it is accompanied by breakfast cereal or not, I hope it’s entertaining. and if you do come up with a dance routine… please keep it to yourself!

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The past and present collide

Hello wonderful people of the Internet 

I used to write a blog called mundaneavion although if you are reading this you probably know that 

Over the past few days I have thinking of ways to reboot mundaneavion after lot of head scratching and beard stroking which was very pointless as I do not have a beard I have come to the conclusion even if I brought it back I could never make it as  good at the original 

When I logged on to write this I was pleasantly surprised surprised and delighted to see that people are still reading the old blogaisodes  and excited if not a bit confused by the fact that mundaneavion  seem to have passed  10,000 all time views despite having not written a proper blog post since 2019 as I write this I realise that that this is new content oh no I have blurred the lines between past and present who knows what’s going to happen now seriously to all of you that help the blog achieve this milestone I say a big thank you continue Reading continue commenting and I might just might be back.


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The Boy Band of Blogs

Hey guys

It is Chris here, I’m aware that we haven’t posted a Blog in a long time and I just wanted to make you all aware of what is happening. My last co-hosts on Mundanevision has moved on and as it was important for me to have co-hosts to make the show what it was, I’ve decided for now to end it.  Think of Mundanevision as the boy band of blogs, we were never going to last forever but it was fun while it did and like a boy band you can always visit our greatest hits/blogs online whenever you want to. It has been a great privilege writing every week to all of you lovely people over the internet and we never expected to get the many followers we did ‘Thank you’, you really made the blog what it was. Who knows I might decide (for money) to write more in the future but as I started out with another person by my side; it doesn’t feel right to continue without them.

I hope you will continue to read the old blogs and remember the fun times we had and continue to laugh at our old antics.

 With best wishes from the Sloth and myself.

 Thank you again to each and everyone of you! 


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A picture speaks a thousand words

Hey Chris here, sorry we have not updated in a while hopeful you guys look at Christmas picture featuring the sloth and think back on 2019 with Mundanevision .

look at it a picture really does speak a thousand words, or four anyway.

see you all in 2020


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Dancing Off the Love Island Attackers!

Hello people of the internet! Welcome to the LAST Mundanevision for a little bit! But let’s not let that stop us from having fuuuuuuuun with words!

Chris: Hey Tash

Tash: Hey Chris! I don’t know what to say… I’m so happy to be sat here by you, but also so sad knowing it’s my last feature on this fantastic blog!

Chris: We are also very sad that you are leaving the world of Mundanevision…. the sloth went a bit overboard and set up a candle lit vigil for you. I don’t think he understands the principle of someone leaving- she’s not leaving this world, Sloth!

Tash: Gosh, I hope that isn’t some kind of sign. Of my pending doom??

Chris: Don’t worry, if the sloth tries to kill you he couldn’t get away cause he’s so slow!

Tash: That’s true. Thanks for reassuring me!!

Chris: Anytime! I am nothing but reassuring, in fact my next business venture will be a phone number that people can ring and I can reassure them! Oh wait, that’s the Samaritans!

Tash: There can never be enough phones to ring out there Chris! I say you put it out online and see what happens!

Chris: Are you sure?

Tash: Yes, I’m sure it’s perfectly safe. But, if you see random people following you, or people rining you at night telling you they have been following you- you might have to move!

Chris: I can move! I’m very fast! A bit like Maroon 5, I can move like Jagger!

Tash: Wow! Unlike me, who can’t run and won’t run to be honest! That’s why you might have to drag me along!

Chris: Who says anything about running? I will have a dance off with my attacker!

Tash: Well, in that case count me in! I can boogie real good!!

Image result for dancing

Chris: Let’s role play this now! So Tash, you be the attacker.

Tash (playing the attacker): * deep, intense voice*: Dude, yeah you. Give me your money or I will tickle you so had you will cry.

Chris (victim): *in high pitched voice*: you want my money? Well it’s not all about the money! Jessie J drop the beat! *starts dancing*

Tash (attacker): *very puzzled face, still a deep voice though*: wtf man, just give me you money, not some weird dance moves

Chris (victim): you still want my money? Beatles drop the beat *continues to dance*

Tash (attacker): *angry face*: You waste my time, and burn my eyes with bad dance moves. This is worse than listening to a Donald Trump speech! *walk away*

Chris: (victim): I think I successfully diffused the situation! Thank you and goodnight! *plays Elton John, I’m Still Dancing while skipping off down the road*

Tash: That was pretty cool, I will do that next time someone tries to steal my money!

Chris: Or, you could do it with people pestering you as well! All you need to do is relate what they say to a song!

Tash: Yes, I can sing Lily Allens ‘f you’, if someone is being rude. I can sing ‘Delicate’ when people aren’t being friendly to me. ‘We are never, ever getting back together’ to a random weirdo for the fun of it!

Chris: I can sing ‘Me’ by Taylor Swift to someone who’s not paying attention to me!

Tash: There are so many options! Then we can film it all, and create a Musical that we will stream on Youtube!!

Chris: A musical in 72 parts!

Tash: A reality-youtube Musical series!

Chris: Everyone is talking about reality TV!

Image result for reality tv

Tash: I know… I can’t seem to get away from it… it’s everywhere!

Chris: When someone comes up to you and talks to you about it, just dance. Hopefully with the role play they will get so confused, they will walk off!

Tash: Or, if they’re a cool human being they might just even join you, or at least give you a beat to dance to!

Chris: I think we just saved any wars, just start dancing and people will love each other! Wouldn’t that be good?

Tash: I would definitely like that very much Chris

Chris: The reality show people are obsessed with at the moment is Love Island

Tash: ugh, don’t say those words….!

Chris: Why not, it’s a sure way of getting more views!

Tash: Maybe, I think people are too glued to the TV’s to read anything on the internet

Chris: Oh no! We need to help them by getting them unstuck from the TV

Tash: They should play a warning statement before an episode starts- warning you will not learn anything interesting/ lean any life lessons from watching these episodes.

Chris: An educational reality TV show! Wouldn’t that be something!

Tash: Yes, I think that’s something we should look into!

Chris: What would it be called though? any ideas?

Tash: A realistic reality show? Reality TV showing reality? or, We won’t make your brain cells pop and disappear?

Chris: We won’t make your brain cells pop sounds like a brilliant music quiz!

Tash: Oh yes! That’s true!

Chris: What do you think my reality TV show would be called if I had one?

Tash: Chris cracks you up- with the whole episode being you laughing in various spots around Devon!

Chris: You will have you be involved as well! Us laughing in various spots!

Tash: Well of course! I will produce it as well!

Chris: It would be very hard to pitch an episode to any prospective TV channels, I can imagine meeting with them and laughing in their face

Image result for laughing

Tash: We might have to show some seriously good self control

Chris: Or just need to fill the room with laughing gas before we go in??

Tash: That’s an idea!

Chris: You know you were telling me earlier that they can’t build a house cause bats live there, does that mean that the bat cage is a national heritage site. Is that why batman has to keep coming back in more films? He needs money for the upkeep….

Tash: I think you might have just cracked it Chris!

Chris: That’s what my reality TV show should be called! Might have just cracked it Chris!

So, Time has run away from us again! Stupid time, it forgot to dance! Tash, any last words?

Tash: Just thank you for everything, thank you to our lovely viewers for such a wonderful response. Please continue reading this blog, Chris is the one who makes it so great and special! Will miss not being behind the screen producing, but can’t wait to continue reading!

Thank you very much to TASH! I couldn’t do this without her! You have brought a special dimension to it, which I don’t think I would have had without you! And thank you to our audience for their continuous reading of my words! I am so humbled! See you very soon guys and girls! Peace!

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I’m a Dragon: Hear me Roar!

Hey!!! We’re back! Did you miss us? I like to think so!

Chris: Hey, Natasha!!!

Tash: Hey Chris! What’s up?

Chris: The sky and above that, the ozone layer! I’m not sure what is about that, but it’s something! What’s new with you?

Tash: Not much. Recently got back from Croatia which was amazing, I’ve also been spending a lot of time in London. Excited to be back, but it has been raining too much. So much that I have decided to blame Brexit and Trump

Chris: Yes, the weather is crying because it doesn’t want Brexit to happen. It also doesn’t want Theresa May to go! But, she has to go. It’s June now!

Tash: Yes, I’m sure right now she’s on a fabulous holiday relaxing after a really stressful year!

Chris: Do you think she has gone back to Brussels?

Image result for theresa may walking

Tash: I don’t think she will ever want to go back there, not even on a free trip!

Chris: Or even a Brussel Sprout for Christmas dinner

Tash: She doesn’t even want a EU Belgium passport, nothing related to Brussels- I’m sure it’s her least favourite place in Europe, if not the entire planet.

Chris: Do you think when buying magnetic letters, she’d take of the ‘e’ and the ‘u’

Tash: I don’t believe she has any children, so that’s one thing she won’t have to worry about!

Chris: Who knows, there might be secret children

Tash: People hide money in tax havens, so I don’t see why they wouldn’t hide children either?

Chris: In off shore kindergartens!

Tash: Yes, probably!

Chris: You went to go and see the Phantom of the Opera recently

Tash: Yes, that’s true! We got very discounted tickets- that was my second ever London show which was really exciting. I did really enjoy it, the singing was really incredible! Have you seen it before?

Chris: I’ve seen it on normal TV, not netflix!

Tash: And what did you think of it?

Chris: I thought it was good, although they should named it Phantom of K Pop. To get in the younger audiences!

Tash: I have a feeling you have discovered your next project… you will be writing a play/ musical!

Chris: or, Phantom of Grime! That would make a great cleaning product!

Tash: You have even come up with a new business venture-good for you!

Chris: Yes, I need to go on Dragon’s Den!

Tash: Well, everybody. Get ready and stay tuned to see Chris revolutionise the cleaning/ bleach industry very soon!

Chris: Cleaning the musical

Tash: Can’t wait to see it!

Chris: The one thing is, there will be no strong langauge. It will be very clean! Would you invest in my product?

Tash: Of course, always keen to help!

Chris: Or would I need to talk about turnover, because I’m not very good at baking.

Tash: Finances will get better with time, everyone has to really practice their maths before you get better at it

Chris: Or I need to invite Carole Vauderman, then it will be no problem!

Tash: Well, in that case it’s time to get recruiting!

Chris: How do be recruited for Dragons Den, Dragons Den needs you!

Image result for dragons den

Tash: I can’t wait to see you on it!

Chris: You know what, this is the penultimate episode of Blogosode!

Tash: Wow! I remember when I came for the first time. How time flies. I hope the audience has enojoyed their time reading our conversations

Chris: Of course they have!

Tash: Well, then I am very happy. Though, really sad to be leaving of course. I will definitely carry on being a loyal fan and read what you get up to next!

Chris: Who knows….


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Chris: Hey guys and girls, and other people who might be scrolling past! We are back after our hiatus with hyenas! Hello Tash!

Tash: Hey Chris! How are you today?

Chris: I am good, I’m feeling very summer-y because the sun is shining here in the UK! How are you?

Tash: I’m doing really well, thank you! Like you, I’m loving the warm weather and I’m excited for my upcoming trip to Croatia!

Image result for croatia

Chris: Yes, you’re trip to Croatia! I know you don’t like me, but that’s a bit far!

Tash: You know, it was the cheapest out of all the flights… what can a girl do! No, I’m joking really- shame you can’t come!

Chris: Oh, we’re not going- sloth could you unpack my suitcase please! I rented this new Croatian hat to blend it with the locals!

Tash: How about I take it, so that it doesn’t go to waste?

Chris: Good Idea! No one will ever suspect that you are a tourist! I feel like Jonny Depp should have done that in the film called ‘The Tourist’

Tash: This is what happens when you don’t have experts on set!

Chris: People don’t think things through these days, they need to hire us on every creative project in the world!

Tash: Yes, I definitely agree!

Chris: We could market ourselves like this= Mundanevision, we think things through so you don’t have to!

Tash: That sounds like a great idea, perfect for me to start paying off my student loans!

Chris: Yes, we have got to come up with more ideas. We’ve already got the penguin amusement park…. what about, a vet detective?

Tash: As a TV show? sounds intriguiing

Chris: Yes, and before people comment saying Jim Mccarey did it before you guys, all I’ve got to say is ‘shhhhhhh’. Keep it to yourself!

Tash: It will be a bigger and better version on doubt!

Chris: In 3D, featuring a superhero!

Tash: Sounds so complicated!

Chris: In order to draw audiences in, you have to have superheros in it, but we won’t say what superhero will feature until they get to the cinema!

Tash: Wow, I don’t know if I would be able to be patient enough for that!

Chris: Well, we can set up a facebook group for the impatient people with possible superhero’s.

Tash: Yes, sounds like a great idea!

Chris: For instance, could it be superman in a fly-by, or spiderman in a swing by? Or batman in a drive by?

Tash: I’d love to see batman! I used to play batman video games on the computer with my sister when I was young!

Image result for batman

Chris: I will take that under consideration! You see mundanevision readers! I am building up suspense, where is my prize!

Tash: No doubt, an Oscar nomination at least!

Chris: And one for Tash as well for being the greatest co-host in the world!

Tash: No, no. One for best creative director, for you!

Chris: Aww thanks man, you’re so selfless!

Tash: No, you’re the one with the great idea!

Chris: While this blogosode is praising me, I will see you next week! Even Taylor Swift made a song about ME!

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Climate Change in the club

Hey guys! Cooler than an iceberg with sunglasses on, this is MUNDANEVISION! It is a Friday, and it’s going to be a good one!

Chris: Hey Tash!!

Tash: Hey Chris, how are you today?!

Chris: I am good! It is, the sun is shining outside the studio windows, the sloth is hibernating because of the heat so we have to keep our voices down not to wake him!

Tash: That may be difficult because my laugh is rather than loud! Can’t deny just how beautiful the weather is today! Perfect for a sprite and an ice cream on Cathedral Green!

Chris: Where is this Cathedral Green that you speak of?

Tash: Not far from here, also by the club

Chris: We should explain what ‘the club’ means for those not in our head! Tash and I have developed alter egos, haven’t we? Would you like to explain or should I…?

Tash: You’ve started that explanation so accurately, I think I will leave the explaining to you…

Chris: So, for some reason, Tash’s new name is Gary. I call Tash Emma. When asked about the characteristics of Emma, I say Emma goes…


Chris: To which Gary responds, ‘Oh ma gaaaaad, you go to the club too??’

Tash: So now it’s a fairly popular joke that we like to go clubbing

Chris: Every one of our readers/listeners will use ‘in the cluuuuub’

Tash: And it’s absolutely mandatory that it is said with that much enthusiasm and commitment!

Chris: Yes, if we catch anybody saying with less commitment then that, we will come round to where-ever you live and tickle you!

Tash: Yes, and we actually mean it!

Chris: One of the hashtags for this blog post is ‘in the club’!!

Tash: Absolutely Chris! But, other than clubbing, what have you been up to?

Chris: There was a brilliant documentary on climate change last night! Everyone should watch it, so that they can be clued up on just how much we’re destroying our planet…

Image result for david attenborough climate change

Tash: Yes, it’s definitely devastating! What was the most interesting fact you heard last night?

Chris: I was astounded to learn that a sheet of ice the size of a football pitch is melting in Greenland every 45 seconds…

Tash: Really? Now that’s so shocking and so heartbreaking…

Chris: Don’t you think it’s ironic how it’s a gloriously hot day, the day after the David Attenbourgh documentary aired?

Tash: Fate manifests itself in the funniest of ways and coincidences. What stresses you out more- climate change or brexit ?

Chris: Brexit, because nobody can decide what to do. As they have the power to change it now, but they’re not doing anything.

Tash: I was always extremely worried about climate change, even when I was extremely young. I remember at 8 watching a documentary and crying when I saw polar bears suffering, and then being really scared when they said how many countries we would lose if all of the glaciars melted!!

Image result for greenland glaciers

Chris: I don’t think we should be scared, this is a safe place. Nothing can hurt us, this is MUNDANEVISION. Even if the sea’s rise outside the window as we’re typing, we are safe, computers can float right?

Tash: I suggest we go out and get ourselves a wonderfully waterproof and water-resistant computer. Then we can just chill on the waters and continue sending wonderful blogosodes!

Chris: It’s a rather scary image that I’ve popped into my head; ice floating in the middle of the ocean, and us typing away!

Tash: Yes, it would be a wonderful opportunity to interview some rather unusual oceanic species… even David Attenbourgh would be jealous that he didn’t get that chance….

Chris: Yes, as we try to bring entertainment to the world; as it crumbles around us!

Tash: Or maybe the word ‘melting’ would be better suited…!

Chris: But, then we would need to stop the blogosode in a second to rescue sea creatures! And we would sleep by polar bears and a seal rather than a sloth!

Image result for floating ice

Tash: Yes, and if we’re seriously lucky, perhaps a fabulous whale would join us?

Chris: They’re too big, they would take up the ice!

Tash: It could just float beside us, protect use from other massive icebergs!

Chris: Is that the world of the future, the remaining blogs and TV floating on sheets of ice…

Tash: Well, I would hope for at least a floating house. That might be a bit more comfortable, and we could then invite plenty of sea creatures over for dinner!

Chris: If we want to stop this nightmare-ish vision from happening, please do something about global warming!

Tash: And if not, don’t worry. There might be space on our floating ice sheet/ floating house for you!

Chris: Okay, with that vision in your head we will see you next week! Peace!

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Convertible Blogosode

Chris: Hey people of the internet! What is that sound…? YES! It’s Mundanevision pulling into the station of your eye sockets! Hope you’re having a great day where you are! Let’s do this! HEY NATASHA!

Tash: HEY CHRIS, how are you doing?

Chris: I’m great! It’s so sunny and warm, and weird in this studio. I love it!

Tash: I love being here as well! It feels like I’m away on a very exotic holiday, too sunny for England!

Chris: On the day like today, don’t you wish that all houses had convertibles roofs so you could slide the roof back of your house!

Tash: Oh yes, I could definitely do with that… I wouldn’t mind having that done if someone did it for me for free. Are you stepping forward as a funder?

Chris: Maybe we should set up a kickstarter page?

Image result for kickstarter fund

Tash: Yes, a GoFundMe page where we highlight how I’m a stressed, sad student in desperate need of some vitamin D to graduate! That will surely gain international attention… or maybe not!

Chris: Yeah! I think that will get people donating loads of money to our case!

Tash: Great, I’m so excited for my new room!

Chris: I could go out, so I don’t really need this. But, you can’t exclude me!

Tash: But Chris, in times like these don’t you think a student like me needs it more?

Chris: I do think you need it more, but, I think it too because I like playing with buttons and switches…

Tash: Oh, alright then! You’ve won me over. That’s a really good point, I’ll happily come over more often in that case to get me some vitamin D

Chris: For those of you who are wondering what the buttons and switches are used for, we would need something to make the roof move back and forth

Tash: Yes, only technologically advanced people can operate such devices- so sadly this is limited to those with superior tech skills!

Chris: And the sloths!

Tash: Yes, of course. How could I forget about the sloths!

Chris: Well, talking about things that are retractable- Brexit has been extended. Hurrah!

Tash: Yes, now I can confidently say it’s an absolute and utter disaster, and a huge mess! I’m proud to say that my life is more put together than the case of Brexit!

Chris: I wonder if they will make a film about Brexit in a few years

Tash: It’s going to take more than a few years to sort this mess out! Maybe in like 10

Chris: Or maybe it’s just an episode of Deal or No Deal?

Tash: Even the craziest and stupidest TV shows out there are better organized in comparison sadly, let’s hope that changes soon!

Chris: Maybe they need a kickstarter?

Tash: What they need is a miracle!

Chris: I’ve often wondered why kickstarter is called a kickstarter. Is it like a Mexican wave that you kicked, and so started? Then, somebody else kicks and so forth.

Tash: To me it sounds like that big nudge from your friend for you to start and finish your starter before the main arrives!

Chris: Or, it could just be every game of football ever? In other news, scientists have looked inside the black hole!

The image of a black hole captured by the Event Horizon Telescope.

Tash: Yes, I saw a rather cool photo of it in the news this morning!

Chris: Have they released another one, or is it just the one?

Tash: I think it’s just the one for now! Maybe they’re planning on creating a 2020 calendar so are keeping photos from us?

Chris: Or, a series of commemorative stamps!

Tash: In a profit-loving economy, I really wouldn’t be surprised!

Chris: Although the stamp idea wouldn’t work. Can you imagine posting your letter with a black hole… it would never arrive!

Tash: I feel like a black hole is necessary when you’re about to make some seriously poor informed decisions over text… then a black hole should appear and make them disappear!

Chris: A black hole sounds mundane, a supernova sounds great! It’s a supernova, it’s not just a nova it’s super!

Tash: Now we’re talking! I don’t want to walk around with some petty black hole, I want something spectacular, a supernova!!!

Chris: Why is a supernova not a superhero?

Tash: Cause famous producers haven’t yet met me, or been inspired me… that’s the problem you see Chris!

Chris: If there are any high-powered producers reading these blogosodes than we have our next superhero!

Tash: Yes, I’m not cheap so be prepared to pay a lot of money for a very special character!

Chris: What would it’s super power be?

Image result for superhero

Tash: Being significantly better than your average human and knowing it!

Chris: We just played a game of super-super, I lost to super cheese greater… how can you beat that, with a super egg beater of course! We should explain the rules of this game to the people who aren’t in our heads…

Tash: So, the premise of the game is to destroy the opponent by making them laugh extremely hard at your suggestion of a super object! Super toilet roll, super shaving foam… you have to get a creative. But when victory is yours, life feels great and it’s SUPER!

Chris: It sounds like a great game for everyone! I would encourage readers of this blogosode to join us in a game of super super! Let us know in the comments below what was the winning super object! I will start off… super gorilla.

Tash: I say….super Brexit!

Chris: Quick run! super Theresa May

Tash: Super female changing room

Chris: Super record store

Tash: Super builders bum

Chris: Super building site

Tash: Super black hole

Chris: Supernova

Tash: Superfailure

Chris: Superironic

Tash: SuperLOL

Chris: SuperHashtag

Tash: SuperBAE

Chris: Superhero

Tash: Supervillain

Chris: Can you do any better internet? Let us know! And with that, the crazy train is about to depart! Everyone on the crazy train! Why are you covered in liquid? Did you board the gravy train instead? Till the next time we meet, super peace!

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Coffee cup date night and Bojangles!

Chris: Hello, people of the internet! Welcome to Mundanevision, the one place where one vote counts for the majority! Let’s do it! Hello Tash!

Tash: Hey Chris! So amazing to be back, what’s been going on?

Chris: Well, we were out just now strolling around and we saw two coffee cups randomly left at Wilko’s! Let’s discuss.

Image result for greggs coffee cup

Tash: Well, I don’t know what your theory is, but I reckon those two coffee cups are whats left of what can only be described as a disastrous first date. Where the girl found it was going so badly, she stole the date’s coffee and hid in a lift drinking it to feel better about the 45mins of life she will never get back. And then ran off- leaving the cups in the lift so that the date would find it and now it’s time to go home, cause she’s gone! But that’s just my theory…. what do you think?

Chris: Well my theory is the coffee cups were dating and decided that a lovely first date would be in a wilkinson’s elevator! They were enjoying each others company you know?

Tash: Yes, I can confirm the best dates are always in an elevator! Very romantic, so exciting- are you going to go up or down? Who will walk in? When will they walk in? So adventurous! Love it!

Chris: It’s up to other people, coffee cups can’t chose where they go!

Tash: That’s true, they were lucky in that case!

Chris: Anyway, in days of gender fluidity- why can’t coffee cups date? It might be argued that they are fluids themselves…

Tash: I see what you did there! Very funny! I agree, just because we don’t understand their language doesn’t mean they don’t have one, and so that they can’t be dating, studying, living life etc etc!

Chris: The only thing that worries me about these coffee cup dates that we intruded on is that they were both called Greg- how confusing!

Tash: I’d say romantic! It was always meant to be! Love the name Greg as well, they must have very cute nicknames for each other!

Chris: It was very romantic and cute, the good thing about cups of coffee is that they can stay up late and never feel tired!

Tash: That’s true, I’m curious as to whether they were recyclable and so, earth-friendly? That’s the question!

Chris: I’d like to think that one of them brought a sandwich as a chaperone!

Tash: I didn’t see one, sounds like they left the sandwich on ground level and eloped on a secret date… I don’t think I want to know the details!

Chris: I like to think that the sandwich/ bagel/ pastry jumped off when he realized how well they were getting on!

Tash: Or even better, that a certain lovely fellow sandwich/ bagel/ pastry caught their eye and whisked him/ her off on an adventure!

Chris: I would love to know in pick and mix section, if the coffee cups were dating!

Tash: I’d like to think they were!

Chris: Anyway, we should not speculate anymore! The coffee cups are private individuals and they’re sensitive- we shouldn’t crush their spirits!

Tash: I agree, we don’t want to put added pressure on their very new-forming relationship/ friendship!

Chris: I knew it was a date, when you’re just going out you don’t want to put labels on things!

Tash: That’s a very good point!

Chris: Anyway, away from the polystyrene dating theme! What else is going on that we want to tell the people of the morning/ afternoon/ evening depending on when you are reading this! Well we bought some new snacks which we have never tasted before! We thought for all of you, we will give you instant reactions of what we think…!

Tash: Yes, it’s a new segment in the show. What have we got to eat?

Chris: We have got Monty Bojangle’s Scofflets for myslef and a Creme Egg, who has lived in the UK for three years but failed to ever have one!

Image result for cream egg
Image result for monty bojangles scofflets

Tash: I’m so excited! Let’s eat!

Chris: I’m sad cause you waited for so long, that it’s now American!

Tash: Woops, my bad!

Chris: I don’t know where Monty Bojangles has come from…

Tash: I can only guess…

Chris: I tried a Mr Bojangles which you can buy from any sweet shop! It was nice, it was caramel-y, biscuit-y! I mistook the caramel for coconut which we won’t talk about! I’m such a food connoisseur ! Tash, would you like to talk the internet through what you ate?

Tash: Would love to! I had a very nice Creme Egg, turns out you need to bite it- there’s some random gooey stuff in the middle, so this is child friendly but certainly a messy business! Tastes good, not expensive, can be bought just about everywhere! I’m a satisfied customer for sure!

Chris: We’re both satisfied customers! I hope the outside world is satisfied with this blogosode! See you next week! I will leave you with one word: caramel, not coconut! Peace!

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