Fan dedicated blogisode

Hey guys, it’s Sunday and we’re back for a bonus blogisode. It is snowing outside and everything has closed and stopped running – apart from us! There will be no replacement blog service for this show. Let’s go…

Chris: Hey Esther

Esther: Hiya Chris

Chris: How are you doing? There’s all this snow around today.

Esther: I’ll be honest I’m kinda over the snow already. Like it’s March now…. spring where you at???

Chris: I know, snow is so hipster it breaks all the rules. Well I have some good news, can I get a drumroll please? *drumroll* we now have 50 people following this blog! So I guess we have a posse now

Esther: Yay! I know we’re like an actual cult now. I reckon we should make mundanevision t-shirts for our followers…

Chris: That’s a great idea. Sloth, will you look into that, please? The sloth may be slow but he is meticulous.

Esther: He’s like the tortoise in the hare and the tortoise… he’ll win in the end. We believe in you Sloth!

Image result for the hare and the tortoise

Chris: I would have said the exact same thing but a lot slower. So, global warming is real as we have snow in march, and I’ve thought of a great way of getting Donald Trump to finally believe in global warming. Just tell him that’s how the mexicans are getting in.

Esther: He’d probably do something stupid like deport all snow or imprison any weather forecasters who predict snow. I like the idea of people sledging through border patrol so fast they can’t be stopped.. really lightens the tone of immigration.

Chris: That is a great tag line for a film. They came in the snow, under the guise of vengeful weather.

Esther: Immigration in films could be made a lighter topic by people having snowball fights with border police. Like some combination of an super serious action film and that snowball fight scene in Elf.

Chris: I would go and see Black Panther if they had snowball fights in it. ‘Get this white substance out of our film, black’s only!’.

Image result

Esther: Anyway, I’d love to see an animation film made from snow. Kinda like a cross between Wallace and Gromit and the Snowman. Maybe Nick Park could get planning? He’d just need a freezer to keep it all in, and at least there’s no way a freezer can catch fire!

Image result for nick parks

Chris: Absolutely, I like this film already. I have a feeling it won’t win any Oscars though, it would be too white! That whole Oscar white wash scandal all over again.

Esther: Yeah maybe we should avoid it in that case. although, snowmen don’t really have races, when you make one, you don’t think of it as black or white. Maybe this is a progressive step forward in a culture of acceptance where issues around race no longer divide people?

Chris: You see, we’re not only entertaining, we’re now breaking new ground in race relations. Why can’t everyone just get along, blogs included?

Esther: I’m with you on that one. Sloth, take a break from researching mundanevision t-shirts and get onto Nick Park, we have an idea to pitch him.

Chris: Oh wait, blogs don’t see race because the background to WordPress is white, and the writing is black.

Esther: In fairness, it is pretty standard to have a white page with black writing… although maybe we could switch it up and lead the way in improved race relations by using a different colour font and background on this blogisode?

Chris: We’ve solved everything and the world is in harmony because of us, and all the blogs even like each other. WordPress is going to crash just from people reading this blogisode and for incorporating our ideas into their own blogs. If only we could somehow break this stigma around gender discrimination, e.g. transgender people, then this blog would be the perfect present to give our fifty followers. Oh wait, white is a neutral colour and it is white outside, so the whole day is gender neutral! How lucky that we decided to write this bonus blogisode on a day when it would snow? And therefore make the world see no colour or race.

Esther: Well on behalf of everyone here at Mundanevision, myself, Chris, sloth and the gang, we’d like to thank all of our loyal followers for reading our blogisodes and we hope you enjoy the snow (or tolerate it, if you’re anything like me!).

Well, how do you follow that? I can’t believe we’re up to 50 followers, I am quite overwhelmed that this idea I had over three years ago now has been read and enjoyed by so many people that write so many different blogs. If that’s not blogging-inclusion I don’t know what is. Peace 


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The world’s leading Star Signs

Hey people that like reading blogs, this is another blog you might be interested in. This one has never been read to lab rats or read to hyenas in confined spaces… what we’re trying to say is that it’s not been tested on animals, so we are totally cruelty-free. Enjoy this week’s chat…

Chris: Hey Esther!

Esther: Hiya Chris, hows life?

Chris: It’s good apart from the fact that it is snowing outside again, and everything is grinding to a halt. I think that would be the one good use of Donald Trump, he could give weather reports and totally deny that any bad weather even existed. Fake weather folks, all fake weather.

Esther: That’s probably a better use for him than what he does currently. Although maybe not a very reliable source of weather forecast… maybe you just believe the total opposite of what Trump says the weather will be like. So if Trump says there’s no snow, it means we’ll be making snowman by the dozen tomorrow.

Chris: Maybe we could use him as a magic eight ball as well, cause they were very disappointing in the 80s, so Trump would be the perfect 21st magic eight ball.

Image result for magic eight ball

Esther: Maybe they should use a magic eight ball instead of Trump for important national and international presidency decisions… might be less entertaining and slightly more optimistic politics.

Chris: Maybe that should be the new system of voting, just shake a magic eight ball, and then whoever’s name comes up becomes the prime minister or president. Could be a bit dodgy though, you don’t want to ask it who the next president should be and get the answer ‘Ant and Dec’.. might be dangerous. However I’m sure they’d make a new prime time TV show out of it, ‘I’m a President, Get Me Out Of Here!’ or ‘ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Policy Takeaway’.

Image result for ant and dec

Esther: I can actually picture Ant and Dec, presenting from the Jungle, where their country is the jungle and so they make people eat bugs and sit in a coffins of rats to win food. Although this sounds super dark and a bit like a Hunger Games film so maybe it wouldn’t be such a good idea to have Ant and Dec as the new world leaders afterall.

Chris: Yes, well what do we know, we are just a blog. On the subject of terrible 21st century presidents, maybe we should kick it up a notch and use Amazon’s Echo as the new president. She might actually be a good advocate for peace, “Alexa, should we bomb Syria?” “I’m sorry, I don’t understand, playing Chris Rea on Amazon Music”.

Image result for amazon alexa

Esther: If we did use Alexa, I think she’d need one hell of an update. For one thing, her voice recognition software is going to need to dramatically improve if she’s going to meet with foreign diplomats and actually understand what they mean. Although I do like the idea of a limited edition, perhaps psychological expansion pack version of Alexa. “Alexa, why does everyone hate me?”, “Well, tell me all about your parents”…

Chris: “Alexa, phone Vladimir Putin.”, “I’ve added pudding to your shopping list.”

Esther: That sounds like a sensible decision. Maybe it’s all a rouse and she secretly does understand but reverts to a sensible option. So instead of Putin you get Pudding, instead of Trump, she’ll buy you a flump, just to distract you until the marshmallowy goodness makes you forget all about your Trump plans.

Image result for flump

Chris: Right, from world leaders to the stars. I think we should talk about the re-arrangement of all the horoscope star signs. I would like to think that they would have done this to make it more accessible to a youth audience. So, rather than Taurus and Pisces, you get Twitter and Selfies.

Esther: I feel like if they do that your horoscope has to be Twitter or Selfie themed. So they can be like, as Venus turns to retrograde, your selfie-game will be very strong, make the most of this wonderful opportunity to be totally flaming.

Chris: Absolutely. If you’re born under Twitter, you’ll have a total of 280 characters and talk in hashtags only, and people can favourite your best conversation topics.

Esther: I hear they’ve added a 13th star sign as well, called Ophiuchus. It feels like they’ve just added an extra category of person into our lives and no one even noticed? NASA are sneaky nowadays.

Chris: They are turning astrology into a game show. ‘Right there are thirteen categories on the board, you’ve opted to answer questions on Ophiuchus. Is this A. a new star sign. B. a form of Abacus C. Somewhere you go to work D. Or Donald Trump’s next made up word?’

Esther: I’d like to say it would be Trump’s next made up word but somehow it sounds a little complex for Trump to pronounce, spell or understand. It sounds like a Latin name for an animal like the Ophiuchus Tarantula found in the depths of the Amazon rainforest.

Image result for tarantula

Chris: For those of you who just read Amazon, we would like the assure you that it is not affect the Amazon website, there are no tarantulas found on the online shopping giant, Amazon.

So we’ve ran out of time (again), I’m off to try and order an online exterminator for my online spider problem. We’ve also got an infestation of mice. See you next time guys, peace. 


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The Shortages Adventure

Hello, before we start this week’s blogisode, I would like to read an unprepared statement on behalf of myself, Esther and the sloth. Dear Reader, we would like to extend our deepest regret that many of you if not all of you, in the past week, have been forced to put up with shortages of KFC chicken, KFC gravy and now a possible Cadbury’s chocolate shortage. We would like to reassure our loyal followers and fans that in this mad topsy turvy world, we here at Mundanevision will never run out of words and will provide you with a constant stream of entertainment over the next few weeks which will hopefully make these shortages easier to cope with. Thankyou and enjoy this week’s blogisode. 

Chris: Hey Esther

Esther: Hiya Chris, you ok?

Chris: Yes thankyou. I think our statement at the beginning of this week’s blogisode is quite an important one. Not that I like to blow my own trumpet or bang my own tambourine, or play my own violin, other musical instruments are available. *insert the musical instrument of your choice here*.

Image result for tambourine

Esther: Yes me too, limited access to Cadbury’s is genuinely concerning…

Chris: It is. What is Bridget Jones going to comfort eat now?

Esther: Two words. Ben and Jerry.

Chris: Are they any relation to Tom and Jerry? Maybe distant cousins? Or uncles?

Esther: I really hope not – cat and mouse flavoured ice cream doesn’t appeal to me much.

Chris: So I really think we should handle this KFC chicken crisis, because it is a crisis. Never mind Brexit or anything else, I think this is where we should be focusing our attention. I think this chicken shortage after finding out during the week that Nando’s are not the culprits, has been perpetrated by the characters in Aardman and Mason’s Chicken Run, who have somehow survived the fire in their warehouse and have cunningly blamed DHL.

Image result for chicken run

Esther: I love that film – “they’re not plotting, they’re not scheming, THEY’RE NOT ORGANISED!!!”. Well Mrs Tweedy, KFC begs to differ.

Chris: They are probably on the run in a KFC delivery van as we speak. So if you see any KFC or DHL delivery vans when out and about, just pretend to be stranded on the side of the road and hopefully they’ll stop for you.

Esther: Maybe it could be the beginning of a Chicken Run sequel – before Ginger and her friends save themselves from a pie crust fate, and now they are escaping from the wrath of the special recipe chicken.

Chris: Yes but I was thinking this original recipe is not really original now, it must have been photocopied so many times. Therefore it is no longer original.

Esther: Perhaps that’s how Ginger and the chickens escape, by stealing the original recipe and anonymously sending it to all the other fast food restaurants – before you know it, they’ll be an original recipe McChicken Sandwich, and an original recipe Chicken feast pizza at Dominos.

Image result for chicken pizza dominos

Chris: Maybe there is a scene in this sequel where they meet the hamburgler who had stolen the original recipe and hands it over to the chickens. If you photocopy the original recipe, then it loses power, it’s like the Ring.

Esther: ah well that’s the scheme of the chickens – they must weaken Colonel Sanders by photocopying before they can destroy KFC.

Chris: But wait, I’ve thought about the ultimate plot for the movie, which you know will undoubtedly be made based on this crisis. People love epics, they love Lord of the Rings, so why can’t we have Frodo taking the last piece of KFC chicken in the world to be barbequed in the fires of Mordor. All the while, having to dodge the evil Colonel Sanders.

Esther: Colonel Sanders can be the equivalent of Gollum. The power of the KFC bucket has driven him to insanity, and he sits in a damp, squalid cave in search for that last piece of KFC chicken, aka his ‘precious’.

Chris: And on the past piece of chicken, carved onto the bucket is the inscription ‘one piece of chicken to satisfy them all, one chicken to feed them, one chicken to bring them all and this is why we breed them’


Esther: This really sounds like something special – I definitely think Aardman should work to create a KFC/LOTR inspired movie franchise. I feel certain Ginger would make an awesome epic protagonist.

Chris: No you should never ginger on original recipe chicken, it’ll taste terrible. Can’t we combine the shortages somehow – what about if on the way to Mordor, they stumble upon the last piece of chocolate, swimming in the final pot of gravy?

Esther: This is where details are key – what kind of Cadbury’s chocolate are we talking? Dairy Milk? Fruit and Nut? Oreo? Or something really out there like Bournville – it’s all in the details…

Image result for dairy milk

Chris:  I don’t know but I’m picturing a scene where Ginger, our hero, has to wait until the morning to continue her journey because it’s getting dark. In the darkness, she hears Wispas.

Image result for wispa

Esther: This sounds like a budget horror movie – a plasticine chicken being spooked in the darkness of the mountains by chocolate bars?! Forgot horror movie it just sounds like a cheese-induced dream.

Image result for toblerone

Chris: They also have to ascend the toblerone peaks and catch a Double-Decker bus.

Esther: This really has taken an odd turn. I hate to be a spoil sport but I really can’t imagine the local council’s bus timetable is very reliable when it comes to Toblerone peaks. For one thing, if it’s a bit warmer than usual, I can imagine the chocolate road surface would be next to useless!

Chris: Well you are the international woman, and it was your day yesterday, so maybe we should stop here.

Guys, we be may facing food shortages currently but there is no shortage of entertainment here on Mundanevision. If there was one thing I would like you to take away from this week’s blogisode, it is that a chocolate road system would just be unfeasible. Peace 

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Daytime TV Adaptations

Hey people of the Internet! My evil plan has come to fruition… it seems to be snowing everywhere, so we seem to have a captive audience for this week’s blogisode on Mundanevision. Let’s make it a good one…

Chris: Hey Esther

Esther: Hey Chris! Enjoying the snow?

Chris: Yes it’s great! I have built a snowman and everything. Apparently Alec Jones is lurking around hoping to sing Walking In The Air.

Image result for walking in the air

Esther: You have to make a snowman when it snows, it’s practically law. Or any snowman equivalent, like an igloo, or snowdog, etc etc.

Chris: I wonder if there’s any snow lawyers around that practise snow law. They would have to go into work, surely.

Esther: Maybe its snow lawyers who sue people when you fall over in the snow. “Have you had an accident in the snow that wasn’t your fault?”

Chris: Haha no I haven’t, but for the purposes of this commercial I will pretend I have. “Yes, I was walking under a tree when an icicle came down and hit me on the shoulder, and I called Weather Warriors and they were more than happy to help me with my claim. They even turned by story into a Hollywood blockbuster which really melted the hearts of audiences everywhere.”

Esther: Obviously the Weather Warrior’s main clients are sueing non-human things, like trees, pavements, ice in the road.. I’m not sure you’d get much compensation from a pavement though.

Chris: Well Adele has been Chasing Pavements for years – maybe she works for the Weather Warriors?

Image result for adele

Esther: That does make sense. It also explains why she wants to Set Fire to the Rain… she’s obviously had a bad experience with rain in the past.

Chris: She hasn’t succeeded in either of these ventures yet, but keep trying Adele. She could also run a dating agency, she’s always trying to find Someone Like You.

Esther: These Adele puns are deteriorating Chris, come on, you’re better than this.

Chris: Or they’re melting you might say, like the snow. Weather Warriors… sort it out!

Esther: Maybe we should move on from poor standard jokes about Adele’s songs… any suggested conversation topics, Chris?

Chris: Maybe we have discovered the next obsession in Hollywood: they would make films based on those Lawyers4U ads. Then Sir Ridley Scott can direct actual saga adverts which will be sagas.

Esther: It will be a whole new era of genre within Adaptation Hollywood. Real life compensation stories… although I feel like after a couple of films, they might get a bit monotonous.

Chris: Yes but they will rake in the money. I mean, come on, if a film about a black Panther can take the world by storm, anything can happen. We’ve even got Peter Rabbit coming out soon, so that will be two animal related stories. What’s next? Lemurs?

Esther: Well we’ve had Pandas and the whole Kung Fu Panda franchise was pretty huge. We could have Lemurs in Leotards as the next huge movie franchise, sounds pretty cool to me.

Image result for lemur

Chris: Yes, a lemur in a leotard, I agree. Lemurs in Leotards and the Golden Chihuahua. And before somebody tells me that that’s a rubbish film title, please bare in mind that a Hollywood movie machine can adapt anything.

Esther: Although there might be some animal rights issues raised about dressing lemurs in spandex. I mean it might have to be done with CGI to keep everyone happy.

Chris: They made Ant Man, I don’t see the problem. I’m assuming that’s an actual half Ant, half man right? Those crazy scientists.

Image result for ant man

Esther: I don’t think they actually created a real half human half ant creature somehow…. that really would be an animal rights violation.

Chris: All these movies based on real events that Hollywood are making, it seems to be that people are going to the cinema to be educated and informed more and more now, and we want to live in the film, with all its crazy plot twists. Is that a little deep for this blog? Think about goldfish in motor cycle helmets instead.

Esther: Poor goldfish. I bet it would be a nightmare trying to get a motorcycle helmet on a goldfish, they’re so damn slippery.

Image result for goldfish

Chris: A motorcycle helmet is basically a bowl they can just swim around and around in.

Esther: Ah I understand. You see, I was picturing a goldfish sized motorcycle helmet, which makes far less sense.

Chris: No, no, no no. No goldfish sized motorcycle helmets, that would be silly. I think it would work as a franchise though. It is no less unbelievable than an Iron Man. I mean, wouldn’t he corrode in the rain?

Esther: And wouldn’t he be defeated by a giant magnet?

Image result for iron man

Chris: Absolutely. Then Robert Downey Jr. would have to go back to starring in commercials about kids sized duvets!

Esther: That sounds good. Maybe one day he’ll do that anyway.

Chris: If a kid gets wrapped in one of his duvets and can’t get out, he could sue for an accident at work that was not his fault.

So guys, we are going to contact Weather Warriors, not for any particular reason, I just think it would be fun asking the operator for Weather Warriors. Oh, wait, no I think Alec Jones has just slipped on ice outside the studio window, “somebody get me their number!” See you next time, peace. 

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CSI Fast Food

Hey guys! Your weekly outlet of the strange and weird is here. Some call it therapy for the eyes, we call it the latest blogisode. Come with us on a journey…

Chris: Hey Esther!

Esther: Hiya Chris, how you doing today?

Chris: I’m good thankyou, do you realise that I’ve been doing this blog with various co-hosts for over three years now! If this is the Oscars, now would be the time to have a montage of my different co-hosts faces… but sadly this is not the Oscars. I must stop having delusions of grandeur.

Image result for oscar award

Esther: It would be at this point in Mundanevision’s career to receive a lifetime achievement award I’d say.

Chris: And I would make some big speech about how being sat at a computer, typing each week has changed my life, thanking everybody from my publicist to my manager, neither of which I have. I don’t need anybody.

Esther: I’d certainly argue that Sid the Sloth could be a form of publicist or manager, I mean he doesn’t really do a lot, but if you employ staff you’ll look like a bigger deal. If anyone asks, Sid’s my agent.

Chris: I have a secret agent and I’m not going to tell anybody who that person is. (“James, sit back down!).

Esther: Sooo subtle, Chris. Anyway, what weekly news or random stories have we got to talk about this week?

Chris: Seriously thanks everybody for the last three years, and thankyou to you Esther and also to Sid. It was Chinese New Year last week which we didn’t have time to talk about. It’s the year of the dog this year, which means if you are a dog it is a lucky year for you. And if you’re a dog called Lucky, you are incredibly lucky.

Image result for chinese new year 2018

Esther: Maybe for this year only, just as cats have nine lives, dogs get a bonus life… you know like on those rubbish apps where you get a bonus life to keep you playing.. a dog gets an extra chance at getting three candies in a row and bursting all the jelly on Candy Crush.

Chris: Cats get nine lives? That sounds like a day TV games show. ‘Welcome along to nine lives! The show where we challenge your pets to assess their intelligence.’

Esther: I’m a sucker for rubbish daytime TV that I can’t drag myself away from. This sounds right up my street.

Chris: Rather than applause from the audience, we just gets paws from all the pets… get it? Applause and paws…

Esther: Wow that’s a new low, Chris… maybe they could have celebrity specials where the celebrities have to complete challenges against their own pet to see who’s more intelligent…. if you got some reality TV stars on I don’t doubt that they could be outsmarted by a dog…

Chris: Esther’s views are the not the views of Mundanevision (disclaimer). Moving on from the Year of the Dog and Dog TV shows, let’s talk about KFC and how they’ve completely run out of chicken nationwide.

Image result for kfc

Esther: I find it quite funny really, I think most people do. I mean it’s on the national news and stuff but I don’t think it’s really causing anyone too much distress or anxiety. I mean, no one is freaking out thinking ‘OMG where do I buy fast food chicken now???’ cause I’m pretty certain wherever there is a KFC there’s also a McDonald’s or Burger King not too far away.

Chris: I have a theory: conspiracy theorists listen up! This will be nationwide within a week. This has all been perpetrated by the customers and staff at Nando’s. Think about it, you strip the original recipe coding off, and you’ve got chicken that could easily be used at Nando’s. Now if KFC ever do recover from this, you buy a family bucket and on the front will have a miserable looking Colonel Sanders. What if some member of staff from Nando’s has tortured the Colonel to give up the secret original recipe. How long can it stay original and hidden?


Esther: That took a dark turn pretty fast… Mundanevision does not condone the kidnap or torture of any fast food chicken restaurants, and will officially make no comment on whether or not Nando’s is involved in the chaos occuring at KFC right now.

Chris: Maybe Ronald McDonald is moonlighting as a detective so he can hunt out the perpetrators. No one would ever suspect him, you would just think ‘He’s a clown, I can trust him’, and so you tell him all your secrets and then he arrests you.

Esther: I feel like Ronald McDonald would be involved for his own purposes. I mean maybe he’s looking for the original recipe for Chicken McNuggets? They’d be chicken McNuggets with the brand new and totally original/non-stolen original recipe.

Image result for ronald mcdonald

Chris: Maybe the hamburgler has stolen the original recipe from KFC. That’s why KFC is closed at the moment. Coming to a TV screen near you… CSI Fast Food.

Esther: I do love a criminal drama, although I’d definitely need some KFC to eat whilst watching it to satisfy my fast food cravings… oh no wait….

Chris: Ok, I admit that KFC for CSI is not a good title for a TV programme, but at least it would be moreish and keep you coming back each week. McDonald’s must be quaking in their boots, somebody must be gearing up to steal all the burgers. This conspiracy runs deep.

So just like Kentucky Fried Chicken, we have run out for this week. So we’re closing down for now. See you next week, peace. 

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It’s been three years… wow, thankyou!

Hey guys,

After Sunday’s blogisode, we went back online to check whether anybody liked our latest post (three people have, thankyou) and we realised that it has been three years since we started Mundanevision. Just wanted to say a big thankyou to everybody who has supported us and followed us over the last three years. It sure feels good to know that you  guys are out there reading our weekly blogisodes, thanks again!

We’ll be back for our usual weekly blogisode on Sunday. Peace

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McCheese Man

Hey everyone! It is mundanevision time again. We’re a word streaming service, so let’s stream some words…

Chris: Hey Esther, how are you?

Esther: Hiya, I’m not bad thanks how are you?

Chris: Well it’s Saturday again. My favourite day starting with ‘S’.

Esther: There’s no doubt in my mind that it beats Sunday. To be honest it could well be a contender for my favourite day completely!

Chris: I agree with you on that. Well there was nobody willing to pick up my Elon Musk perfume idea from last week, I thought Hollywood would have sniffed that one right out.

Esther: Well, they obviously don’t recognise an opportunity even if its right under their nose…

Chris: I would like to talk about Cheddar Man, which we didn’t get into last week. Apparently, he was lactose intolerant. A lactose intolerant cheese would have been difficult to make!

Image result for cheddar man

Esther: Pretty awesome that they can work out roughly what he looks like from DNA which is thousands of years old.. although imagine being ‘Cheddar Man’ and not being able to enjoy the delights of Cheddar! Seems like a taunt to call him that really…

Chris: You’re absolutely right, his parents might have not liked him at all! I wonder if everytime cheddar man has an argument with his wife, he would say ‘Eeedam woman!’.

Esther: Do you think he was terrified of cheese graters? And mice I’d imagine too.

Chris: Cheese graters must have been like the mafia to him. If he didn’t repay them, they’d come round to your cave and starting grating.

Image result for cheese grater

Esther: Now I’m imagining some combination of the Cheddar Man’s face and the little cheese string man that you see on the TV advert. Very weird…

Chris: Imagine if the mafia found out that he lived in a cottage made of cheese. So remember the next time you’re eating cottage cheese to lose weight, you’re actually eating the original home of the cheddar man.

Esther: You’d hope if he knew he was lactose intolerant that he wouldn’t live in a house made of cheese. That’s like being on a really strict diet where you live in an igloo made from Ben and Jerry’s.

Chris: He wasn’t the brightest of the little pigs. That’s why the wolf didn’t blow house down – cheese is a bit difficult to blow down really. The wolf would cry, “curd you cheese, curd you!”.

Esther: I wonder if he was called Cheddar man, maybe his wife with Cheddar Wife? He could have had cheddar children, and maybe a pet cheddar chinchilla.

Chris: In other cheese related news, McDonalds have announced they’re taking the Happy Meal cheeseburger off of the menu, with water instead of fizzy drinks. So parents obviously were not happy with that meal.

Image result for happy meal

Esther: Clearly that’s the case. In fact, many parents referred to it as the ‘Not satisfied with this product Meal’.

Chris: I hope you still get the toy in it. That’s almost as nutritious as eating the burger itself! The children though must be cheesed off..

Esther: I think I could accept having no cheeseburger option for a happy meal, but I don’t think I could accept not getting a toy. I mean that was basically the whole point! It’s like buying one of those horrible kid’s cereals so you can get the little toys they put inside, before discovering that they don’t include toys anymore!

Chris: I wonder if McDonald’s will embrace the whole culture of: ‘collect 5 tokens’ to win your toy! In fact, I think they should do that. Kid’s get things too much instantly these days. There’s Netflix, Now TV, Amazon all providing instant services – instant coffee must be really upset that they’ve all jumped on the bandwagon.

Esther: I see what you mean, except maybe don’t encourage kids to eat five McDonald’s before they win their toy – they might as well say, collect 5 tokens and win a special price in a lucky dip – obesity or diabetes! Maybe supermarkets should introduce the 5 tokens idea for the fruit – like have your five a day everyday for a whole week and we’ll give you a prize! I might as well be the health secretary with ideas like that…

Chris: Or maybe Mcdonald’s will give you the raw ingredients so you can cook it yourself at home!

Esther: If kids today are anything like I was, they won’t have the patience to cook and will end up eating raw beef or chicken out of impatience!

Image result for raw beef burger

Chris: So don’t do anything mentioned in this blogisode so far, don’t irritate Cheddar Man and definitely don’t eat raw McDonald’s ingredients. Surely the Cheddar Man’s children are mini cheddars, no?

Esther: Well yeah that makes sense! And when they’re born they should be Babybels, right?

Image result for baby bel

Chris: Absolutely, or maybe the babybel could be used on the front of his house, like a door bell.

Esther: Now I’m imagining a baby used as a doorbell…. If one ever got run over by a bus, would they become Philadelphia?

Chris: You’re getting cheese and geography mixed up. Oh wait, they already have been. They might as well have a cheese and call it Kentucky. Oh no wait, that’s Kentucky fried chicken.

Guys, if you enjoyed this streaming blogisode, please binge watch/read. We will see you for a new, exciting, thrilling blogisode with special effects next week! Peace. 


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Chariot pulling stagecoach

Mmm, this is really good cheddar man, it has aged really well. Oh hi guys! Sorry you caught us at a bad time there, we were hosting the pre-blogisode party. Sloth and Esther – put the nibbles down! We’ve got a blog to write…

Image result for cheddar man

Chris: Hey Esther! I was quite enjoying our little pre-blogisode party. I see you’re still munching there.

Esther: I can’t help it! Once I get going with those cheese and crackers it’s too late to stop. I’m like a modern day, non-plasticine, woman version of Wallace…

Chris: We need to stop. We’ll continue after the blogisode. We’ve got a lot to cover today, including… mmm.. cheese. Oops so sorry. And some guy called Elon Musk, who launched a rocket into space, with a sports car in it. Why would you need a sports car? Its like when you see caravans towing cars on the road. One mode of transport at a time please.

Image result for elon musk rocket

Esther: Yeah I’m with you on this. Only a billionaire who has money to waste would put an expensive sports car on the rocket when you literally could have put anything on the damned rocket! If it was me I’d have amused myself by maybe putting a rocket salad on the rocket. Then when it gets back you can be like, my food is so amazing, it’s literally been in space!

Image result for rocket salad

Chris: I think we should launch our own rocket rival to his and launch a stagecoach into space attached to a chariot. It would make as much sense.

Esther: Also, if a rocket going into space makes the news, an orbiting stagecoach and chariot would definitely hit the headlines.

Image result for stagecoachImage result for chariot

Chris: Do you think it would be held up by space pirates?

Esther: Maybe. Maybe as part of the publicity for the stagecoach launch we could say that originally it was supposed to be a Great Western train attached to a chariot, but unfortunately there were a few complications so we’ve got a replacement bus service instead. That really would annoy the space pirates.

Chris: It would indeed. Even in space, things don’t run on time. Anyway, back to your point about the rocket in the rocket: would it be undressed rocket or dressed rocket? There’s so much mention of rocket in that sentence, it’s out of this world!

Esther: All I know is, the craze over exotic products like coconut oil and avocado butter means if we had food which had literally seen the whole universe, we could definitely overprice it and make millions. Maybe we should launch a range of rocket foods?

Chris: Great idea. We could have orbiting oranges, piloted by a courageous carrots with a side of alien avocados. I can this working!

Esther: Oooh sounds delicious… we just need to tell everyone it’s full of incredible antioxidants and vitamin Z 12 which can only be sourced in the depths of Venus. That sounds super exotic and should do the trick.

Chris: All you need is two words: space vitamins. Harry, get your cauliflower bursting with all natural space vitamins! Suitable for vegetarians, vegans and food fads that nobody has heard of yet, in case they make any new ones while we’re launching these products.

Esther: The time it takes to even go to space, you can be sure there will be a good few dozen new diets and lifestyles by the time we’ve got back.

Chris: When I first heard about Elon Musk launching a rocket into space, I thought how courageous it is that an aftershave can overcome his personal (bottle) barriers and even build a rocket. I mean how did he do it? It’s incredible and needs making into a film. I’ve heard his main competitor Chanel No. 5 has just announced that it will soon be releasing a rocket.

elon musk

Esther: Oh god, can you imagine the perfume adverts when they all start making rockets?! They’re awful enough already, now all those jaw drop

ping models will be looking lusty and strange in rockets. I admit I don’t think I’m looking forward to seeing them.

Chris: Well its a shame you said that. Because I’ve just come up with one in my head, or maybe its a trailer for the Elon Musk story. He was just an aftershave with a dream, he dreamed of being the first aftershave to connect a sports car to a rocket and launch it into space. You will laugh, you will cry, you will use him after shaving, women will think you’re out of this world!

Esther: Big question though, who would you get to star as Elon Musk?!

Chris: Probably Elton John, he’s already a rocketman…

Image result for elton john rocketman

Esther: Can’t argue with that. I look forward to seeing this in my local cinema. Well I say ‘seeing’ this, I mean watching the trailer and then avoiding watching it until further notice.

Chris: We’re going to roll it out to planetariums too. Ok, sorry Elon, we know you are an actual billionaire with actual resources. Please don’t spy on us with drones attached to flying crocodiles.

Esther: Surely if that has been his name his whole life, he must have heard the aftershave jokes so many times. Fingers crossed he isn’t too offended, and doesn’t steal your Elon Musk the movie thing before you get a chance to copyright it.

Chris: All joking aside, the Elon Musk attaching things to other random things would be a gadget that made James Bond so much better. Can you imagine, James Bond’s laser pen, attached to a Pez dispenser? So when you pull back the head of the Pez dispenser, it shoots baddies. Or James Bond’s gun which is hidden inside the subway, “haha, Blofeld, I see you are suffering from indigestion after that heavy lunch you just had. It can be killer!”.

Image result for blofeld

Time is up guys, I am off to watch Blue Peter so I can work out how to build a rocket, expect our stagecoach to be on the news by this time next week. ‘Look there in the sky, is it a bird? Is it a plane? Why no, it’s a stagecoach being pulled by a chariot….’ See you next week guys, peace. 

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Wolverine meets Scissorhands: the sparks fly

Hey guys! It’s sunday, the day of rest but for us it is the day of typing on a keyboard, and hopefully amusing a few people! If you’re not amused by anything you read on this blog, there’s a number you can call.

Chris: Hey Esther! How are you?

Esther: Hiya Chris, I’m not bad thankyou, sleepily yawning through the Sunday daze. You?

Chris: I’m good thankyou because it is mundanevision time and if Hugh Jackman is the greatest showman, we are the greatest blogpeople.

Esther: Yes sounds good. Damn, whenever anyone even mentions that movie I end up with the songs in my head for the rest of eternity.

Image result for the greatest showman

Chris: I’m sorry, just let it go man, let it go.

Esther: “What if we re-write the stars….” oh wait yeah sorry I’ll try to let it go.

Chris: You see Elsa and the Frozen gang build a monopoly on songs that stay in people’s heads. Although, there is a frozen version of monopoly, so I guess they have monopoly on monopoly.

Image result for frozen monopoly

Esther: Yep they certain have thought that through, I mean ‘Let it Go’ is applicable to so many situations that you end up singing it just for amusements sake. Although, I feel like ‘Do You Wanna Build a Snowman’ has a more specific demographic.

Chris: Yes, but even that fits in with global warming now. God, Disney are good, they even know about the weather before everyone else does.

Esther: Omniscient Disney. That’s a terrifying thought… like imagine instead of news tv shows we just have Disney characters telling us about important world events and doing the weather forecasts?

Chris: I wonder what a Disney news report on Brexit would be. Rather than Huey, Dewey and Louie, it’ll be Theresa, Boris and Jeremy.

Image result for huey dewey and louie

Esther: Weird. Although who knows, maybe three nephews of a famous imaginary duck have more of an understanding of Brexit than we do.

Chris: Of course they do, as it appears to be an imaginary concept currently. Anyway, on the subject of Brexit negotiations, I had a Brexit related dream this week. Would you like to hear about it?

Esther: Do you even need to ask? Do go on…

Chris: I dreamt that Theresa May, Boris Johnson, Donald Trump, Nigel Farage and Kim Jong Un were all on boats in the ocean. Theresa and Boris were in a catamaran, Farage was in a victory-style sailing ship, because that’s how boats used to be, Trump was in a leaky dingy but he was telling everyone how it was the “best boat folks, definitely the best boat”. Finally, Kim Jong was in a nuclear powered submarine. Maybe it is a good way of deciding policy nowadays, which boat gets to the island gets to decide on policy.

Image result for catamaran

Esther: If you think about it positively, I can’t say I like Trump’s chances to move anywhere fast in a dodgy dingy so it sounds like a better system.

Chris: Maybe it was political, or maybe it was just the new presenters of a Top Gear inspired boat show called ‘Top Boat’.

Esther: I still maintain that we should put all of the big characters of politics into a reality TV type situation. Who knows, people might actually start to watch Big Brother again if you’ve got Trump, Putin, Kim Jong Un, Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage all trapped together in one house.

Related image

Chris: I think it would be a quite good if they were contestants of Strictly Come Dancing, and then the public could just vote them off.

Esther: This sounds like a very modernised take on democracy. You’d probably engage the youth vote more if they watched them on TV everyday. Also imagine if instead of Strictly judges who judged each contestant, you just had random members of the public judging. Think of the entertainment!

Chris: I kind of like the idea of Strictly judges, judging it. Would Craig really be brave enough to tell Kim Jong Un that his Paso Doble sucked? He might then go back to North Korea and pass a law that everybody has learn the Paso Doble so nobody shows the glorious leader up? Trump might send his nuclear missiles to the Strictly studio if he’s told he’s done something wrong, and he’ll say the scoring system is corrupt if he’s at the bottom of the table.

Image result for craig strictly come dancing

Esther: What worries me most is I can actually picture Boris Johnson doing Strictly in a few years when he finally gives up with the politics. I mean, we saw Ed Balls doing Gangnam style a couple of years back, haven’t we suffered enough?

Chris: Also I would love to see Trump on masterchef, I bet his gingerbread cookies would be adorable. He would never burnt them because he doesn’t like black people.

Esther: No doubt if something wasn’t cooked properly or didn’t taste nice he’d find some dodgy excuse to blame it on Mexicans. Or women. Or muslims.

Chris: Or he would just tell you that the oven was a Mexican, muslim woman.

Esther: I mean that doesn’t make much sense, but at the end of the day it would be Trump saying this sooo.. when does anything he say make any sense?

Chris: On the subject of celebrities cooking, Wolverine would be amazing at the BBQ with those things on his hands. Can you imagine the amount of meat he could harpoon on his hands?

Esther: Him and Edward Scissorhands would be a force to be reckoned with at the family BBQ. I feel like that may be a movie in the future, who knows.

Image result for wolverineImage result for edward scissorhands

Chris: Wolverine could rake and Scissorhands could do the landscaping.

Esther: I bet Scissorhands is a dab hand at making kebabs too…

Chris: Thing is, they wouldn’t be much good at a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors, because there’s no paper Superhero. Don’t get me wrong, there are paper thin backstories to some, but none who are actually made of paper.

Esther: Maybe that’s the twist to my Wolverine meets Scissorhands movie. Picture the BBQ, with Wolverine and Scissorhands completely bossing the whole burgers, kebabs, hot dogs sitch and then who comes round the corner? Why its paper boy!

Related image

Chris: Can you imagine, paper boy would be awesome because he could cripple baddies with his mean paper cuts.

Esther: It doesn’t get more badass than that. I also like that Wolverine in particular has discovered a more placid, less violent side of life where the only use for his metal hands are as BBQ utensils.

Chris: Of course, by the time this movie has been made, paperboy will be out of date, everyone will be more interested in iPadman!

If you are affected by any of the issues raised in this blog, please read another one. See you next week, peace. 


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The Safe Horror Film Oscars

It’s the end of the week, but the start of another blogisode! Let’s get this thing started…

Chris: Hey Esther!

Esther: Hiya Chris, here we are again, another sunday mundanevision.

Chris: How observant of you, Sherlock. My god I actually thought you were Sherlock Holmes for a second, I’m not co-hosting with Benedict Cumberbatch, he’s not here, sorry guys.

Image result for sherlock holmes

Esther: Shame. He’s pretty awesome.

Chris: He is pretty amazing, maybe we should co-host with him. Or at least, with the Benedict Cumberbatch action figure. We could put him on the desk and then look at him for inspiration.

Esther: Sounds like a plan! Or we could have a fancy portrait of him hanging on the wall, and we’ll feel like he’s watching over us always, like some kind of guardian angel.

Chris: Good idea, I was thinking more like he would solve the crimes of bad blogisodes!

Esther: He could do that too. Or we could just get a Sherlock Holmes hat and a magnifying glass for Sid the Sloth so he can impersonate Sherlock?

Chris: Ah, Sherlock sloth, at your service! He would do the same thing but really slowly. Can you imagine one episode of a BBC drama with Sherlock sloth would take up an entire box set! I’ve been watching this for 17 hours and Mrs Hudson is still no closer to pouring the tea. Will she ever? That is the real mystery.

Image result for mrs hudson tea

Esther: You’d end up watching the box set on 2X speed just to try and hurry along some action. Or maybe Sid could act as Sherlock’s pet, who comes along to crime scenes, drinks tea with him, behaves sociopathically with him… you get the gist.

Chris: I can actually see an advantage of ‘Sherlock Holmes starring a sloth’. Most boxsets are over too quickly. At least you would get your money’s worth.

Esther: Wow, sounds like Sid’s going to be busy. But he still has to come into mundanevision every week – don’t forget where you started, Sid!

Chris: I’m sure he won’t, I’ll remind him. I’ve got him a mundanevision t-shirt to wear, and I’m gonna leave creepy notes all over his house reminding him where he started.

Esther: Good plan, we can’t have Sid getting too big headed. Although I can’t really picture an arrogant sloth, they don’t strike me as the kind to think a lot of themselves.

Chris: Or they do, we just don’t see it for a loooong time. And if you ever wanted to pause the boxset, just hit the slow motion button, and the whole thing would basically stop.

Esther: This sounds pretty viable, maybe the BBC might consider this for the next series of Sherlock.

Chris: Sherlock Sloth. And it would win a lot of awards for the longest TV drama, and keep you on the edge of your seat, because you can’t move in case you miss something.

Esther: …I’m not sure the awards generally reward TV dramas depending on the length of the show… but maybe it’ll be such a success that it creates this category. Maybe there will be other shows which star slow animals that could be nominated for the longest TV drama… like Suits with a snail?

Chris: ah, yes. It could bring up a whole new generation of safe stunt men. You would jump off a building but really slowly. I bet health and safety would love the idea.

Esther: A new generation of safe TV production. No longer will David Hammond be risking his life in Top Gear, we only create safe shows now!

Chris: Can you imagine a whole genre of safe horror films? Oh don’t go into that creepy house where the electricity is out, you might trip down those perilously steep stairs!

Image result for creepy haunted house

Esther: ‘You’re not going to walk under that creepy looking bridge, alone in the dark are you? The paving looks ever so uneven, you might hurt yourself!’.

Chris: ‘Have you been injured in a horror movie which wasn’t your fault? Call creepylawyers4u!’

Esther: Jigsaw in Saw VI, will no longer ask people to cut off limbs and other body parts to escape his chains, because ‘that’s very messy’, and ‘isn’t at all good for their blood flow’… instead they have to quickly swallow lots of vitamins, do some exercise and eat a salad!

Chris: Can you imagine that scene in Saw II where the detective asks Jigsaw where his son is? He say’s it’s ok because he’s in a safe place, the detective would be like ‘thanks Jig, that’s cool man, I was just checking.’

Image result for saw jigsaw

Esther: Maybe safe horror films would be the government’s attempt at subliminal messaging. They’re trying to get people to avoid injury and illness, get healthy and exercise properly so why not start with doing this in safe horror films? Ingenious.

Chris: The biggest nightmare in Elm Street would be a traffic jam. “Sorry I’m late, the traffic was murder”. It really was in deadlock. Anyway, enough of this. The Oscar Nominations have been released this week. Which means people called Oscar must be really excited. Where’s our nomination? That’s it, I’m boycotting this year *strops*. We could be in an award for best blog on a Sunday.

Image result for the nightmare on elm street

Esther:… again, I’m not sure you’ve got the best handle on the Oscar award categories, generally they don’t focus so much on the blogs, or what day of the week they’re posted. But, I suppose it is an option for the future.

Image result for oscar award

Chris: Oh, I’m sorry, they’re not the specific. In that case, I want cinema to win this year not specific films.

Esther: Don’t strop just because we haven’t been nominated. We are above the Oscars (our understanding is too deep for them).

Chris: If we have been nominated and there is a secret ballot, I am sorry Oscar.

Thankyou very much for reading/listening to this (future) award-winning blog, I’m off to find some red carpet to walk along with Esther and Sid… if you are a photographer please follow us and make us feel famous. See you next week, peace. 

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