Behind the Blogging

Photo edited and adapted from the VH1 show "Behind the Music"

Photo edited and adapted from the VH1 show “Behind the Music”

Tonight on “Behind the Blogging” find out how the soon to be wildly popular Mundanevision was created. The sweat, the tears, the power-cuts. It wasn’t all fun…

In 2014 a frustrated boy sat at his desk. He had been trying long and hard to come up with ideas that would allow him to combine his sparkling wit with his love of web series and mundane chat. He started off by talking to a mirror in his room, however, he soon became aware that his flatmates would think he’d gone mad and the conversation was indeed very one-sided. Although the mirror gave him time to reflect, it never talked back. When he listened to his tape recordings of their conversations, they were always blank.

On a rainy Tuesday, an idea struck him like a bolt of lightening. When he’d recovered the electrocution, he forgot what he was worried about and tried chatting to the mirror again. Alas, it was in vain. He went out for a hot chocolate and on that fateful day he met a person who would change his blogging habits forever…

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So far, we’ve been introduced to a lonely boy with only his mirror for company and his hopes of blogging shattered, very much like the mirror, due to the lightening strike earlier that week. The fated hot chocolate meeting was to introduce the boy, whose name was Chris, to his future blog buddy, Sophia.

“It was silly really” says Chris about the event. “All I did was drop a pen and that got us chatting.”

“Well, it was an original Bic biro, so I knew straight away he had prospects” – Sophia

Over the following weeks and months, Chris and Sophia’s friendship went from strength to strength

(insert montage of the two friends drinking hot chocolates and laughing together through the changing seasons).

Nevertheless, even these joyous scenes, weren’t enough to make Chris pop the big question to Sophia.

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Previously on “Behind the Blogging” Chris met Sophia for the first time but still couldn’t pluck up the courage to pop the question.

“I was wondering when he was going to ask” reminisces Sophia, “until, one day, I mentioned how much I love blogging…”

Chris admits “I was just so nervous! I had never asked anybody to blog with me before but when Sophia told me she loved blogging, all my fears were eased and I forgot about the mirror incident and being struck by lightening and then putting up with my friends laughing at me and calling me ‘Sparky’”

Finally, on February 3rd, Chris finally found the courage to ask Sophia:

“Sophia, will you blog with me?”

The blog was confirmed. Now all they needed was a name for it…

“We tried loads of different names” says Chris “Barry the Blog, Barbara Blogella, Bruce Blogtrotter…”

“Well” says Sophia “We always talked nonsense together, so I thought why don’t we blog about all things mundane and call it something really unexciting?”

Chris and Sophia tried using the name “Really Really Unexciting” for a few months but didn’t get any views so they had to reconsider.

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Previously on “Behind the Blogging”, Chris and Sophia decided to start a blog together but they still needed to think of a name…

Chris: “I think I saw a really boring Danish person on the street and I thought, well he’s munDane… I then told this joke to Sophia, she didn’t get it, but I persisted and by 12pm, whilst discussing how much we like TV, we had settled on an amalgamation of our two favourite words – “television” and “mundane”: MUNDANEVISION”

And thus, Mundanevision was born… but not everything was plain sailing.

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In the previous instalment of “Behind the Blogging”, Chris and Sophia had come up with a new name for their blog.

“Whilst we were writing our first blogisode” recalls Chris, “the internet crashed and I started running around screaming ‘mirror! Mirror!’ but luckily another bolt of lightening shocked me back to my senses.”

“Yeah and Chris was then so electric he managed to fix the power-cut there and then!” smiles Sophia.

Chris: “The way I remember it was that Sophia calmed me down. Anyway we finished our first blog and it became wildly popular and we now have a team of ten people working for us. Or is it just a trick reflection in our new mirror? Curse you mirrors!”

Sophia: “The story of Mundanevision will forever live on”

Mundanevision is on WordPress every Tuesday.

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Next week on “Behind the Blogging”, find out how Sooty gets on with his first blog!


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Every day could be a Mundanevision blogisode day, now that they are posting weekly .So Grab a cup of tea and a biscuit and get comfortable because you're going to read about the least trendy topics.It's a blog you really do want to miss...
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