Reality TV

This mundane week, Chris has chosen the topic of reality television. 

Chris: OK Sophia, so the question of the day is; what are your thoughts on reality TV?

Sophia: Well if it’s got anything to do with cockroaches or Katie Price I don’t want anything to do with it.

Chris: Aren’t they the same thing?

Sophia: Kinda

Chris: Better call the Price exterminators then

Sophia: I’m not a fan of reality TV in general…  the whole Big Brother thing freaks me out.

Chris: Wow that’s a really heavy topic. I can barely lift it! Do you prefer the spinning chairs in The Voice? Or the straight forward judging panel of X-Factor?

Sophia: I- I- I just don’t know.

Chris: I like the spinning chairs idea. They’re a bit like dodgums, they could crash in to each other at any moment.

The Voice Bumper Cars Edition

The Voice Bumper Cars Edition

Sophia: I’m not sure how Tom Jones would deal with that. He’d be like “sex bump sex bump”

Chris: Or more like “why why Delilah?!”

Sophia: And Rita would be like “my name’s RITA not Delilah!”

Chris: Why is her surname “Ora” ? Is she an angel? Or a medium? Can you see her aura? And if so – what colour is it?

Sophia: I reckon it would be fluorescent pink.

Chris: Why Pink, Pink would be very upset. She has a monopoly on everything pink. Just like Disney has a monopoly on everything frozen… I think if you use the word “Frozen” you have to pay Disney like a million pounds. I mean, how would you say you’re going out to buy a frozen ready meal or some frozen peas? Would you describe it as slightly frosted food?

Sophia: I have no idea but you’ve just clocked up 4 million pounds worth of debt. Well done!

Chris: It’s like Disney Taboo. But we don’t have the money, we’re only a blog series!

Sophia: We could always sell something. What could we sell?

Chris: I have an Olaf toy in the corner, we could sell him back to Disney for a profit.

Sophia: Do you think they’ll want him back?

Chris: Yes, but not in Summer. He’s a pretty seasonal guy.

Sophia: What do you think is the worst type of reality TV?

Chris: I don’t know – my TV has a reality TV filter. Pick another channel please! Not the Disney one. Nooo not the Disney one!

Sophia: My weakness is Spongebob. I’m just gonna put it out there.

Chris: I don’t even get Spongebob. Is it because he’s clean?

Sophia: I dunno, I like his laugh and he makes me hungry for Victoria Sponge.

Chris: Maybe Victoria Sponge is his wife’s name?

Sophia: What would Squidword’s wife’s name be? Is that even how you spell Squidword?

Chris: I think he’d be an eternal bachelor.

Sophia: That sounds a bit inky.

Chris: Or he could have an interracial marriage and tie the knot with Crab Cake.

Sophia: I love crab cakes ooo with sweet chilli sauce.

Chris: Anyway back on point here. Reality TV.

Sophia: If you were on I’m a Celebrity and had to do one of those horrible Bush Tucker trials, which would be the worst one for you?

Chris: Seeing Ant and Dec.

Sophia: But I like Ant and Dec.

Chris: Everybody does apart from me. I think I must have had a bad experience with an ant or some decking when I was a kid.

Sophia: Now that is a heavy topic.

Chris: You could say this blog is reality TV because it’s LIVE people. We’re typing to you LIVE.

Sophia: Uhh..Chris, I think they probably won’t believe that.

Chris: Well it is. Spiderman could have put a webcam in here.

Sophia: Oh I get it. WEB!!! Cool. Why do I never get jokes? Actually don’t answer that.

Chris: My jokes are never really jokes… Anyway, I have come up with an idea Sophia.

Sophia: Oh gosh. What is it?

Chris: Well we’ve established that we don’t like reality TV. Would you like it more if it involved puppets?

Sophia: If they’re like the ones in Team America, then yes.

Chris: I took this idea to Dragon’s Den but there was a note on their door saying “all out” so I went home and I’m blogging about it with you instead.

Sophia: Go on… Oh no it’s raining outside yet again.

Chris: You could say it’s raining cats and dogs (see blogisode 2)

Sophia: So what’s the idea? Puppet reality TV? What would it be called?

Chris: We’d have all these puppets together in one house like Big Brother.

Sophia: Shall it be called “No Strings Attached” ?

Chris: That would be a good name for a dating show for puppets. I can just imagine a clip from it now: “Aqua Marina is looking for a like minded puppet to spend the rest of her life with no strings attached

Sophia: What would this Big Brother style puppet reality show be called?

Chris: Something like “Knock on Wood”

Sophia: Or Pinnochi-Oh-My-God

Chris: Pinnochio would surely be evicted, because he’s a real boy!

Sophia: Let’s get puppeteering then.

Chris: Yes, it can make up one of our bonus blog posts!

Stay tuned. Chris and Sophia play plinky plonky hold music whilst they get in to character.


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