A Truly Egg-cellent Blogisode

Hello everyone! Welcome to Blogisode 9 of Mundanevision. The blogging experience has flown by so fast. Thank you to everyone who has supported us and enjoy this week’s chat!

Chris and Sophia wish you a Happy Easter.

Chris and Sophia wish you a Happy Easter.

Chris: So, Sophia. We tried to get people involved with the show last week with The Great Mundanevision Experiment, do you remember that?

Sophia: Of course I do.

Chris: Yes! Thank you Baffled Baboon for your starting point on what we should talk about this week!

Sophia: The topic that Baffled Baboon came up with was… “brrrrrrrr” *drum roll* ….

Chris: Are you cold?

Sophia: No! I’m doing a drum roll noise. Anyway, Baffled Baboon asked us to talk about “accidentally buying the wrong pet.” What do you think Chris?

Chris: Well, I took this topic so seriously that I actually went out and bought the wrong pet.

Sophia: Oh really, what were you meant to buy?

Chris: I thought I’d bought a cat but when it didn’t touch the cat food I realised Mr Fluffles was actually a gold fish.

Sophia: That’s an easy mistake to make…

Chris: I thought aquarium was another word for Emporium. I wondered why there were all these divers swimming around. And the shop assistant tried to sell me a water filter.

Sophia: I can see why you’d accidentally buy a gerbil instead of a rat but a goldfish instead of a cat…

Chris: Well, the shop assistant said it had whiskers.

Sophia: Chris. That was a catfish you bought. Not a cat!

Chris gasps in horror.



Chris: Ahhhh! I feel less gilly now.

Sophia: Is that the marine equivalent of guilty?

Chris: Yes it is. I think that’s how a fish judge declares his or her criminals: Not Gilly. I wondered why my catfish wasn’t purring.

Sophia: Did you even put it in water?

Chris: Well I gave it some Evian. It looks youthful now!

Sophia: Personally I would have gone for San Pellegrino.

Chris: Ooo look at you with your fancy water.

We deny having a bottled water bias and encourage our readers to try out whatever brand they want. Just please don’t try Russell. 

Chris: I made that mistake once and he made me hot and cold.

Sophia: Ahhh yes. Russell Brand and Katy Perry.

Chris: Perry – Perrier. We’re back to water again! Anyway… since it’s Easter let’s talk about eggs. Not the biological kind ladies, calm down.

Sophia: I wonder what a scrambled ostrich egg tastes like.

Chris: A scrambled ostrich – an ostrich who doesn’t know he’s an ostrich.

Sophia: You know in my hometown there’s an Easter tradition of rolling eggs down a hill like a kind of egg race.

Chris: Sounds egg-citing.

Sophia: Well, one year I won the competition and my name was written on the egg rolling trophy. but I have a confession to make.

Chris: Wow. Are you sure you want to say it live on blog?

Sophia: Well, the thing is, the race organisers said we could use anything egg shaped in the egg rolling contest. So I took advantage of that…

Chris: I bought egg rolls once at a Chinese restaurant. What did you use as an eggsample?

Sophia: Well, I just so happened to own a bouncing, rubber fake egg. It frightened the living daylights out of people when I pretended to throw it at them. They thought it would crack and smash everywhere.

Chris: Could you make an omelette with that? Surely it would just bounce all over the place? Your omelette would be like boing boing boing…

Sophia: Um.. unfortunately not. But you can pretend it’s real and win an egg rolling race with it. Wink wink.

Chris: The person eating the omelette would be like, “this is a bit rubbery”. So your bouncing omelette won?

Sophia: It did indeed. And I won a chocolate egg. And made a chocolate omelette.

Chris yawns…

Chris: Well that was a cracking story…

Sophia: Wasn’t it egg-cellent? Shell we continue?

Chris: We shell.

Sophia: So do you have any cool egg related stories Chris?

Chris: I stuck one in the fridge once, does that count?

Sophia: Someone once told me you could freeze an egg, put it in the oven and a chick would pop out. That’s wrong. All wrong. But I believed them…

Chris: Please don’t try any of this at home. We are eggsperts.

Sophia: How do you like your eggs Chris?

Chris: Over easy.

Sophia: What’s that?

Chris: Sunny side up.

Sophia: Ah. Yolks on you.

Chris: Anyway Sophia… what is your favourite chocolate egg.

Sophia: Ooo I do like Lindt bunnies. But that’s not egg….

Chris: What came first, the bunny or the egg?

Sophia: Who knows. What’s your favourite chocolate egg?

Chris: I’m tempted to say Terry’s but that would make Terry cry. I don’t want to steal his eggs.

Sophia: If I could live on one chocolate egg for the rest of my life it would have to be Dairy Milk fruit and nut.

Chris: Does that egg-sist? I’m behind on my egg knowledge. I egg-knowledge the fact that you’re more egg-sperienced than I am in eggs.

Sophia: I think so. Also, please quit with the egg puns.

Chris: But I’m having such a cracking time!

Sophia sighs.

Chris: I’ve just had a thought.

Sophia: Go on.

Chris: Do you reckon that in between Easters, Easter eggs live on Easter island?

Sophia: Ahh. With those big head things. Egg heads.

Chris: Yes.

Sophia: They probably have little egg communities.

Chris: Eggo-friendly communities.

Sophia: I wonder if they have Dairy Milk Fruit and Nut eggs over there. Let’s book a flight.

Chris: Yes let’s go and find out. Harness the speed boat, let’s go make some egg-quiries.

To all our readers, may the Easter Rabbit be kind to you and not leave you hopping mad this Easter. Be nice to each other and remember to share your chocolate. Remember to give some back!  



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