The birth of a new political party.

Hi guys, welcome to a another mundanevision blog. I promised a mystery blogger this week and the mystery blogger….. DRUM ROLL PLEASE …. ISOBEL!!! Crowd goes crazy. Chris: Hello Isobel Isobel : Hello Chris, thanks for having me here. Chris: Have you ever read any of our mundanevision blogs before? Isobel: I’ve heard about them, Sophia to force me to. Chris: Anyway, Sophia’s hunting bears in Egypt. Isobel: That’s a strange thing for her to do, she told me she was ice skating in Swansea. Chris: I told her that as well, the bears were a surprise element! Isobel: I didn’t know there were bears in Swansea. Chris: Neither do the Welsh! Isobel: Anyway while Sophia is hunting and ice skating with bears, what would you like me to talk about? Chris: Anything that pops into your head! Isobel: Cool, just don’t talk about Keanu Reeves! Chris: Keanu Reeves? keanu Isobel: Yes we have a dark history. Chris: Tell me more…..! Isobel: Do i have to? Chris: Not if you don’t want to. Isobel: Well if you think Sophia has it tough with bears and iceskating, try dealing with a depressed 40 year old actor crying about sandwiches in Russia. Chris: Wait! Are we still Keanu Reeves? I didn’t know he could act? Isobel: Wait he can act? Chris: Oh sorry, duid you think he was a sandwich maker? Isobel: No, if i thought he was, Mi5 would swoop in at a random point and take me away Chris: I’d phone up MI5, I’d reckon that i could take on James Bond. Isobel: He’s not called that anymore, or should say she is not called that anymore. Chris: What! You mean she’s Daniella Craig? Isobel: He prefers the name Kylie. Chris: He should be so lucky. Isobel: Wait do you hear something? Chris: Yes i do. Don’t worry that’s our resident sloth, you haven’t met him yet. Isobel: Oh iheard that noise, i meant the noise that sounded like a helicopter. Chris: That’s the air conditioner in the sitting room. You’re so annoyed. Isobel: Oh phew, i defintely thought MI5 was going to find me. Chris: Oh no that is MI5, i called them earlier! Isobel: Oh no, gotta run Chris: Stop running, we’re still doing the show. Isobel: But you called MI5! Chris: No MFI! Isobel: You’ve got to stop scaring. Chris: No i’m just being nice, this is your first time on Mundanevision. Isobel: I wouldn’t call that nice…. Chris: Maybe this is the matrix, maybe this isn’t real! Isobel: Now i’m really panicking. Chris: Would it help if i put on this whale music cd? Isobel: Yes. yes it would. Whale music starts to play Chris: See, i’m being nice, ive even got an indian to give you a head masssage. Isobel: Okay that is nice. Chris: He’s only paid up to the end of the blog. Isobel: When’s that? Chris: When we reach the word limit….. whatever that is? Isobel: You don’t know your own word limit? Chris:No, maybe we should check on one of the other blog entries? Isobel: Good idea. Chris:I’ve got the information, i know when this finishes! Isobel: Oh yes? Chris: When we run out of things to say. Isobel: Which shouldn’t be that long. Chris: I don’t know, i can keep going if you can. Isobel: You’re on! Chris: We’re both on! This blog is live. Isobel: I meant the figure of speech… oh well. Chris: What is the figure of speech, i think its number 8. Isobel: Oh i thought it was number 12. Chris: Potatoe, potato! One man’s 8 , another woman’s 12! Isobel: Spoken like a true philosopher! Chris: Am i a philosopher? I need to go and think about it for a while. Isobel: Don’t think too long or your brain will get stuck. Chris: Anyway i’ve got it! Isobel : Got what? Chris: This lovely fast and furious boxset! Isobel: Fast and furious? Chris: You know the films? I saw the latest one yesterday! Isobel: Really was it any good? Chris: Let’s just say it didn’t finish fast enough and i was furious! Isobel: Ouch. Chris: I know, i’m a critic now. Isobel: Is that what they call going to the cinema now? Chris:  What? Isobel: Going to the cinema is being a critic. Chris: Oh i see! I don’t know language changes a lot #sadface. hashtag Isobel: # idon’tlikehashtags. Chris: I don’t even get what they are, any ideas? Isobel: I used to think it was a tiny noughts and crosses symbol. Chris: Oh brilliant! Who wins? Isobel: I don’t know, i’ve never been awake when its been won, after falling sleep during it.             It’s a very boring game. Chris: I know who wins! The youth of today! Isobel: Now you’re getting political! Chris breathes a sigh Chris: Oh okay, maybe we should form our own political party! Isobel: You mean, you and me or You and sophia? Chris: You and me, we’ve got a fortnight together! Rome was built in a fortnight! Isobel: Where on earth did you hear that? Chris: Well if it wasn’t built in a day, it must have taken longer! Isobel: Very logical. Anyway what are we going to call this political party? Chris: I think we should call it……MUNDANEVISION! Isobel: Okay…. what colour are we? Chris: Black and yellow, you’ve seen our logo! Isobel: Only today! Chris: Oh yes, i forgot. Isobel: I didn’t have time to do research! Chris: Good to see you’re fitting into this show/blog already. Isobel: Thank muchly. Chris: So what can our manifesto be? Isobel: Embrace the silliness with us? Chris: That’s amazing! Isobel: Thanks, i hope i get paid for that! Chris: You think anyone gets paid on mundanevision? Isobel: I’m guessing… maybe Chris: I can pay you with my charming company, how’s that? Isobel: That’s okay i suppose! Chris: So no hashtags, where do you stand on emoticons 🙂 Isobel: They’re okay…… 😉 Chris: Do you use emoticons? Isobel: Randomly. images Chris: I use to be against them, and now i use them more and more! Isobel: So you’ve embraced the emotiocon? Chris: I used to think that emoticon was related to transformers. Isobel: Aren’t they? Chris: A different kind. Isobel: That confuses me. Chris: Oh sorry, distant cousins. Isobel: I see. Chris: This is like a survey, i feel i need a clipboard. Isobel: Did Sophia take that with her? Chris: What could she be asking the bears? Do they go on picnics a lot? Isobel: Or would you like me to beat you up or would like to go on a drinking date? Chris: Are they questions for me, cus i’d like the drinking date. I don’t want to be beaten                  up. Isobel: I meant questions, Sophia would ask. Chris: Well this is awkward. Isobel slaps forehead with palm Chris: Where did you find a palm tree. download (1) Isobel: I thought it and it appeared. Chris: Wow! You’re like Derren Brown. download Isobel: Only difference is that i’m not gay and i’m not a man. Chris: I’m glad we cleared that up on mundanevision. Isobel: Well, i don’t what Sophia has been saying, but i’m going to find out. Isobel disappears

Chris: Wow, that was sudden.   I guess that’s the end. So thanks Isobel, wherever she is, its been a treat! See you next week guys!! Thanks Isobel for doing this blog with me, its been fun! 



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