The Mafia in a Crisps packet

Hi everyone, its Wednesday. Time for another Mundanevision blogisode! I have Isobel with me in the studio today.

Chris: Isobel, Hello! Nice to see you back in here!

Isobel: Thanks Its nice to be back.

Chris:So you disappeared in a puff of smoke, the last time you were here. I didn’t know where you went!

Isobel: Oh i went here and there, not very exciting!

Chris: That sounds mysterious…..

Isobel: What can i say, you can’t do much on a student loan.

Chris: Well, that’s a conversation we need to stop… we don’t want to get into politics again.

Isobel: That’s good, cus i really don’t wanna hear anything about British politics at all

Chris: How about Israeli Politics?

Isobel: Do you want me to disappear again?

Chris: No no, stay.

Isobel: Okay, just no politics.

Chris: So the Teletubbies are coming back, what do you think about that?


Isobel: Television and film companies are just repetitive, i mean look at Disney

Chris:Oh Isobel, just let it go!

Isobel: Was that a pun i heard?

Chris: Maybe….

Isobel: I wasn’t refering to that film….

Chris: I think that’s the only film you can refer to now, its law.

Isobel: I think you’re on the edge of politics again

Chris: I’m always on the edge, life on the edge.

Isobel: That’s dangerous, aren’t you afraid of someone pushing off the edge?

Chris:No,i ‘ve got a harness on at all times

Isobel: Now what does that say about you?

Chris: That i always come back.

Isobel: So you’re saying that you are related to the terminator.

Chris: I will. I will be back, i taught Arnie everything he knows

Isobel: Now are you turning this into a competition?

Chris:No i’m  definitely turning this into a competition, but before the next round, answer this question….

Isobel: Okay…

Chris: I don’t have a question i’m just doing something game-related.

Isobel: Well, i have a question….

Chris: Go on. Do i win a speedboat?

Isobel: If you buy it yourself.

Chris: But i only get a pound a week pocket money.

Isobel: Well, you better start saving.

Chris: I’m a contestant in a game show, not a lifeguard.

Isobel: You could have fooled me.

Chris:How did you know i brought a red float with me today

Isobel: I saw it when i came in.

Chris: Is a sloth hanging around again?

Isobel: I think it offered me a chocolate milkshake earlier.

Chris: He must really like you, i only got banana.

Isobel: Strangely i asked for vanilla.

Chris: He doesn’t believe in the flavour vanilla.

Isobel: Right, that’s it.

Chris: What is?  the final straw?

Isobel: There isn’t straw here

Chris: You need one for a milkshake.

Isobel: Chris we’re in a studio, not a barn.

Chris: Then why are there donkeys staring at me dude?

Isobel: Didn’t Sophia leave them behind?

Chris:He’s on holiday, he’s away in a manger.

Isobel: If you mention the C word then i’m defintely disappearing again.

Chris: What do you mean crisps?

Isobel: Okay, my foot has just disappeared.

Chris:Well i didn’t know Walkers would get me in so much trouble… said Gary Lineker

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Isobel: Well, thank goodness i’m sitting down as if i stood up, i’d trip over.

Chris: There are quite a few crisps packets around here.

Isobel: Well they’re not mine. I don’t eat Crisps

Chris:And they’re not mine i only like Cheese and onion. They’re really salty.

Isobel: I blame the sloth

Chris: Yes, its the sloth’s fault.  Did you know that he sent in one of his cousins to replace him one day.

Isobel: Sloth’s are like the mafia, always working with their cousins

Chris: But the Mafia are not like sloth, they’re not slow moving.

Isobel: Depends which country we’re talking about.

Chris:That’s true. I’ve heard that if you take a contract out with the Italian Mafia, you have to have a siesta before signing.

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Isobel: I was proposed to by a member once.

Chris: Of the mafia

Isobel: Yep

Chris: Did he make an offer that you couldn’t refuse.

Isobel: Well i did refuse it, it wasn’t very good.

Chris: Who was Marlon Brando or Pacino.

Isobel: I think it was pacino or duvall

Chris: Oh Duvall, if you had married him you would have done well.

Isobel: Well he is around 40 years older than me.

Chris: Couldn’t have done worst than being proposed to by Trevor Macdonald.

Isobel: That’s just wrong. He looks like my grandad

Chris: But he would tell you very good news at 10

Isobel: That’s the sort of thing my grandad would do.

Chris: Maybe he is your grandad.

Isobel: Well unless he had the abilty to rise from the dead…. he’s not my grandad.

Chris: I wouldn’t put pass rising from the dead by Trevor mac Donald.

Isobel: Maybe that’s what he did after interviewing the mafia.

Chris: Yes maybe. Maybe he’s been inducted into the mafia and his name is a posh lord.

Isobel: Probably. I think that most popular entertainers are/were members of the mafia or masons. They like making things out of stone and wood.

Chris: Even orville and Sooty.

Isobel: Cuddly animals can’t escape them

Chris: That’s the good thing about cuddly animals, nobody suspects them as part of the Mafia.

Isobel: Somehow we’ve turned this into a political discussion and now i have no legs.

Chris: Can you imagine a cuddly animal version of reservoir dogs ?


Isobel: I think that was Tarentino’s original idea.

Chris: Cuddly dogs.

Isobel: Actually it was cuddly dogs with guns

Chris: No reservoirs, they wouldn’t have like reservoirs.

Isobel: Well, they are dogs.

Chris: Yes they are! Reservoir cats.

Isobel: I don’t like that idea.

Chris: Reservoir ferrets. I’ve got it reservoir pokemon. That ‘s why pikachu is called that, he has a cold.


Isobel: While you were saying all that i finished my milkshake and went to spain and back.

Chris: I am as very slow talker.

Isobel: And while you said that, the rest of my body has disappeared. All that’s left is my head.

Chris: And with that i finish the show, thanks everybody for reading. From me and Isobel’s head, we will see you next week! Peace!


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