Mundanevision Extra

Hey guys, its time for a bonus blog post on Mundanevision! Isobel’s back with me.

Chris: So its good to have to you back.

Isobel: Thanks its been a nice day today.

Chris: Yes it has, the sun is out and dogs have been running around. The sloth has been sitting in his deckchair.

Isobel: Yeah, he offered me a pimms just now but i declined cus i don’t like it.


Chris: Well he always offers a guest more stuff than he does me, that’s favouritism

Isobel: I doubt it. You must have done something to offend him

Chris: What could i have done to offend him? Ive done everything to make him welcome. I even a lovely t-shirt on that says i love sloths.

Isobel: What colour is it?

Chris: Green.

Isobel: I don’t think sloths like the colour green.

Chris: They don’t like green, thats why he doesn’t eat any vegetables i give him.

Isobel: There you go!

Chris: Or the actress Eva Green, i tried to show him Penny dreadful once, but he wasn’t impressed.

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Isobel: That could be because of the sexual references, the violence, the gore, the blood….. Need i go on?

Chris: Are you working for the firm of classification in your spare time.

Isobel:No. I’m just saying.

Chris: I thought you were going give this blog a certificate. Mundanevision certificate 15.

Isobel: You just reminded me of something i saw today.

Chris: Oh yes?

Isobel: A man was driving a car that said, i was born Electric, drive the future. I thought it was advertisement for Back to the Future!

Chris: Do you need a license to drive the future?

Isobel: I think you need a licence to send animals into warzones but not to drive the future.

Chris: And born electric. That is such an egotistic statement. What if no one else finds you electric?

Isobel: Then you find other people just as electric, thus electricity was born.

Chris: Like Thomas Edison…. Lightbulb!

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Isobel: That wasn’t funny.

Chris: It was very illuminating.

  Isobel picks up a copy of Good omens and starts to read


Chris: Its the very fact you picked up a copy of Good Omens and started reading it, is not a good omen for this extra mundanevision blog episode.

Isobel: I could have brought my dad along but i didn’t he’s busy.

Chris: What? Its not panto!

Isobel: Well he’s not like other dads, in fact i shouldn’t say this…

Chris: But?

Isobel: He’s Death.


Chris: Wow. If he is death , i have a question you can ask him for me.

Isobel: Yeah

Chris: Is he always grim or does anything make him happy?

Isobel: Ha ha, like he’s never heard that before.

Chris: What music does he listen to, i bet its soul music.

Isobel: You know if you keep going, i just have to call him and he’ll scythe you.

Chris: Oh, i touched a nerve.

Isobel: I’m just very tired of the judgement. Im also very tired anyway

Chris: I’m not, i’m sure he’s a lovely hourglass figure.

Isobel: That was your second strike, third he’ll be here before you blink

Chris: I’m really sorry. I just never met the daughter of death before.

Isobel: Now you have. Time to move on.

Chris: So i don’t know if you read the blog yesterday, my idea of opening an old people’s home and calling it Jurassic park?

Isobel: You defintely are on the offending streak today

Chris: And you are on the defending streak today.

Isobel: That was half a strike

Chris: Oh dear i can’t say anything around you anymore!

Isobel: As i said, im tired. So am quite grouchy.

Chris: I’ll get the sloth to bring in a bed.

Isobel: Okay.

Chris turns to sloth

Chris: Can we get a bed in here please? He’s asking how many pillows you have?

Isobel: Three.

Chris: Okay three pillows either Eiderdown or eiderup?

Isobel: Either, i’m too tired to choose.

Chris: Do you want a wake up call or a continental breakfast.

Isobel: Yawn

Chris: Bearing in mind the sloth’s wake up call is very slow, so he would have to start the night before.

Isobel doesn’t answer

Chris: I take it the continental breakfast then?

Isobel throws a pillow at Chris.

Chris: That’s the most comfy way of being attacked ever.

Isobel: No offence, but am trying to sleep. Also you do talk too much.

Chris: Of course i talk. Its the whole point of Mundanevision.

Isobel: Well i’m trying to sleep.

Chris: Right guys, Isobel’s trying to sleep so i guess i’ll see you next week! Hope you enjoyed this bonus blogisode. Wait Isobel, before you go what would you rate this blogisode.

Isobel holds up 5 fingers

download (5)

Chris: Brilliant, at least i didn’t get P.G. I don’t like P

Isobel throws another pillow. 

Okay that’s it guys! Peace.


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