The Mundanevision Film Experience

It’s Tuesday, time for another blogisode of Mundeanevision, hope you guys and girls have had a great weekend, Isobel’s back with me.

Chris: Hello Isobel!

Isobel: Hello

Chris: So you’ve finally woken up.

Isobel: That was ages ago!

Chris: I’m sorry, i was trying to make a seamless link between this blog and the last one.

Isobel: Well, that was a terrible job.

Chris: That was what i was aiming for.

Isobel: Oh have you seen the news?

Chris: I’m aware of its existence, its been on for years and years.

Isobel: Well, if you’re going to be like that then i won’t talk to you anymore

Chris: What news are you referring to?

Isobel: Oh now you want to know.

Chris: Yes.

Isobel: well, you know the crystal maze.

Chris: I do know it, i was shattered when it stopped.

Isobel: It’s coming back but not as a tv show.

Chris: What?

Isobel: Its coming back as an immersive theatre experience.


Chris: Wow, you actually get to experience the crystal dome

Isobel: Yeah but for a cost.

Chris: How many crystals? How much time would that give me?

Isobel: You can joke but this is serious

Chris: I think you’ve come to the wrong studio.

Isobel: Fine, i won’t say anymore

Chris: No go on.

Isobel: You have one more chance

Chris: After that i get locked in?


Chris: No No please don’t go. Mundanevision needs you.

Isobel: Well i need a holiday, away from all this

Chris: Would it help if the sloth brought in the cake i made you?

(Chris whispers ‘Bring in the cake’)

Isobel: I don’t think there is any cake, the sloth has icing and crumbs around its mouth

Chris: Crumbs!

Isobel: I defintely need a holiday

Chris: So i went to see San Andreas at the weekend


Isobel: How was she?

Chris:She was well, she sends her love, she cracks me up that girl

Isobel: Why doesn’t she be my replacement then

Chris: Too unstable.

Isobel; Are you saying she’s a horse?

Chris: Nay i’m not saying that.

Isobel: You’re very confusing

Chris: Enough of this silliness, its a film with the Rock in it.

Isobel: Don’t you mean a rock?

Chris: Maybe, there’s a lot of them. In fact there’s a rockoree

Isobel: I’m going to pretend i know what that means.

Chris: Thank you, anyway it was a very groundbreaking film.

Isobel: Well no wonder, there were a lot of rocks

Chris: Yes. It was so bad, such a bad film. If the Rock is reading this, please don’t hurt me.

Isobel: Oh i forgot to say, he’s picking me up in a few minutes

download (6)

Chris: What physically?

Isobel: He’s defintely going to beat you up

Chris: Is he going to pummel stone me.

Isobel: No, he’s going to pummel you with a stone.

Chris: Oh i see.

Isobel: Actually i can him coming now.

Chris: Wow! We could have guest-starring the rock for this blogisode.

Isobel: No, he’s just texted me saying that he’s only going to beat you up then we’re going on holiday

Chris: It doesn’t matter, you entertain him, i’ll get the nibbles.

Isobel:Too late, i have to go now or we’ll be late for our flight

Chris: But….. we’re halfway through a blogisode. You can’t leave now.

Isobel: Power of the imagination says i can.

( Isobel leaves the studio with suitcase)

Chris: Well i guess isobel’s gone. But she’s left a tape saying play me, i wonder what this says?  How mysterious.

(Tape plays)

Isobel: Chris if you are hearing this, it means that i have left mundanevision forever and as a parting gift, you’ll notice a cat with something strapped to it walking under your desk. In around 5 seconds the cat will detonate a small bomb and run away. Thanks And so long

(Tape stops)

Chris: Right ,well i’ve got to get this blog up to a thousand words so i better talk fast. What isobel doesn’t know is, we’ve got a resident dog who will chase the cat out with risk to its life. Sloth release the dog.  And another thing she doesn’t know is that im not in the studio, this is a holographic version of me and the studio. Realistic isn’t it. But i actually anticipated the attack and am hidden a 1000 miles away in a concrete bunker with the real studio.  So i can continue with this blogisode. I actually anticipate my own tape and she’s listening to it now. on holiday with rock.

(Sound of email)

Chris: Hang on there’s an email on the mundanevision account and there’s a video file attached.

( Clicking sound)

Chris: Oh wait it has to download windows media player.


(Hold music)

Chris: Right its downloaded.

Isobel: Hi Chris, this is getting extremely silly so ive contacted wordpress who are going about the destruction of mundanevision and if you look to your left you’ll see a gorgeous tabby cat with a grenade set to go off in 3,2,1


(Sound of explosion)

Chris: I didn’t know the mundanevision film would be so fun.


That’s the end of our film and the end of our blogisode for this week, hope you enjoy reading this back, Peace.


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Every day could be a Mundanevision blogisode day, now that they are posting weekly .So Grab a cup of tea and a biscuit and get comfortable because you're going to read about the least trendy topics.It's a blog you really do want to miss...
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