Surprising blogisode

Hey guys, its Thursday. Welcome to the new blogisode. There is a new co host in town, here is Poppy! 

Chris: Hey Poppy welcome to Mundanevision.

Poppy: Hello Chris and everyone.

Chris: do you like the studio?

Poppy: yes, although I am failing to find the sloth.

Chris: Poppy I have a question for you, would you ever date a superhero?

Poppy: well they would be very busy, so I would have to think about it. What would their power be?

Chris: I would find  it irritating to date batman because of the large bat shaped light.

Poppy: Batman’s powers are limited to being super rich.

Chris: I thought the ladies would like being super rich and having a snazzy car.

Poppy: well that is one point to batman then, as superman can’t even get dressed properly.

Chris: Spiderman would be irritating too, as he would leave cobwebs everywhere.

Poppy: I already have enough cobwebs in the house thank you.

Chris: you would not want to associate yourself with Bruce Banner would you?

Poppy: No you wouldn’t want to ask him to do the dishes.

Chris: He would break them. What about iron man?

Poppy: well all he does is fly around, and I am pretty sure he would get very sweaty in his metal suit.

Chris: if Tony Stark is such a genius you would have thought he would build air conditioning.

Poppy: I wonder if the air conditioning was an after thought.

Chris: Right, I am off to see the minion film tonight.

Poppy: banana!

Chris: apple! Just shout out random fruit. I think that the minion and the guys from frozen and in a war of merchandise.

Poppy: well the minions have their own facebook page.

Chris: I also think the minions could overpower Elsa in a fight.

Poppy: no, Elsa would freeze them all.

Chris: I am not so sure I think the banana would deflect the freeze rays.

Poppy: yes, but the banana would split the rays to form two more rays and so on, until there are so many rays that the minion population is wiped out.

Chris: you would quite literally get a banana split.

Poppy: *pause for thought*

play lift music

Chris: we do have a thinking tree in the studio as well if you would like to sit under that.

Poppy: its okay I brought my thinking cap, just give me a moment.

Chris: so whilst Poppy is off thinking, I will say a big thank you to our numerous followers on twitter, only please don’t follow me home, I get nervous

Poppy: I have been thinking and I thought that perhaps Elsa would be able to provide the ice cream.

Chris: she would, but the minions have their very own freeze ray, and shrink ray.

Poppy: so Elsa could be made tiny and then her next hit would be entitled “Let It Grow”

Chris: we should write that song, it would be mundanevision’s first hit. You can get kinder chocolate without a surprise now, how depressing is that? With all the rubbish in the world they have taken away our one joy.

Poppy: maybe we can enlist Liam Neeson to take them back.

Chris:  Taken 4, the Kinder edition. This year’s most surprising film.

Poppy: Do you suppose he would use water gun instead of a real gun then?

Chris: I think it would be a cracking film. He would be able to foil the eggs very easily.

Poppy: due to his unique set of skills.

Chris: do they include making a mean omelette with the liberated eggs?

Poppy: they would not be very free in that case.

Chris: an omelette with a side of toy car.

Poppy: well who wants cheese on their omelette when they can have a small plastic toy.

Chris: I think that should be offered in every restaurant. Laid by a plastic kinder hen.

Poppy: cluck

Chris: oh very funny, I see you have chickened out.

Poppy: eggcellent

Chris: why feather you very much. Could you use a x-ray machine to see what toy is inside every kinder egg?

Poppy: that would save the trouble of buying 20 so you can finally get the toy you want.

Chris: I wonder if you could get a kinder toy custom built for you?

Poppy: The problem would be locating it amongst all the other eggs

Chris: no you would just mail order the kinder egg.

Poppy: what toy would you have built?

Chris: a helicopter, so I would not need to be rich or a superhero to fly around.

Poppy: yes. but what if the tiny plastic clogs gave way?

Chris: I would deploy my tiny plastic parachute. I have thought it through, I am not a complete amateur.

Poppy: evidently not.

Chris: what would you build?

Poppy: a really fast tiny car so that I don’t get stuck in any traffic.

Chris: would you build a really small Tracey Chapman CD to play in the car?

Poppy: yes I like that song so I would.

Chris: We have a brilliant idea, we have to take it to dragon’s den.

Poppy: No the weather has been far too hot to enter the den of a dragon.

Chris: haha I see what you did there. I think a dragon would be useful to have in the studio marshmallows for you.

Poppy: you should ask kinder to build one for you.

Chris: maybe that will be the surprise next week.

That’s it from the show this week, have a great week. See you next time. Peace. 


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Every day could be a Mundanevision blogisode day, now that they are posting weekly .So Grab a cup of tea and a biscuit and get comfortable because you're going to read about the least trendy topics.It's a blog you really do want to miss...
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