End of Term Mundanevision

Hey guys it is Thursday! There is a sloth in the corner and Poppy is on the seat next to me. It sounds like a new mundanevision blogisode. 

Chris: Have you heard they are making bond the musical?

Poppy: No I had not heard, it must be top secret information.

Chris: Wow, I actually did some research for this show, I now need a break.

Poppy: We have only just begun, you can not have a break from something you never started.

Chris: I can read a copy of take a break and eat a Kit Kat.

Poppy: I suppose. Back to the musical though, what songs will it feature?

Chris: I think they might be Bond theme (Chris stating the obvious)

Poppy: I thought it might be Bond singing Mamma Mia, what a disappointment.

Chris: I know, I was sending out an SOS during the film. Do you think the italians loved it saying “mamma mia, this is a great musical”

Poppy: Perhaps they thought they would take a chance and watch the film

Chris: If we are going to talk about ABBA all blogisode we need a dancing queen

Poppy: surely that is where the sloth comes in?

Chris: Oh yes, I was wondering why he had a crown on.

Poppy: did you think he just wanted to be a pretty princess?

Chris: I don’t know what I thought, I have a got a very end of term feeling as this is my last blogisode for a while.

Poppy: Ah yes! You are going away for a month in the sun.

Chris: Yes, I am trying to track down the whereabouts of Pudsey inbetween the Children in Need events.

Poppy: good luck, I have heard he likes to visit his rather grizzly cousin.

Chris: I always knew Pudsey had a temper on him, no one can be that nice. Anyway as it is the end of this run of blogisodes I have brought in some games for us to play, like it is the end of term at school.

Poppy: really what are they?

Chris: I have all the old favourites like caplunk, battleships and twister. Oh and hangman. would not make a good blogisode but would keep us entertained.

Poppy: my friend plays twister but puts paint on all the dots.

Chris: how would you play a blog version of twister you would get very tongue tied?

Poppy: I don’t think it would make for great reading.

Chris: what about guess who? guess Who is reading our blog? Does he have glasses? There is no way of knowing.

Poppy: yes it is a mystery, maybe we should call in Scooby Doo

Chris: I am not having dog food in the studio.

Poppy: No, he just needs Scooby snacks

Chris: Ah scooby snacks, could sloth and dog live in harmony?

Poppy: provided scooby snacks are not made from sloth, yes

Chris: Now look what you have done the sloth is cowering in the corner

Poppy: He is sleeping in the corner

Chris: Sorry I can not tell the difference he looks so cute, sleeping or cowering

Poppy: I actually find him a little creepy, sorry

Chris: He isn’t creepy, he is just misunderstood.

Poppy: just a little different then

Chris: anyway do you want to play any games?

Poppy: yes, but what game?

Chris: we could play guess who, or where’s pudsey, or the ever popular finish the blogisode.

Poppy: Yes only 400 words to go!

Chris: 400 words, lets do it

Poppy: Go!

Chris: Stop, lets play word association

Poppy: or we could discuss the best way to wake a sleeping sloth

Chris: that’s easy, megaphone.

Poppy: I was thinking more flashing lights, sort of like a disco

Chris:  That is cruel, the ice bucket challenge on the other hand.

Poppy: or just dunk him upside down in some water.

Chris: please do the guerilla ice bucket challenge, I have brought in an actual gorilla.

Poppy: It isn’t the famous handsome Japanese gorilla is it?

Chris: No its not Japanese checked the passport

Poppy: oh pity.

Chris: yes this one has just come from London Zoo

Poppy: does he own a top hat?

Chris: I don’t think so I saw a unicycle.

Poppy: Does he a have a curious friend called George?

Chris: yes I have seen him, although now he is no longer curious only mildly interested.

Poppy: mildly interested George does not have the same ring to it.

Chris: well I spoke to him  before the show, he says he was always mildly interested, just acted curious.

Poppy: someone should give that monkey an Oscar

Chris: yeah he is so upset he missed out to Planet of the apes

Poppy: we should really change his name to Leonardo Dicarpio

Chris: Poor Leo, he done everything to try and win an Oscar, he actually drown when he was in Titanic.

Poppy: He has done very well regardless.

Chris: He is actually so cold they have cast him in the next Avatar.

Poppy: He is relatively short compared to Avatars so perhaps more like a smurf

Chris: There can be short avatars, you don’t know.

That’s the show today, before we go I would like to say a big thank you to everyone who has read and liked the first series of blogisodes, a big thank you to Poppy for stepping in and helping me with them. Mundanevision shall return. Peace. 


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Every day could be a Mundanevision blogisode day, now that they are posting weekly .So Grab a cup of tea and a biscuit and get comfortable because you're going to read about the least trendy topics.It's a blog you really do want to miss...
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