Hey guys, welcome back to  mundanevision. Back by unpopular request. Poppy is here, so lets start the show. 

Chris: What do you think about game requests.

Poppy: Block the sender immediately, I don’t need you in my life.

Chris: I know what you mean, the most irritating is farmville. This person needs hay. Why not send them hay in real life if they are that desperate.

Poppy: I think there are certain impracticalities to that plan.

Chris: No it would be fine you could put it in clingfilm so it wouldn’t fly all over the place.

Poppy: I believe that is called silage, so they wouldn’t actually be receiving hay at all.

Chris: How come nobody send twitter game request, it would be brilliant like a 1980’s text based computer adventure game.

Poppy: I think those people would struggle for followers

Chris: It would be called hashtag wars.

Poppy: a war against punctuation.

Chris: I think it would be good there would be a maximum of 140 characters

Poppy:  I wonder if they have killed 140 main characters in Game of Thrones yet.

Chris: I don’t watch GoT does that make me a #badperson

Poppy: No, it makes you a #person

Chris: Yeah I think this adventure game would be a good idea, we should start it.

Poppy: I do not possess the necessary IT skills, or twitter account.

Chris: #morefoolyou

Poppy: #dontjudge

Chris: We could have scenarios like you go into a dark house and encounter a sloth, what do you do?

Poppy: #run

Chris: or do you #givehimajob on mundanevision

Poppy: so he can #findhisopurpose

Chris: He been very while we have been away, and has built  a drinks robot called Bertie.

Poppy: I heard to survive a robot apocalypse you have to go somewhere sandy.

Chris: I am writing that book as we speak.

Poppy: Bertie and the beach party.

Chris: That’s a good name all i had was bertie goes to the beach.

Poppy: Bertie goes for a swim.

Chris: Bertie plays beach ball.

Poppy: I think you should write a whole series.

Chris: The children’s book market is so competitive.

Poppy: we can only dream.

Chris: You know what my worst nightmare would be? if Bertie becomes friends with Brian from confused.com

Poppy: That would be a #badchoice

Chris: #annoying

Poppy: Not a fan of Brian

Chris: I am not a fan of Brian either. remember that opera singer they used to have.

Poppy: That’s gocompare

Chris: Oh I am confused.com

Poppy: I can only hear that in a robot voice now.

Chris: Oh no I am sorry.

Poppy: The advert wasn’t your idea was it?

Chris: No it wasn’t my idea, I just thought of something really scary, we have been talking about robots and I have an Android phone.

Poppy: Does that robot have a name?

Chris: William

Poppy: Why William?

Chris: Well I wanted Will.I.Am but that name is taken. Maybe he is a robot the amount of  autotune he uses.

Poppy: As are most of the celebrities in that case.

Chris: You know if you said that to Taylor Swift she could just Shake it off.

Poppy: I don’t know, I think it might cause some Bad Blood.

Chris: #upstaged.

Poppy: I will have to sit under the thinking tree for a bit I am afraid.

Chris: Away, Bertie this robot can only manage water at the moment.

Poppy: He needs reprogramming then.

Chris: So I am off to reprogramme Bertie. hopefully chocolate milk by next week. Thank you very much for reading. #peace


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Every day could be a Mundanevision blogisode day, now that they are posting weekly. So Grab a cup of tea and a biscuit and get comfortable because you're going to read about the least trendy topics. It's a blog you really do want to miss.
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