Frozen minions and toilet roll

Hey guys! We are back to rock your Thursday afternoon, or spin it, depending on your chair. Lets do episode 2 of series 2 of Mundanevision.

Chris: Question Poppy… If you had a superpower what would it be and why?

Poppy: I would be invisible, because I am really nosey and then I could listen to lots of conversations. what would you have?

Chris: I’d be electric.

Poppy: Why?

Chris: Just so I could use a line, I feel electricity between us.

Poppy: It would be useful in a power cut.

Chris: I know, in fact there is an extras episode about a man who could conduct electricity through his body. That was a shockingly good episode.

Poppy: I don’t think I have seen that, however I also think that being electric would be a good way of combating global warming.

Chris: I would also be very good for the environment.

Poppy: Trees come first.

Chris: Do they? When I am queuing for something I have never had to make way for a tree. What would a tree write his memoirs on?

Poppy: Would that count as cannibalism? Silence of the trees.

Chris: Would bring a whole new meaning to taking a leaf out of a book.

Poppy: Indeed that would be a dangerous offence.

Chris: I am sorry, I must be barking mad to have started this conversation.

Poppy: Would the tree set up a paperless society?

Chris: If you believe Bill Gates we are already in a paperless society.

Poppy: I think that if you went to any school, you would soon realise that half of all paper used comes from the staff room photocopier.

Chris: If you photocopy paper does that count as using trees, or is that environmentally

Poppy: I am very confused.

Chris: This tree based conversation is running rings around us, we should branch out. I am going to invent an app that detects how many minions are in my location.

Poppy: the bananometer

Chris: Aha… that’s great, perhaps there would be a dating app for matching minions and bananas

Poppy: I  think that would be virtually any supermarket. The windward islands must be a Mecca for all minions.

Chris: It could make me a minion dollars. But then again, who wants to be a minionnaire.

Poppy: Gru is a minionnaire.

Chris: Oh that’s right he is, there’s enough of them to go round surely. Even the ant population think there are too many.

Poppy: Would prefer to fight 1000 ant sized minions of 10 minions sized ants?

Chris: I think the ants will start an anti minion league.

Poppy: Well Antman doesn’t seem so nice now.

Chris: The minions have been around for longer than Despicable me, just look at TicTacs.

Poppy: You can actually buy minion TicTacs!

Chris: I bet they are Banana flavoured.

Poppy: YUK! I really wouldn’t want to try them.

Chris: I know we have talked about minions before, but there are just so many of them, you just can’t avoid it. Millions of merry minions would be a fantastic tongue twister. They should just Let it go. Oh no that’s Frozen, we are just going round in a constant loop!

Poppy: Both franchises need to take a little break.

Chris: With all these cross over films happening it is only a matter of time before Elsa meets the Minions.

Poppy: We have discussed the storyline of that film before last series. It was very brutal.

Chris: Oh yes we did, didn’t we. I keep getting flash back from all the Minion TicTacs I am eating.

Poppy: Minion induced hallucinations.

Chris: There are loads of cross over films happening, Batman vs. Superman for one. Can’t what bats and super alien babies co exist?

Poppy: With enough money you could become Batman, but you can never be superman.

Chris: I wonder if thwere were any over names that superman considered, like Koalaman.

Poppy: I wonder if superman can digest eucalyptus?

Chris: Its not green, so he should be ok. It is probably just salad that he can’t have. Koalaman could hit people on the head with toilet roll. Soft soft soft.

Poppy: No that’s triple velvet, it has the baby in the advert.

Chris: I am getting confused between koalas and babies now.

Poppy: You would say to a new mother ” what a lovely koala” and they will tell you its actually a baby.

Chris: I want a delivery room in my house where post is given to me.

Poppy: The postman would love that.

Chris: I wonder if he would have to come in scrubs. While you imagine how cool a post delivery room in your house would be we will say goodbye until next week. Peace.


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Every day could be a Mundanevision blogisode day, now that they are posting weekly. So Grab a cup of tea and a biscuit and get comfortable because you're going to read about the least trendy topics. It's a blog you really do want to miss.
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