Here be dragons

Hello everyone! We are glad you stopped looking at cats on the internet long enough to read this blogisode. Lets travel to the magical, mystical land of mundanevision, where you will get to read funny stuff, battle elves orcs and dragons. 3 of the previous facts maybe inaccurate.

Chris: Hey Poppy. What did you think of our fairytale opening this week? too much?

Poppy: No! If you get it wrong you have to go strong.

Chris: Ah, maybe I should include giants next week they are pretty strong.

Poppy: Yes that would really set the bar high.

Chris: Set the bar high… when did we start talking about gymnastics?

Poppy: I haven’t, giant are pretty tall too you know!

Chris: They would make a good basketball team.

Poppy: The new york giants? are they a basketball team?

Chris: no no no, they are football team! the mundanevision giants, think bigger. It’s our slogan

Poppy: I have a question, would you prefer to be a vampire, werewolf or shape shifter?

Chris: I think I would be a werewolf because vampire suck. They do kids, that’s a fact! And a shape shifter would just be really terrible, they have no attention span, they have to keep doing it. They are like “hey look at me, I am a shape shifter” I am like yeah yeah we know, pick one animal and stick to it. I am trying to watch Kanye’s acceptance speak, it would be like having an attention seeking kid at home. Anyway don’t let what I just said sway you in anyway, what about you?

Poppy: I would be a vampire because I am used to being pale.

Chris: Vampires are very good at the fangdango

Poppy: I would also like new teeth so I think it would be the best option for me.

Chris: Can you imagine the money they would save on dentist bills, they only have two to check.

Poppy: The other teeth are just for show

Chris: And they can fly which is a plus.

Poppy: not to mention immortality.

Chris: Would you rather live in a fantasy world with giants and werewolf run it, or Jurassic world run by Steven Speilberg and his mythical creatures?

Poppy: Probably the giants and werewolves, it’s instincts telling me that there is a lower probability of having my heart ripped out.

Chris: Anyway all this talk of mythical creature leads on nicely to Kanye West being president, its never going to happen.

Poppy: I would definitely prefer to live with giants and werewolves if Kanye came to power

Chris: Do you think he thinks it 8 miles from his house to the white house, like enimem film, or just get rich or die trying like the 50 cent film.

Poppy: Who know what he thinks, I don’t think even he knows. When he is asked a question his go to answer would be “kanye give me a minute to think”

Chris: Do you think they would rename from airforce 1 to K1? He probably think k-mart is named after him. Can you imagine the acceptance speak, the stand out words from the speak being swearing?

Poppy: It is just not a good idea, and I hope America is more intelligent than to vote for him.

Chris: They will be surely… It would be like giving….. hmm… Chris goes and sits under the thinking tree. If anyone can think what Kayne’s reign of presidency would be like, don’t write in. So our magical quest is at an end, harness up the dragon, lets fly away until next week. Peace.


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Every day could be a Mundanevision blogisode day, now that they are posting weekly. So Grab a cup of tea and a biscuit and get comfortable because you're going to read about the least trendy topics. It's a blog you really do want to miss.
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