Everest cookies

Hey guys, welcome to another exciting blogisode of mundanevision. Lets get this show on the road or the blog, if you are going to be picky about it.

Chris: Hey Poppy, so something really exciting happened to us we now have 50 followers. I know I did a big thank you to all our fans earlier in the week. To the new people reading this show come and join us, we have cookies.

Poppy: It is incredible and thank you to everyone. We do have cookies only they aren’t for you.

Chris: Yes they are, I think you will find every website has cookies.

Poppy: That is true, but you do have to provide your own milk.

Chris: Ah yes, milk we cant help you with. There are so many types of milk, skimmed, semi skimmed, full fat, please look up the other types of milk, I have run out.

Poppy: Yes but none of which are fetching a fair price at the supermarket.

Chris: I will give you some cookies if you stop going on about milk and fairtrade.

Poppy: *gets off soap box unhappily*

Chris: I didn’t like you on a soap box, you were so much taller than me.

Poppy: Well I am normal height now.

Chris: I like normal height, taller scares me, it makes me think there is about to be a rampage through New York.

Poppy: Why does everything always happen to New York?

Chris: Because if it happened in Newport no one would care. Sorry people from Newport it could be anywhere, it is just not a disaster movie location.

Poppy: I tell you where is, Mount Everest, always a disaster there.

Chris: Mount Everest is always getting films made about it, all the other mountains must be like ” He’s changed you know, he used to be one of us, but now he has changed, its that Jake Gllyenhaal that’s done it”

Poppy: all the other mountains say that they don’t need special effects as they have got their own weather, thank you very much.

Chris: what I don’t understand is if this new Everest film is being made the day after tomorrow?

Poppy: No its where the world ends.

Chris: Everest is in 3D, that will make the other mountains really jealous.

Poppy: I cant imagine Everest having many friend, like Kilimanjaro sounds like a nice guy.

Chris: Everest sounds a bit narcoleptic, the grouchiest mountain in the world, that’s why he has such bad weather he is just trying to get some sleep.

Poppy: I can imagine Everest uttering the words ” what I have seen, can not be unseen”

Chris: Anyway we should stop having a go at Everest now, I am sure it has it’s own fan club. Whose slogan would be “you rock Everest”

Poppy: Yes, I don’t want to be attacked by pick axes.

Chris: We might lose the audience, they may stage a log off, rather than a sit in.

Poppy: We cant risk that, I apologise profusely to all those offended, Everest does indeed rock.

Chris: I think Everest rocks as well. You may think I am just coping Poppy. O h don’t forget new readers, if you want cookies you need to enable them in your browser. I realised that in all my time doing the show, I have never explained what it is to new readers. So Poppy explain Mundanevision. Oh actually 50 followers can’t be wrong.

Poppy: It is the place where the world’s worst puns are made, or is that the sun newspaper. I am not sure.

Chris: Right I have just done a word count and it’s big and scary.

Poppy: Not unlike our beloved Everest.

Chris: We hope you continue reading, enjoying and liking. See next week, peace.


About mundanevision

Every day could be a Mundanevision blogisode day, now that they are posting weekly .So Grab a cup of tea and a biscuit and get comfortable because you're going to read about the least trendy topics.It's a blog you really do want to miss...
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