Samsonite Facebook Court.

Hey guys! Its the first of October and guess what?! Mundanevision is back!! Oh woah, you should see the confetti coming from the ceiling, there’s a brass band playing and a huge banner reading welcome back! We wanted to share this with you but then realised you wont be able to see it is its a blog post! It was fantastic and a complete wast of money. You have out word!

Chris: I am back now and so is Ryan… Who’s gong to clean this mess up now?
Its a lovely day today and I’m feeling good! And yes, I have paid Nina Simone her royalties for that…

Ryan: Simone…. He he.

Chris remains speechless.

Chris: So I’ve been doing a lot of those Facebook quiz’s recently… You know the ones. The ones that tell you who your going to end up in prison with, your job in the after life, your prison name and let me tell you, if I ever go to prison in the after life I’ll have a pretty amazing time ahead of me!

Ryan:  So what did you learn?

Chris: Well I learned that I’m going to be an angel recruitment consultant. My name in prison is going to be baby face… I think I might use a lot of Olay Ulay in the after life to give me such baby features. I’m also a delectable woman.

Ryan: Care to elaborate?

Chris: I don’t know man, ask Zukaburg (Chris shakes fist)… He puts these quiz’s together! These quiz’s make me seem amazing!

Ryan remains speechless…

Ryan: touché.

Chris: So, did you like my introduction today Ryan?

Ryan remains speechless…

Ryan, Just kidding, I’m trying to keep my vocab to a bare minimum as I have got (as you know) tonsillitis… Wahhhh! I thought it was a wonderful start Chris!

Chris: Having light tonsils must be awful!

Ryan: Its not what the doctor ordered, that’s for sure!

Chris: I jest of course. I’ve even made my own uniform with the bells on!

Ryan: Oh phew!! I though you were going to rope me in to some may pole dancing or something!

Chris: We MAY be able to do that still!

Ryan: Very kind of you to offer, however I am, due to my current state of illness going to have to politely decline.

Chris: Oh wait, its October we can’t do it…

Ryan: I was under the impression it was a year round occupation man… You gots ta get ya practice in if you want to be a good morris dancer ya know!

Chris: Not on this blogisode buddy! It only happens once a year, a bit like may day.

Ryan: Got it.

Chris: In fact, this once a year thing is bad news for sailors. What if they get in to trouble and shout May day… What are they going to shout the rest of the year?

Ryan: Exactly

Chris: Octoberday!

Ryan: Perfect!

Chris: I’ve just invented a new distress call sigh! This is a public service announcement. Could all sailors please call the name of the the month you are in followed by day to attract the attention of local coast guards. Thanks you!


Chris: Mundanevision, Doing the world a public service since about,

Ryan: 2 mins ago hha!

Chris: Awwwwh ( sad face ) I was going to give a specific time!! No on is going to take this public safety announcement seriously now. In the time its taken to talk about it, the sloth has gone down to the court house and made it law!


Chris: And I’m looking at the paper right now. ”What law would you be and why? Click here to find out” The sloth must have gone to Facebook court instead of real court!

Ryan: I’ve heard all about this Facebook court! (DISLIKE)

Chris: Woah! Let me just stop you there Ryan! I just did this quiz while you were talking there. And it turns out I’m good at litigation. I would be a the law litigation! Which means I’m good at winning cases which would explain why there is 15 Samsonite suitcases in the studio at the moment. I rest my case. I just love winning them!

Ryan: All 15 of them!

Chris: The sloth is looking disapproving… I think he’s just cleaned the desk and I have rested a case on it.

Ryan: Poor Mr sloth, I bet it took him years to tidy that desk!

Chris: He started last Thursday…

Ryan: Not too long then!

Chris: No but he took the test and it said he would be murder!

Ryan: I’m sure he wouldn’t be capable of such a thing!

Chris: How do you know, have you ever seen an angry sloth?

Ryan: Exactly! Their non existent… Even if there were to be such a thing, he’d be way to slow to commit murder… In any shape of form. I rest my sloth case.

Chris: Of course sloth’s can get angry. I saw an angry moon last week… I didn’t think they existed either…

Ryan: So a super blood orange is also angry?

Chris: What blood type is a blood orange? And are they used to wean vampires off actual blood?

Ryan: ZESTY7 And no, I wouldn’t have though so… Far to bittery sweet!

Chris: A blood orange might be an orange with out sleep! Or is that a blood shot orange

Ryan: I feel like a blood shot orange right about now!

Chris: Is that blood orange in a shot glass?

Ryan: No sir, An orange that has been shot, juiced, de pipped, zested and left out in the sun to dry (die)

Chris: All this talk of oranges has made me thirsty, time to bring out our new drinks robot

Ryan: ”But you can call me Brian”

Chris: What do you want to drink?

Ryan: What does Brian have to offer?

Chris: He’s called Bert… He does chocolate milk. I tried to teach him to make some cocktails… I think it works. lets try this. Cocktails please Burt! Oh he’s even given us a little umbrella too, how sweet! Right, on that note… I think its time to toast the end of the show!

Ryan: Cheers!

Chris: So, while we are enjoying these lovely cocktails, thank you very much for reading and we will see you very soon.

Mundanevision will return,



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Every day could be a Mundanevision blogisode day, now that they are posting weekly .So Grab a cup of tea and a biscuit and get comfortable because you're going to read about the least trendy topics.It's a blog you really do want to miss...
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