Cleaning house at Halloween

Hey guys, welcome to another blogisode of Mandanevision! I have a brand new spanking co-host, internet… meet Jenny! 

Chris: Hey Jenny, thank you for agreeing to be the co-host of the show

Jenny: You’re welcome Chris, I’ve never done anything like this before, it’s exciting!

Chris: Well you’ve come to the right place! So it’s Halloween tomorrow, have you got your costume sorted?

Jenny: Yes I have, I bought it just this morning. I am going as a black cat! Not very scary I know, but I loved the outfit! I bought a sequin covered cat mask!

Chris: You’re just copying catwoman!

Jenny: Indeed that is true! But I’m sure she’d take it as a compliment!

Chris: I’m sure it must be copyrighted

Jenny: Well, as long as I don’t go telling everyone I’m catwoman it should be alright…

Chris: I think people will work it out, you’re a woman dressed as a cat, it’s not a stretch!

Jenny: I hope so, it would be awkward if no one knew what I was…

Chris: It would be more awkward if you bumped into catwoman, you would be like ‘One of us should go home and change!!’

Jenny: Yes, I would tell her to go get changed, I’m sure I can make a better catwoman than her!

Chris: You’re just being mean to Halle Berry

Jenny: Well I’m sure if she’s offended she can get batman on my case

Chris: What do batman and the catwoman dress up as on Halloween?

Jenny: I wouldn’t know, perhaps they dress up as normal people for a change

Chris: I think they would be superman and the hulk!

Jenny: Would they still have their own powers, or would they get superman and the hulk’s powers then?

Chris: Interesting question! I think they would stay the same as otherwise the real superman would get really upset! And the hulk would be green with jealousy, even greener than he is normally I mean!

Jenny: I’m not sure the hulk could get any greener, but it would be fascinating to see. What do you think they get up to on Halloween, trick or treating?

Chris: That would be just weird!!

Jenny: I think if the hulk came to my door asking for a treat I wouldn’t say no, I’d give him everything I had!

Chris: I would like the flash to come to my door at least he would be done quickly, he wouldn’t hang around!

Jenny: I’m not sure you’d even see him, he would knock, grab the sweets and run off to his next house for more sweets before you even knew it!

Chris: Before I knew it… that is creepy, he could be here now!!

Jenny: Well, we better go check the biscuit tin to make sure it’s not empty!!!

Chris: Do you think the flash uses flash to clean his bathroom, or is he more of a cillet bang  kind of guy? If I mention cillet bang, do I evoke the spirit of Barry Scott?

Jenny: Hopefully not, but you could go as him for Halloween and I’m sure you’d get lots of sweets!

Chris: I think people will be gone, BANG and the people are gone!

Jenny: No sweets for you then….

Chris: I think Barry is the scariest spirit on Earth!

Jenny: Hmm, I’m sure there are a lot of scarier spirits, like all the characters on Dr Who we were speaking about last week!

Chris: Imagine if Barry Scott was on Dr Who, as the assistant to the Dr he would clean the TARDIS, it would be so clean!

Jenny: Well you never know, they do sometimes have celebrity guests as the Dr’s assistant, but at the moment I’m happy with the current one!

Chris: Do you think the Dr needs a clean up of the TARDIS, it’s so big! On the last ever episode some woman pokes her head out like ‘It’s clean now!’. Some woman or man in a pinafore, or rather a woman in a pinafore and marigolds!

Jenny: I think it would take forever to clean the TARDIS, even the Dr says he hasn’t been in every room in the TARDIS, it’s huge!

Chris: Well it is bigger on the inside

Jenny: Or smaller on the outside as some would say…

Chris: Here’s a question for you, would you rather be a reincarnation of Dr Who, in a James Bond film, or in a comic?

Jenny: Now that’s a tricky one, I think I would like to be in a James Bond film, I love all the gadgets, which do you think is the coolest of his gadgets so far?

Chris: The coolest of Bond’s gadgets, I don’t know… imagine if Bond had a sonic screw driver, now that would be cool!

Jenny: Yes it would, I think Bond would be invincible if he did! He’s pretty invincible already!!

Chris: If you think about it they are like the same person, because Bond always regenerates with new actors!

Jenny: Indeed, I do quite like Daniel Craig the current Bond

Chris: Oh yeah he is a good Bond! I’m now getting visions of Bond as Dr Who’s assistant, that would be so cool!!

Jenny: Combining the 2 shows would be amazing, having Bond and Dr Who working side by side, fighting off aliens all over the world, with sonic screw drivers and loads of other cool MI5 gadgets!

Chris: We should make this happen, we should write this!

Jenny: Well, I’m not sure I’m a good enough writer to write a mish mash Bond and Dr Who program, but hey, it would be fun to try!

Chris: That’s the spirit, and somehow we’re talking about Halloween again!

Jenny: Oh I do love Halloween though, loads of sweets and fancy dress!

Chris: Do you like the horror films they put on?

Jenny: Well, I’m not too good with horror films, it depends how scary and gruesome they are! I don’t mind things that make me jump or are spooky, but I don’t like films with loads of blood and gore in them, too gross!

Chris: Gruesome is a good word

Jenny: Yes, I think it’s a good onomatopoeia

Chris: I think onomatopoeia is a great name for a mountain range, step aside Everest, I’m climbing the onomatopoeia

Jenny: Well, the word is certainly big enough to be fitting for a mountain range, I certainly am not going to be climbing it!

Chris: Today today, it’s grey out there? Have you seen the film Everest? That looks scary…

Jenny: No I haven’t, but I have seen that film 127 hours, now that was a bit gross and scary!

Chris: The time has flewn! Have you enjoyed your first blogisode Jenny?

Jenny: I have indeed Chris, thank you for giving me the opportunity!

Enjoy Halloween readers, wherever you are! And don’t have nightmares… peace


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