McDonald’s family power struggle

Oh hey! It is time for another blogisode of Mundanevision, on it’s new day to kick start your weekend! I am here and Jenny’s here, so let’s go!

Chris: Hi Jenny how are you?

Jenny: Hi Chris, I’m great thanks, how’ve you been?

Chris: I’m fine thank you, this is such a boring beginning we are just catching up on a blog!

Jenny: Indeed, let’s get onto an interesting topic: our delicious Costa drinks on Wednesday!!

Chris: Interesting, I think you’ve got the wrong idea, Mundanevision is talking about the topics that no one else is talking about!

Jenny: Ah well, what do you suggest as an interesting topic then?

Chris: Let’s go with Costa!

Jenny: Oh good, I can relive the amazing memory of the taste of salted caramel latte… mmmm

Chris: Maybe this blog should be turned into lickovision so our readers can participate!

Jenny: Haha, I wish there was a way to send food through the internet, so many times my mum has sent me a picture of something really tasty she’s made, and I always want to try it but can’t!

Chris: How would you get food into the computer in the first place? Do you think by putting it into the CD drive?

Jenny: Well that could be an option, or maybe when teleportation is invented that will be the solution!

Chris: Ah, is the definition of teleportation moving televisions without removal men?

Jenny: I’m not sure what the actual definition of teleportation would be, but hey, when it’s invented we can look it up in the dictionary. Actually, you never know, it might already be in the dictionary!

Chris: We should check, if only we had some dictionaries!

Jenny: Yeah I don’t own one, that’s what Google is for!!

Chris: You’re saving the planet by not having one on paper

Jenny: That’s right, I actually do all my work and notes on the computer, it’s cheaper too, you don’t have to keep buying notepads and pens!!

Chris: Is that why they call laptop computers notebooks?

Jenny: Probably where the name came from, my laptop is almost the size and weight of a notebook so is pretty similar!

Chris: I’m glad we’re not talking about CD drives any more because that will alienate mac users!

Jenny: I am a mac user…

Chris: Did the beginning of the show alienate you?

Jenny: No actually, I still have some common sense, and used to use a PC

Chris: I wonder if Ronald McDonald is a mac user…

Jenny: Who knows, he’s probably rich enough to be both a mac and PC user, with many computers!!

Chris: Do you think Ronald McDonald is a relative of Old MacDonald from the nursery rhyme?

Jenny: I doubt it in a way, but hey, you could be right!

Chris: Anyway, let’s get back to Costa, or we could always mention Burger King for balance!

Jenny: Ah I’m not a fan of Burger King, I am a McDonald’s supporter all the way!!

Chris: But who would you rather running the country, Burger King or a clown?!

Jenny: Well neither would be ideal, but hey, if I had to chose… I would say… Burger King, the McDonald clown looks slightly scary!!

Chris: There could be a spate of hamburgarling done by the Hamburglar in either situation, whether we were ruled by the Burger King or Ronald McDonald!

Jenny: Well I wouldn’t mind living off burgers for a while, but only veggie burgers, I’m a vegetarian!

Chris: I suppose if I had to chose between being ruled by a clown or a Burger King, McDonald’s would have more comprehensive town planning, because it’s like a full McDonald’s thing, they’ve got an entire civilisation: we’ve just been Googling them, there’s loads!! It’s an entire family tree!

Jenny: I never realised there were all these McDonald’s characters

Chris: Living in Ronald’s shadow!

Jenny: Yes they are! I knew about the clown but that’s all! But then again, I don’t go to McDonald’s that often, probably only a couple times each year!

Chris: I wonder when the next family reunion is scheduled?

Jenny: Well, I’m not sure they ever have them, I’ve certainly never seen them all together!

Chris: Do you think Ronald likes the rest of his family?

Jenny: I’m not too sure I would like the rest of my family if they were it!

Chris: But there’s like Mayor McCheese, there’s a dog, there’s a bird…

Jenny: What a weird combination to have in a family, I would really love a dog though…

Chris: What about a bird?

Jenny: Nah, I’m not too keen on birds, and I would probably be a bit scared of it, I don’t like it when they fly right next to you!

Chris: Do you think the Hamburglar is an estranged brother to Ronald McDonald who turned to crime? To fund his McFlurry habbits?

Jenny: Well, McFlurry’s sure would be worth it, I love them so much, do you like them?

Chris: Yes I love McFlurry’s but from what we read I now think McFlurry is a rich Scottish uncle to the brothers Ronald and Hamburglar!

Jenny: I would love to have a rich Scottish uncle, who could treat me to all the McDonald’s I like… mmmm yum

Chris: And who also tastes good…

Jenny: I wouldn’t want to eat a relative though…

Chris: No, that’s not nice… if there’s any kids reading this, don’t eat your relatives, rich or otherwise!!

Jenny: You would hope the kids reading this would know that anyway, what type of kids do you think are reading your blog?!

Chris: Just doing public service!

Jenny: Well aren’t you the Samaritan!

Chris: I’m hoping to get some award for public service next year

Jenny: Well you could argue you’re doing public services by providing them with this fascinating blog…

Chris: We are, you’re part of this as well!

Jenny: Yes I am now, although this is only my second week on the job!

Chris: And what do you think so far?

Jenny: I love it! It’s great fun!!

Chris: This show is an outlet for the strange and unusual so I guess we’ve done what we’ve set out to do!

Jenny: Are you calling me strange Christopher??

Chris: Noooo!

Jenny: Hmm, I’m not sure I believe you…

Chris: It’s Mundanevision anarchy!! In the UK or other parts of the world!

Jenny: Yes, people all over the world are reading this blog!

Chris: And we are very grateful!

Jenny: It’s great to be able to connect with people all over the world through Mundanevision!

Chris: It is, I don’t think we thank our readers enough, we couldn’t do it without their support!

Jenny: Well, I think from reading this they’ll know how appreciative we are of them

Chris: Yes, okay we’ve gone over the normal show length, but we just love doing this!

We hope you enjoy reading this week’s blogisode as much as we enjoyed creating it! See you next Friday!



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Every day could be a Mundanevision blogisode day, now that they are posting weekly .So Grab a cup of tea and a biscuit and get comfortable because you're going to read about the least trendy topics.It's a blog you really do want to miss...
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