Adele rumours

Hey guys! It’s Friday, that means it Mundanevision time! We hope you enjoy this week’s show!!

Chris: Jenny we have a special guest with us this week, I’m very excited!

Jenny: Really? Who’s that then?!

Chris: Adele is here!

Jenny: Oh wow! Lucky us!

Chris: She’s standing over the other side of the studio, she’s going to say hello from the other side of the room! With the release of her new single ‘hello’ all she’s doing is standing on the far side of rooms shouting hello, it’s a promotional thing…!

Jenny: I haven’t hear her new single yet, is it good?

Chris: If you’re an Adele fan, yes!

Jenny: We’ll have to listen to it later then!

Chris: Yes I will YouTube it!

Jenny: Great, I look forward to hearing it, I also still haven’t heard the new song by Sam Smith for the new James Bond film!

Chris: Ah the new Bond film is great, I went to see it last week with a friend!

Jenny: Lucky you, did you enjoy it?

Chris: It was great!

Jenny: What other films have you seen recently?

Chris: Hotel Transylvania 2!

Jenny: And was that good as well?

Chris: Yes, it was very good, though I can’t imagine Bond in Hotel Transylvania!

Jenny: I wouldn’t know what it’s about, I haven’t seen it either, but it doesn’t sound like the type of film Bond would be in!

Chris: I think there’s one bit of Bond merchandise they’ve missed a trick on, a Bond cocktail mixer so your drinks can be shaken, not stirred!

Jenny: Yes that’s a great idea, I’ve got a cocktail shaker but I never remember to use it though, I don’t really have cocktails that often either!

Chris: You should bring it in and we can make a Mundanevision cocktail!

Jenny: And what would you put in your Mundanevision cocktail?

Chris: Fun and laughter!

Jenny: The best 2 ingredients!!

Chris: Amen!

Jenny: Have you ever tried a cocktail?

Chris: Oh yes, loads of cocktails, I like cocktails!

Jenny: What cocktails have you had then? And which cocktail is your favourite?

Chris: For the purposes of this, we need to launch into a pride and prejudice drinks edition!

Jenny: Maybe so, I do love a good cocktail, but when I make them myself they never taste as good as the ones you can buy out!

Chris: No they never taste as good at home…

Jenny: So, you still haven’t answered my question, what is your favourite cocktail?

Chris: Raspberry collins, and that links back to pride and prejudice because the character is called Mr Collins

Jenny: You certainly know your films well Chris!

Chris: And the book, and the web series, and the books based on the web series!

Jenny: Gosh, I didn’t even realise there was all that stuff about pride and prejudice out there, although, it was a book based on pride and prejudice we were reading the other week, wasn’t it?

Chris: Yes it was! So the Lizzie Bennett diaries is a web series of an up-to-date version of pride and prejudice, if anybody wants to check it out, go on YouTube! What are you doing here? Oh wait, actually, please stay!

Jenny: Yes, maybe it’s best to go check it out after reading this blogisode, you wouldn’t want to miss out on this either!

Chris: And then they’ve released a book based on the web series called ‘The secret diaries of Lizzie Bennett’ and then they’ve recently released a squeal also about Lydia called ‘The epic adventures of Lydia Bennett’ which is very good too, I urge everybody to hunt down a copy and read it!! Now that shameless advertising is out of the way, let’s get back to blogisode!

Jenny: Yes, let’s, hey Chris, isn’t it your birthday soon?

Chris: It is indeed, and those above books and web series will make a great birthday present for someone… or Christmas! God I’m doing it again….

Jenny: I would think they would, unfortunately for you, I have already bought you a birthday present, so it’s not going to be any of the things you’ve mentioned from this blog! Do you want to take a guess at what I’ve bought you? You’ll never guess it!!

Chris: An inflatable pink flamingo?

Jenny: Yes!!!! You got it!!! What? How did you do that?

Chris: Adele was giving me hints from the corner

Jenny: Ah I see, I always knew you wanted an inflatable pink flamingo, I know you’ll love it!!

Chris: I thought I’d never believe anything Adele says, is it true or is it a rumour… rumour has it that it’s true!

Jenny: I guess you’ll have to wait and see until your birthday to know if it’s true or not!

Chris: Anyway, Adele wanted to talk about the new tour she’s doing! She’s standing on the other side of famous landmarks shouting ‘hello’!

Jenny: And which famous landmarks will this tour include?

Chris: I think she’s doing the Taj Mahal, Saint Paul’s cathedral, the Golden Gate Bridge and The Louvre, but unfortunately she has informed me that she is not allowed to cross the room and meet anybody because it’ll break her contract!

Jenny: Ah what a shame, I would love to meet her! I love all her songs!!

Chris: All you need to do is cross the studio, because she can’t come to us!

Jenny: I think I might have to just do that, after our blogisode of course though! Wouldn’t want to miss out on finishing this!

Chris: Oh, could I just mention Ashley Clements who plays Lizzie Bennett in the Lizzie Bennett diaries… she’s amazing!!

Jenny: Maybe we could try and get her in the studio next week… you never know!

Chris: Good idea!!! Are we that famous?

Jenny: Well we could be

Chris: I mean even Adele is a figment of my imagination!

Jenny: Maybe if we write her a nice enough letter, saying how much we love her, she may come visit us!

Chris: Oh the optimism, I love it! Before people start throwing fruit at their monitors… I’m sorry, we never had Adele in the studio…

Jenny: Shhhh, you didn’t have to tell them that, they would never have known!

Chris: But I didn’t want them to throw fruit at their monitors after they find out about our deception! Strawberries are very hard to get off your computer screen I’m told, and banana just forget it! And pineapple… well that’s just dangerous, might break the monitor and then where will we be!

Jenny: We’d be left with no viewers because none of them would have working computer screens!

Chris: And they wouldn’t be able to look at the secret diaries of Lizzie Bennett!

Jenny: Well that would be a shame wouldn’t it….

Chris: This whole blog has been a very very funny waste of our readers time

Jenny: I wouldn’t say it’s a waste if it’s kept them entertained!

Chris: No if it brings a smile to one person’s face it’s worth while, please donate using your red buttons… no, that’s children in need later, I’m so sorry! So after the revelation that we didn’t have Adele in the studio, that’s the end of this week’s blogisode! Oh…. wait a minute, we do!! Hello Adele…

See you next week guys



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