Musical blogisode

Oh hello there! Come on in and crowd around the computer and listen to this latest blogisode!

Chris: Hey Jenny!

Jenny: Hey Chris, how’re you doing today?

Chris: I’m fine, I can’t believe it’s Friday already, it’s crazy!

Jenny: I know, this week has gone so quickly, have you had a busy week?

Chris: Sorry listeners and readers, we should have caught up before the blog really! Anyway, it’s Friday, I’m really excited for Mundanevision this week!

Jenny: Yes, I’ve been excited too! It seems like only yesterday we were doing our last blogisode!

Chris: With Adele!

Jenny: Yes can’t forget how amazing it was to have Adele in the studio!!

Chris: Anyway, just you and me now, and the sloth is somewhere!

Jenny: This is the first I’ve heard about the sloth, should I be scared?

Chris: No, he’s very friendly, he just hangs around! WordPress has changed the site, it’s all very new and exciting!

Jenny: And slightly disorientating!

Chris: It’s like Christmas coming early!

Jenny: Well there’s not long till Christmas now! The Christmas lights in town have turned on, and there’s Christmas presents for sale everywhere, I’m definitely in the festive spirit!

Chris: We should have a Mundanevision light turn on!

Chris goes over to one side of the studio and turns lights on

Jenny: That’s better, it’s getting so dark so early now!

Chris: I know, it is a little on the dark side! Great star wars reference!

Jenny: I’ve not watched star wars, one of the many films you’ve watched and I haven’t, but I do feel like I should see it at some point with how famous it is!

Chris: We’ve mentioned the dark side, now all we need to mention is Jedis, and the force will be balanced!

Jenny: Even though I haven’t seen it, I still know what a Jedi is luckily!

Chris: And the force, do you know what the force is?

Jenny: Ummm… not really, but I know the famous quote ‘And may the force be with you’, but yeah, don’t really know what that means!

Chris: It’s all connected to Jedis!

Jenny: Maybe I need to finally get round to watching it sometime soon…

Chris: On the subject of this they are making a musical a musical out of star trek!

Jenny: I don’t know what the difference is between all these films…

Chris: You know the difference between stars in their eyes

Jenny: Yes, I do know that show!

Chris: But star trek the musical, making musicals out of TV programs and films is an old idea, they’re not going to boldly go where no musical has gone before!

Jenny: Yes, musicals are often based on TV programmes and books and films, like Charlie and the Chocolate factory, Lion King, Billy Elliot… the list goes on!

Chris: Yes they’re based on TV and film, but never blogs! We should write Mundanevision the musical!!

Jenny: Well you’re very good at writing parodies for songs, perhaps you could try turning our blogisodes into a parody!

Chris: It’s a bit like a normal blogisode, but we just sing everything!

Jenny: I’m not sure you want to hear my singing voice though…

Chris: It’s okay, the sloth can double up as our singing voices! He’s got a lovely baritone!

Jenny: Well that would be an interesting sight…

Chris: And really good for the blogisode as people can’t hear it, it would be amazing!

Jenny: We could always make a video of it to upload to Mundanevision!

Chris: Yes maybe!

Jenny: I’d have to leave that down to you, as I’m not very good at making videos and doing that sort of thing!

Chris: We are both quite shy!

Jenny: Yes, maybe we should just put that idea to one side, or maybe we could ask our listeners if they wanted to upload videos of them singing their favourite blogisodes!

Chris: That’s an amazing idea, well if people are up for it… no pressure guys. This is not, we repeat not, a kickstarter campaign.

Jenny: Hmm I’m not so sure about that Chris…

Chris: Speaking of kickstarter campaigns, do you think the last hobbit film went to dragon’s den to raise money? They had a dragon in it!

Jenny: Who knows, but maybe last week’s blogisode could be a kickstarter campaign for Adele to go shouting hello from the other side of rooms!!

Chris: Why stick to rooms, why not think big, the dark side of the moon?

Jenny: Or the dark side of the force even?!

Chris: Oh you’re learning!! I’ve taught you well young Jedi!

Jenny: You have, but I still think I should know more on the topic, and also on Lord of the Rings, I know nothing about that too…

Chris: Oh that’s an easy one, have you heard of lord of the dance?

Jenny: Is that the song you’re on about?

Chris: It’s an Irish dancing stage show!

Jenny: Oh I think my flatmate from last year showed me a clip of that!!

Chris: Anyway, I think Lord of the Rings is the squeal of that, Lord of the Rings dancing with hula hoops, or Michael Flatley dancing with hula hoops, Michael Flatley was Lord of the Dance, that was the name of his stage show!

Jenny: Have you ever been to see an Irish dance stage show?

Chris: I saw it on VHS tape once, it was magnetic!

Jenny: You and your jokes… I’m never very good at making jokes…

Chris: You are, that’s why you’re doing this show with me, you’re amazing! Use the force!!

Jenny: Haha indeed, thanks Chris! I hope our listeners find me funny too!

Chris: Oh loads of people follow Mundanevision, so I’m gonna go with… yes!

Jenny: Yeah if there’s enough people listening someone out there must at least find me the tiniest bit funny!

Chris: Absolutely, anyway enough of this self doubt!! All our readers are very supportive of us!

Jenny: Yes, they are loyal fans, hey, perhaps we need a name for our followers, like Justin Beiber’s are called ‘Beliebers’ and Lady Gaga’s are called ‘Monsters’, what should ours be called?

Chris: Mundaners?

Jenny: That’s a funny name, perhaps we should leave it to them to decide and see what they can come up with!

Chris: Maybe we should leave the group name thing, that is too much of an association with Justin Beiber!

Jenny: Oh I like Justin Beiber, he’s cute!!

Chris: A side to readers, do not read the last line of the blogisode, skip it!!!

Jenny: Too late, by the time they’ve read your comment they’ll have already read mine….

Chris: A side to readers, do not read that line either, skip to the next one!

Jenny: They’re all just going to think you’re crazy talking to yourself then if they don’t read my comments!

Chris: Do you think it’s true, do you think we could get an actual picture of a beaver called Justin? Or get one in the studio, the sloth needs friends!

Jenny: I’m not sure there will be any beavers out there called Justin, but then again, you can find all sorts of stuff online!

Chris: How do you know, can you speak beaver?

Jenny: Oh I wish I was like Dr Doolittle!!

Chris: Anyway, JB’s new video for sorry, it’s like a gap advert!

Jenny: I’m not too sure whether that’s a compliment or an insult Chris, are you giving JB a compliment?!

Chris: I’ve no idea, I must be on the JD, Jack Daniels!!

Jenny: Oh dear… what am I going to do with you, already on the drink at this time…

Chris: It’s not my fault, the drinks cabinet was already in the studio when I came in today, no wonder the sloth is happy!

Jenny: I hope this isn’t something you do every week Chris without me realising!!

Chris: No no! Just toasting Justin!!

Jenny: Of course you were, I know how much you love him!

Chris: Oh look, we’ve run out of time! We hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s blogisode

See you next week



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