50% off blogisode

Hey guys, it is Friday, specifically black Friday, and it’s time for a bargain 50% off blogisode!

Chris: Jenny Jenny! It’s black friday, do you like what I’ve done to the studio?

Jenny: What have you done to the studio Chris?

Chris: Oh, actually, wait, it’s dark in here! I can’t see you! Can we get some light in here please!

Jenny: Explains why I can’t see anything…

Chris: Well I thought it’d be a good idea to paint the studio black because it’s black Friday! And close the blinds and shut the light out, but now we can’t see anything! So that’s another brilliant Chris idea that’s backfired!

Jenny: Indeed, I’m not sure how easy it is going to be trying to do stuff around here with everything being in black!

Chris: Sure that’s what touch typing was invented for…

Jenny: Well luckily for you I can touch type, otherwise where would we be?

Chris: Well the sloth has opened a blind now, so that’s easier!

Jenny: Good old sloth, he will be missed if he ever leaves…

Chris: I hope he doesn’t leave, he’s the one who produces the show and puts it online and stuff, we just turn up on a Friday and talk!

Jenny: Yes, so you going to do any shopping today with all the black Friday discounts out there?

Chris: No shopping, no! Town will be busy, but I have created a special jingle for our black Friday, would you like to hear it?

Jenny: Yes, of course!!

Chris: Okay…

(Chris presses play on the tape recorder)

Hurry, hurry, hurry to Mundanevision

For one week only, this Mundanevision blogisode

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Simply click online and enjoy, this is a limited time offer…

When it’s gone, it’s gone!

Jenny: Did you make that all yourself?

Chris: I did! Pretty good hey, I am available for voiceover work!

Jenny: And what shows would you most like to be the voiceover for?

Chris: If they bring back ‘Never mind the buzzcocks’ that’s would be pretty cool to do! But I can do anything, I have quite a versatile range!

Jenny: That would be fun, I’d love to have the voiceover guy from ‘Come dine with me’ as my best friend, he’s hilarious!!

Chris: Yes he is!! But I don’t think I could do his job, he doesn’t start anything with ‘hurry, hurry, hurry…!’

Jenny: Maybe you’d need to go into advertisement for that, you could be the new ‘Go compare’ guy…

Chris: I’m always comparing stuff, for example, my phone is better than an iPhone!

Jenny: Well… I’m not sure I’d agree on that… being an iPhone owner!

Chris: First I found out last week you’re a fan of Justin Beiber, and now you’re a fan of the iPhone, Justin Beiber on the iPhone would blow your mind…!

Jenny: I’m pretty sure I’ve had Justin Beiber as my phone background before… what have you got to say about that?

Chris: Nothing can make me happy anymore now you’ve stolen my idea!

Jenny: I don’t know about that… I could set your wallpaper as Justin Beiber, do you think that would make you happy?

Chris: It’s too late to say sorry now…

Jenny: Oh I do love that song!!!

Chris: Do you think Rebecca Black’s song will get played on black Friday? ‘It’s Friday, Friday… gotta get down on Friday’

Jenny: Who knows, we could always play it here in the studio though!!

Chris: I’ve a feeling we just did!

Jenny: Maybe next on our playlist should be… JUSTIN BEIBER

Chris: We really need to get a beaver called Justin!

Jenny: I’m not too sure how I feel about beavers though Chris

Chris: The sloth looks upset, we should move on! Calm him down someone!!

Jenny: Yes, so it’s December in a few days, that means advent calender time, are you going to get one?!

Chris: No I don’t think so, but I could do an advert for advent calenders!

Jenny: I don’t think they’ll need much advertising, who would say no to chocolate everyday?

Chris: No no listen it’s good… ‘Hurry, hurry, hurry! Get your advent calenders! And don’t just have chocolate for one day, have it for 25 days, absolutely free! But hurry, when it’s gone, it’s gone!’

Jenny: Hmmm, I seem to be recognising a trend here in your advertisements…

Chris: Sorry, did you say umm or yum??

Jenny: Neither!!! But yum is an appropriate word to use for advent calenders too!!

Chris: Are you going to buy one this year?

Jenny: Well I’m not sure, because I always am to tempted to eat all the chocolate from all the days straight away, it doesn’t really work for me!!

Chris: You know the hip and happening shop Hollister, with their low level lighting…

Jenny: Yes I do!

Chris: I wonder if they do one, if you can just find the doors you’ll be rewarded!!

Jenny: I’m young, I don’t mind low levels of lighting, I’m used to it from when I go clubbing anyway!!

Chris: Okay, if you’re young what does that make me?

Jenny: You’re also young, but just not quite as young as me!

Chris: Diplomatic…

Jenny: Indeed, I should become a politician!

Chris: Yes you should, I hope we would be part of the same party though!

Jenny: Well, I’ll have to decide which party I support first I guess!

Chris: You know growing up I always thought a political party was a party you could join and have loads of cake and things, and get party bags! I was always confused why they used to mention them on the news!

Jenny: Well it’s a nice idea… I wouldn’t mind going to a few more parties, and cake is always good!!

Chris: I wonder what would be in a modern party pag? Probably a smartphone and a camera!

Jenny: Saying that, did you watch the ‘The apprentice’ episode where they were party planning? And the parents spent a couple thousand pounds on their kids birthday party?!

Chris: No I didn’t!

Jenny: It was ridiculous, who spends that much money on a kids birthday party!!

Chris: How would you top that next year!!

Jenny: Yes, but the parties weren’t even that good!!

Chris: With the idea of a party in my head, I’m off to find one! Jenny, are you coming?

Jenny: Of course!!

Thank you very much for reading guys! Enjoy the rest of your black Friday, we’ll see you next week!



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