Big kids

Hey guys! It’s Friday and you know what that means… yes it’s the weekend, yes it’s the day after Thursday, and yes it’s the only day with F in the week, no no, even better than that, yes it’s the start of Christmas!! But even better than that, it’s Mundanevision time again!!!

Chris: Did you like my intro today Jenny? I could have gone on forever!!

Jenny: I’m sure you could have Chris, yes, it was great!

Chris: Thank you!

Jenny: So better get buying your Christmas presents soon…!

Chris: Yes the adverts are upon us!

Jenny: The Christmas adverts are always so sweet, but I do feel like I’m already getting tired of the smog the cat one, I’ve seen it so many times!

Chris: What do you mean? There’s no smog in the air today? It’s a clear day!!

Jenny: Hahaha, come on, you know what I’m talking about really, the advert where the cat ruins the house the night before Christmas!

Chris: Ah stupid cat, see that would never have happened if it was a dog…

Jenny: You never know, dogs can be quite mischievous!

Chris: Yes they are but they’re also barking mad, I love them!!!

Jenny: Yes I do love dogs too, I think most people do, they’re just too cute!!

Chris: I mean if Gromit was a cat, it wouldn’t work would it?

Jenny: It wouldn’t have the same effect no! But there’s plenty of famous cats out there which do work well, e.g. postman Pat’s cat!

Chris: Oh yeah postman Pat’s cat! I will give you that!! He’s purrrrfect for that job!!

Jenny: Not that I’ve watched postman Pat in a while, I don’t really remember much about the cat, other than that he’s black and white obviously, as it says it in the song!!

Chris: Do you think postman Pat should upgrade? Get a budgie or a falcon then he can send things by airmail?

Jenny: That would be a good idea if he could train one properly, it would save him a lot of time when doing his rounds!

Chris: In fact he could just stand in one position and have the falcon go round and drop the letters and papers round from great heights! You’d have to make sure nobody is standing outside when the falcon drops his mail otherwise you’d be burred! If it happened too often then all the people in the village would be looking for alternative couriers, and their would be a new meaning to the phrase letter bomb!

Jenny: Yes indeed, but it would be quite cool to get your mail dropped off by bird each morning, or perhaps you could also train a dog to do the job?

Chris: On a unicycle?

Jenny: Well, that might take quite a lot of time to train a dog to deliver mail on a unicycle, but if you had the time and patience then I don’t see why not!

Chris: Question, how long are the postman Pat episodes?

Jenny: I don’t actually know the answer to that one, but I don’t think they’re very long, as all kids programs are only about 15-30 mins!

Chris: Shall we pause the show and Google this?

Jenny: Yes, let’s

Chris: We’ve worked our fingers to the bone researching this, and it is… 15 minutes! We surveyed 100 postman Pat’s!!

Jenny: What a great way to spend our time, I wouldn’t mind watching some postman Pat again to bring back the memories!

Chris: Not now, we’ve got to write to the good people of the internet! Put that DVD down, what are you doing?

Jenny: Hmm maybe later then, I do like watching kids films every now and then for the memories, I sometimes get to see them when I’m babysitting!

Chris: It doesn’t work the other way round, you don’t get kids watching adult films!

Jenny: No they wouldn’t understand them at all!

Chris: I dunno, we should sit down a 6 year old and make them watch avatar and see what they think!

Jenny: They would probably enjoy just watching blue people fly around the screen, but they wouldn’t understand the storyline!

Chris: The thing about the avatar’s is they’re like grown up Smirfs

Jenny: Indeed, I never played with Smirfs when I was younger, did you?

Chris: No I never quite got Smirfs as a kid

Jenny: Neither did I, I wasn’t into barbies or anything like that either!

Chris:Really, what were you into?

Jenny: I liked playing with dolls, like baby dolls, and acted them out playing things like schools, but never with barbies, they just didn’t appeal!

Chris: I think barbie has enough fans in the world, I think it’s about time a little girl rebelled, a little Jenny haha

Jenny: Yes indeed, and barbies are horrible as they give kids an unrealistic view on what women look like, with tiny waists and all skinny and long blonde hair… and just all fake looking!

Chris: I don’t think a normal looking barbie would work after all these years…

Jenny: No, I don’t think it would either! You know in that Cinderella film, I saw they edited her waist in that also to make her look slimmer, I don’t see the point in putting all these fake images out there to kids who are going to look up to these images as role models!

Chris: They only will look up to them if they’re on high shelves

Jenny: Well, they sometimes are, if they are we better start moving them to the lower shelves then…

Chris: The kids will get a pain in the neck

Jenny: Did you know, supermarkets put quite a lot of the foods which are aimed at kids on the lower shelves in eye sight of kids to target them?

Chris: Well done supermarkets! I think that deserves a pat on the pocket!

Jenny: Haha, I would hate to take young kids round a supermarket, I can remember what I was like when I was younger, I would grab everything and nag my mum to buy it!

Chris: That’s why they move the caviare to the top shelves, thanks a lot Jenny!! I had to survive on baby food after they moved that up, and as for the Bellinis, well… I used to make dolls out of them, yes they were Bellini babies…! Oo just before we go, just a quick tip for mum’s and dad’s who’ve seen Disney’s Frozen a lot of times and now are getting bored of it, to get a little 4D experience, just turn the heating off in your house!! Same with Avatar and Smurfs, you can empathise easier!

(where you can watch frozen in 4D)

Thank you very much Jenny this was fun, we should do it again!






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