Mundanevision unwrapped

So picture the scene… It’s dark, your mum has allowed you to open some of your presents early, eagerly you rip open the presents from under the tree. When you think you’ve finished, and sadness has set in, but wait, what’s this? It’s one more present! And it’s the biggest box of all! You eagerly unwrap it, it is what you’ve been waiting for!! It’s Mundanevision Christmas blogisode!!!!

Chris: Hi guys! Merry Christmas! I know it’s early but Christmas films have started so why can’t we? Oh I can’t believe it, did the sloth get you on the way in and put a Santa hat on you?

Jenny: He did indeed, do you like it?

Chris: It’s very fetching! I also like the fake snow we’ve got in here, our zero budget has stretch a lot… good old Poundland

Jenny: It looks very festive, I’m impressed! I can’t wait to turn on the Christmas lights on the tree later when it gets darker!

Chris: I know, apparently they’re meant to spell Mundanevision when they’re turned on!

Jenny: Wow, that’s pretty amazing, where did you get them from then?!

Chris: I don’t know, the sloth organises everything, and he’s insane! Oh believe me I’ve tried, he’s harder to crack than the chestnuts at this time of year!

Jenny: I love chestnuts, do you?

Chris: Yes chestnuts are good, chestnuts and Bond films, kind of a tradition at Christmas!

Jenny: I have a different tradition from you in my family, we do German Christmas biscuits and all the rubbish TV that is shown on Christmas day and around then!

Chris: No Bond films then?

Jenny: Nope, unfortunately not! I don’t have any of them on DVD!

Chris: What has 007 ever done to you?

Jenny: Oh nothing really, I just don’t have any DVD’s at all! Apart from a couple from when I was a kid, which are no longer very interesting for me to watch!

Chris: You’ve got to have The snowman?

Jenny: Nope! But quite often they show it on TV around Christmas time and we watch it when it’s on!

Chris: I wonder of they combine Frozen and The snowman in one this year? In one winter extravaganza!

Jenny: If they had both on at once, which would you pick?!

Chris: There’d be no need to pick, they’d both be frozen solid, they’d create a mass of ice! In fact they’d be a new Disney cartoon called Ice! Frozen solid maybe? Or frozen snowman? And snowladies… sorry!

Jenny: Haha, it’s funny you never hear people saying snowladies or snowwoman, it’s always snowman! Same with other things like policeman, bin man and fireman!

Chris: I agree with the snowman and snowwomen thing, but all the rest I disagree strongly! You can get policewomen and firewomen!

Jenny: I know you can, but mostly you refer to policemen and firemen, it’s less common to hear about women in those terms!

Chris: Wow we are really breaking the barriers with this Christmas blogisode! Hoping to change opinions, so whilst you’re reading this (eating a mince pie maybe), maybe you’ll start to think… ‘Ah, Jenny and Chris are right! We should read Mundanevision again next year!’

Jenny: We’re always right, I don’t know what you’re trying to imply Chris!

Chris: No no, we always WRITE, with a W!

Jenny: That we do also!

Chris: Every Friday!

Jenny: Aren’t our viewers lucky to have us!

Chris: I think so, what would they have instead? They’d be watching cat video’s! Not that I have anything against cat videos, a cat with a camera recorder is very talented!


Jenny: Yes I was going to say, I do love a good cat video, and dog videos too (now that we’re making sure we’re not being discriminatory)

Chris: One thing impresses me above all else with the dog and cat videos though, how do those dogs and cats and other animals, hold the camera themselves to film the video?!

Jenny: Well I find it even more impressive some of the things they get up to! It’s unbelievable!

Chris: How do they do it, maybe they have headcams! Cus you never see them holding anything!

Jenny: Yes they must! Or have a camera attached to their collar!

Chris: Do you think there’s cat directors giving them motivation?

Jenny: Well you never know what you cat gets up to when you’re not around! Did you see that program they made all about what pets do when you’re not there?

Chris: No I didn’t! Did they just sleep?

Jenny: I never actually watched it, only saw it advertised, but I wouldn’t have thought so! They made quite a few episodes, and I’m not sure it would be very interesting if it was just pets sleeping!!

Chris: No it wouldn’t, there we go I rest my case, they must have directors saying ‘Your motivation for this scene is Justin the goldfish… lick you lips, no no, watch me darling!!’ Or have I just crossed the line into acting coach?

Jenny: I think we should watch that program after this to see what these pets actually get up to, and see if we can hear the pets talking to each other directing each other!!

Chris: It’s always a series of meows, and they know what each one means, it’s incredible!

Jenny: Well it’s like when people speak a foreign language, to us it all sounds like jargon, but to them they understand it all!!

Chris: Very true, on the subject of this, have you heard about doggy TV?

Jenny: I think I may have heard something about it once, but remind me?

Chris: It’s a YouTube channel you leave on for your dogs when you got out!!

Jenny: And what is it supposed to do?

Chris: It’s supposed to keep your dogs occupied whilst you leave the house!

Jenny: So it’s a bit like babysitting, but for dogs!!

Chris: Yes!

Jenny: I think dogs should be able to entertain themselves whilst you’re away!!

Chris: Well funny you should say that, there’s a film coming out by the makers of Despicable me, called ‘The secret lives of pets’ or ‘The secret lives of dogs’ I can’t quite remember, have you seen the trailer?

Jenny: No I haven’t, we’ll have to watch that after too!

Chris: It is hilarious! So from Jenny and myself thank you very much for reading/watching/laughing at the blogisodes! And Jenny will see you next year, but I have one extra surprise in the week that follows for our faithful blog readers! Jenny any last words?


Chris: Yes, Happy Christmas! May you get everything you want this year and not have to eBay anything! Or swap it for better gifts!

Seriously, have a Happy¬†Christmas/festive period and we’ll see you very soon!




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