Mundanevision Turkey

Hey guys, it’s Christmas show II for Mundanevision. I’ve got a new co-host with me today.  Tirtha, everyone! (crowd goes crazy!!)

Chris: Hey Tirtha, welcome to Mudanevision.

Tirtha: Hi Chris! Thank you for having me today. I’ve been wanting to meet all of your readers for quite a long time.

Chris: It’s my absolute pleasure, after all it’s Christmas. The one sad thing is I cannot introduce you to all my readers personally. I cannot borrow Santa’s sleigh, he will be so irritable. 

Tirtha: Oh no, don’t be silly! I am more than happy to be here, can’t wait to get started. So, what are we going to be doing today then?

Chris: Are you ready for Christmas?

Tirtha: I couldn’t be more ready now! I’m going back home tomorrow to my nice warmly home. Can’t wait to be spoilt with good food. Bet you won’t recognise me after I put on so much weight when I come back in 2 weeks. What about you? Feeling all Christmassy now?

Chris: I am indeed. Wait, are you putting on weight? Are you Santa Claus? If so, I would like my presents please!

Tirtha: (Laughingly) Have you been good this year though?

Chris: What do you think boys and girls? Have I been good this year?

Tirtha: Well, I’ve been told you have been good but I’m afraid you’ll have to wait until Christmas day for your presents. You must’ve heard that patience is a virtue…

Chris: There’s nobody to back me up in here. They must have all left. Deserted!

Tirtha: Well, if you remain good throughout this blogisode then you might get something?

Chris: That’s incentive! What will I get, a chocolate button? A lollipop? A knitted inflatable pink flamingo?

Tirtha: Not that exotic! You didn’t manage to write to Santa about what you wanted.

Chris: I did write to Santa about what I wanted and I track him every year on the Santa tracker. It’s great! Have you ever been on?

Tirtha: Hmmm not sure I’ve heard of that before. What is it? Remember, I might be Santa?

Chris: If you’re Santa, you must’ve heard of it!

Tirtha: Oh no! My cover’s blown!

Chris: Your cover? I told you before not to bring your duvet set into the Mundanevision studio

Tirtha: But, Chris it’s freezing outside!

Chris: I know this is the penultimate of the Mundanevision blogisode of season 2 but that is just ridiculous! I let you off the earmuffs because they are cute. 

Tirtha: Aww Chris, you’re already being nice and good so far. I’ll make sure that Santa definitely gives you a nice present. So, are you going away for Christmas?

Chris: Well I’m going to Lapland, not the Lapland, just to take dogs for laps. It’s an amusement parks for dogs because dogs lap at water when they drink. Oh the cracker of jokes have started already.

Tirtha: Oh you had me there, Chris!

Chris: I’ve come up with a Christmas Carole for this blogisode. Would you like to hear it?

Tirtha: Yes, I’d love to!

Chris: Ok, here it goes… I just have to do my vocal warm ups.


Keyboards tapping, are you reading?

In the dark, monitors are glowing

A beautiful sight.

We are laughing tonight.

Reading a Mundanevision blogisode!

The end.

Tirtha: Oh wow, how did you come up with that so quickly?

Chris: Ate a lot of mince pies and drank a lot of sherry!

Tirtha: To be honest, I’m not so keen on mince pies but I do love sherry.

Chris: To anyone reading this, I didn’t drink sherry. I’m not drunk in-charge of a keyboard.

Tirtha: Are you saying I’m the drunk one here? Hi, I’m Tirtha and I’ve been sober since yesterday!

Chris: This is turning into Christmas alcoholic anonymous. Mind you, it’s a bit oversubscribed during Christmas.

Tirtha: You don’t say! Blimey! It was hard for me to even get an appointment to be seen by the team support leader.

Chris: A team support leader? What did he do? Cheat on with a pompom?

Tirtha: Oh that’s brutal! He might’ve actually, he had a few pompoms lying around in his office.

Chris: I think you’re confusing brutal with Rudolph. He’s around this time of the year. 

Tirtha: Oh I love him! He’s just so cute and adorable little helper of Santa.

Chris: There are other reindeers. Why is Rudolph taking the limelight?

Tirtha: Do you know the names of all the Santa’s reindeers?

Chris: Yes, there’s…I just looked it up! There’s Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner and Blitzen. I love there is a Donner and a Comet. He’s a reindeer of retail, there’s no other stores being represented just the Comet. Where’s the PC world and Debenhams? They should update their names to match the consumers’ society.

Tirtha: You cheated! It doesn’t count! Back to the naughty list Chris!

Chris: I hardly think its naughty. It’s called using my resources *cough*cough*Google*cough*

Tirtha: I’ll let you off this time! Talking about Santa and reindeers, what is your favourite Christmas film?

Chris: I like White Christmas.

Tirtha: Woo nice choice! I haven’t watched it so I’ll add it to my watchlist. For me, my personal favourite is the Grinch!

Chris: Oh that’s a good one! What about It’s a Wonderful life?

Tirtha: I’m ashamed to admit this but I haven’t heard of that! Tell me something about it. Don’t spoil it for me though!

Chris: *Chris clears throat, preparing to launch an another huge speech of his* It is about a guy who loses everything and he’s about to commit suicide on Christmas. However, angels save him and show him how life would be like if he was never born. It’s a fabulously heart warming film.

Tirtha: Wow! Sounds like a great film to watch together with the family. I’ll be sure to watch it this Christmas.

Chris: It is! Isn’t that a meaning of Christmas, to watch films with your loved ones. I’m going all soppy now!!!

Tirtha thank you very much. This has been very fun and to the readers of Mundanevision, there’s one more blogisode to come. Until then, I hope you have enjoyed this show. Peace!

Tirtha: Thank you Chris for having me. It’s been an absolute pleasure. I hope you and all your readers have a lovely Christmas and Happy New Year!




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