Hey everybody! It is 2016 and it’s a Frid… Oh wait, what do you mean it’s not a Friday, I have been totally mislead! I thought the new year was about the clocks going back! Okay, it’s not a Friday, but Jenny is here, the sloth is somewhere, let’s start season 3 with a bang! Now I’ve been told we don’t have any rockets the best we can do is a Roman candle, so it’s more like a fizz…

Chris: Hey Jenny, you’re back! It’s 2016 and it’s Mundanevision! What are your predictions for this year… let’s start off with an easy one!

Jenny: I reckon this year is going to be an amazing one! I can feel it! Last year was not the easiest, but I am sure this one is going to be great!! What do you think?

Chris: This year will be cool, it’s older, it’s wiser, it’s 16 rather than 15 so we’ve got that going for it already!

Jenny: Yes, sweet 16 as they say in America!

Chris: So happy new year everyone out there in blog land! We hope you all enjoy this years shows as much as last year’s!

Jenny: Yes happy new year everyone! And hope you all had a lovely Christmas! Now onto Easter!!!

Chris: Already? That’s a cracking start, god I’ve started the egg yolks…

Jenny: I don’t mind Easter starting a bit early, I love the chocolates… I would have Cadbury creme eggs all year round if I could!

Chris: On exactly that subject, I was googling creme eggs just now, and there’s a Cadbury’s creme egg cafe coming to London! And that’s a fact!

Jenny: I’m definitely going to have to go there, maybe I will take a trip to London this Easter!!

Chris: I hope we are there first blogisode to have that information in, we’d have crashed it if so! (crashed it being the egg reference…)

Jenny: I’m sure it’s a possibility! I think our readers will be very happy we’ve shared this bit of information with them!

Chris: We’ve got it before facebook or twitter, I feel very proud!

Jenny: Let’s just hope nobody steals our limelight for this information, hopefully people will read it from here first before someone else finds out and shares the information!

Chris: I don’t worry about people stealing the limelight, I’ve got a real one, a green light that shines on me all the time, I got it for Christmas!

Jenny: And what else did you get for Christmas?

Chris: Oh the usual, I was very lucky!

Jenny: And what presents did you give for Christmas? Anything you’re especially proud of giving?

Chris: Well… anyway I don’t want to talk about Christmas, let’s look to the future! Why don’t people drink eggnog at Easter? It will fit in with the whole egg scene!

Jenny: What actually goes into eggnog? I have no idea!

Chris: One would guess an egg… and a nog?

Jenny: Hmmm, I’m a bit sceptical about that answer Chris!

Chris: They could make an Easter based kids TV program called noggy!

Jenny: And what would that program be about?

Chris: I think it would just be an egg in a taxi! Driving around, they could even do a Christmas and Easter cross over and call it Yule log and noggy!

Jenny: Isn’t eggnog alcoholic though? Not sure the egg should be driving drunk Chris? Not setting a good example there to the kids!

Chris: Maybe the Nog is just alcoholic in the passenger seat!

Jenny: Well it certainly sounds like a funny show! Who knows, if any directors are reading this you may turn your telly on at Easter and see a show called noggy!

Chris: That would be brilliant!

Jenny: Maybe you could try make a show, using hard boiled eggs and toy cars! Doing stop motion or something like that!

Chris: Oh I’m glad you carried on after trying to make a show… I was about to say, we already do one it’s called Mundanevision!

Jenny: Yes, and what a great show it is, glad to be back!

Chris: Yes it is rather good! I do make noggy it’ll be an internet show, so we won’t have to shell out that much money to make it!

Jenny: Sounds like a good idea, keep tuned viewers, there may be another show coming for you to listen in to!

Chris: There may be but I’m not very good at all the stop motion stuff, you have to have so much patience, I’d rather it be called go motion rather that stop motion!

Jenny: Yes I can imagine a 30 minute show would probably take days to make, a friend of mine once made one which was about a minute long and it took her the best part of a day!

Chris: We need the best of the business, we need Mr Nick Park of Wallace and Gromit, and creature comforts

Jenny: I do love Wallace and Gromit, the studios for making it are in Bristol I’m pretty sure, we have Aardman Animation studios there!


Chris: That’s right you do, right how long does it take to get to Bristol?

Jenny: Only and hour or so on the train, not that far! And I know a few of my friends have been able to get work experience there and have made films there using stop motion!

Chris: That is really cool!

Jenny: Yes, it is! I saw the films they made and they were amazing! In Bristol there is also a science museum, and at one point they had an Aardman Animations exhibition, you could see all about the making of Wallace and Gromit, it was great!

Chris: That sounds amazing! I just thought of the irony of having Nick Park use the stop motion animation technique, because park and stop are pretty much the same thing, that’s why he’s so brilliant at it!

Jenny: Haha! I think if I had enough time I would like to make a stop motion film, but I don’t know what I’d do it on, I don’t have a great imagination for thinking up funny storylines!

Chris: May I make a suggestion?

Jenny: Yes, course!

Chris: Noggy!!

Jenny: Yes, and maybe noggy would get in a car crash and there would be exploded runny egg everywhere!!

Chris: And they would show it in the Cadbury’s creme egg cafe!

Jenny: Yes, I could make it with creme eggs to promote the cafe opening! Wouldn’t that be great, and in the making I might just have to eat all the props after filming… what a task…

Chris: I bet the money you make from the film will be bountyfull, I’m just naming other chocolate bars for balance! Just a final thought… I’ve just though chocolate is a bit like Star Wars, you’ve got the light and dark side! Okay time has run away with us again, the egg of time has rolled down a hill of inevitability!

(chocolate star wars)

See you next week guys,



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