Hey everybody! It is Saturday, time for Season 3 blogisode 2 of Mundanevision. We hope you enjoy the show !

Chris: Hey Tirtha, what’s up??

Tirtha: I’m good Chris, thank you! How’ve you been?

Chris: I’m good, thank you! So there’s been a very sad news about David Bowie, Alan Rickman. But hopefully this blogisode will be joyous. 

Tirtha: I know it’s been a very sad moment for everyone, especially when we lost two of our greatest celebrities. So, are you interested in celebrity news Chris?

Chris: Not really, depend what’s the news is. Uhm..I’m very excited actually, the X-files are coming back! In my opinion, the greatest program on TV. 

Tirtha: I’ve heard of X-files before and know that people can’t contain their excitement for comeback of X-files. But, I don’t really know much about it. Chris, would you kindly please enlighten me about the X-files and why people are so excited?

Chris: (Chris excited and has a massive grin on his face) Well… let me tell you a story, it’s about an FBI agent who is obsessed with the paranormal ever since his sister got abducted by the aliens. And, agent Scully who is a medical doctor and gets hired by the FBI to debunk agent Fox Mulder but as the series goes, she starts to believe in the existence of extraterrestrials.

Tirtha: I’m a bit lost here, how does agent Fox Mulder know for certain that his sister was abducted by the aliens?

Chris: Because when he was young, his sister is sleeping when all over a sudden a bright light comes into the house and, his sister disappears. It’s a great series ever, great script! I wanted to be Chris Carter, the scriptwriter and creator of X-files, so I studied film.

Tirtha: Oh wow! So Chris Carter is your inspiration for your choice of career? 

Chris: Yes, pretty much! And the readers of Mundanevision are getting an insight into my life this week! It feels like I’m being interviewed by you this week even more so, because of the microphone that you’ve set up in the studio and the fact that you keep taking notes on the notepad.

Tirtha: Learning from you Chris! It’s a role reversal day today.

Chris: It is indeed. It’s Mundanevision, it’s supposed to be entertaining. We really hope you’re being entertained. Anyway, the X-files is back soon and I can’t wait. Just so excited!

Tirtha: So when does it actually start? Which season is it now? Are the cast the same as the last season?

Chris: The cast are the same, it’s a new six part series starting next Sunday or next Monday for me since America get it before and we’re not in America.

Tirtha: That’s a shame that we do not get to watch it earlier but at least we do get at the end I guess. So, you told me you studied film. Tell me more about your experience as a film making student.

Chris: Well I studied at the Guildford College. It was great, the end of year project was to make two films. One with a documentary which I dedicated to Chris Carter, and the other was a fiction film about a guy who didn’t pass his exams. It was great! I’ve spend half of the blogisode being egotistical. I don’t like it!!!!!

Tirtha: Again, you never fail to amaze me Chris! Talking about films, and celebrities, how much do you love Harry Potter?

Chris: I’m not a fan of Harry or his Pottery! I think he got ideas about his station. Thinking he was a wizard, which of course he was but that only encouraged him. He must’ve had a very small house, given that he lived under the stairs.

Tirtha: Yea, I’m not a big fan of Harry Potter either.

Chris: The words which came before Harry Potter were a lot better and before anybody stops reading, it’s only my opinion. Please, don’t hold it against the blog! Unless, Tirtha and the sloths are paid to agree with me. Or maybe they’re not, it is a very grey area. Indeed fifty shades a bit of it! I can’t believe we had to google how to spell grey because we’re that good at it! And, when we dot , it comes as Fifty Shades of Grey and not the colour, grey. Well I guess it is a very popular book/film/paint colour.

Tirtha: Now that you mention all these films which have been adapted from very popular books, what kind of books do you like to read?

Chris: Once that have pages! Haha…and a protective cover!

Tirtha: That’s a bit general, let me rephrase my question then. What genre of books do you like to read?

Chris: I don’t like being pigeonholed to one genre. God, I’m the most difficult interviewee in the world!

Tirtha: Oh Chris you make me laugh! I’ve had worse, believe it or not!

Chris: Well we make each other laugh, but, will we be able to make our readers laugh? This blog won a creative blog award once upon a time, and we will again! Creativity come on!!

Tirtha: Oh wow, I didn’t know that! Chris you are such a modest person, hiding such a great achievement from me all this time.

Chris: Well not really, I put it the award we won on the Glass Display case. But the sloth has now taken it and is using it for a microphone.

Tirtha: Is that he was holding a while ago?

Chris: I think so, when he was lip-syncing to Britney Spears. You should’ve heard him Tirtha, he was amazing!

Tirtha: Maybe I can challenge him to a lip-sync battle next week. I’m a quite alright singer, even if I do say so myself!

Chris: Maybe we should do a lip-syncing blogisode of Mundanevision where, we lip-sync the things we say. Would that even work?

Tirtha: Well, we’ll see that next week!! (winks)

Chris: Or maybe not! OK, thank you very much for listening, reading and, looking bewildered at this blogisode. We hope you’ve enjoyed this blogisode on some level. If not, try reading it upstairs on another level, you might enjoy it more! Peace!


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