Piccalilli fixing

Hey guys, it is Saturday and time for another blogisode of the ever popular and animal friendly Mundanevision!

Chris: Hey Jenny

Jenny: Hi Chris, long time no see!

Chris: I think I’ve worked out a mathematical formula for Mundanevision!

Jenny: Oh really, what’s that then?

Chris: It is, 2 people + a keyboard + a sloth = fun!!

Jenny: Haha so true there!!

Chris: I’m slightly worried though this week…

Jenny: Oh, what about?

Chris: Because you know there’s been a big thing in the news about match fixing in sport, I’m worried now that everytime we go back and edit something for the lovely people and put something else in to make it funnier, is that blog fixing?

Jenny: Oh I see what you mean, I’m sure it’s perfectly acceptable to do though, seeing as it will benefit our readers so much!

Chris: Or if we make suggestions about what to put in one week, is that blog fixing? I don’t know what to do it’s a constant spiral!

Jenny: Well I don’t think there’s any laws against blog fixing so we should be fine!

Chris: We should be fine, but you never can tell, it just takes one person to bring it up… granted that person is me!!

Jenny: Yes, no you’ve put the idea into everyone’s head that we’re blog fixing! Who knows who will come knocking on our door giving us a telling off!!

Chris: Everybody this is beyond good, think about something else!

Jenny: Yes, quick change of topic to…?

Chris: DIY, no that is blog fixing as well!! OMG!

Jenny: Right… ummmmm, ummm… watches!

Chris: They need fixing too!

Jenny: Oh Chris, I can tell you have something stuck in the back of your mind!

Chris: Did you see the umm… national television awards this week?

Jenny: I didn’t, but I did see a clip of ‘this morning’ where Holly and Phil were still drunk and had come straight to the studios from the NTAs!

Chris: I know I heard about this, it’s a big thing everywhere, it got on the news, it got on facebook! Which let’s face it, is bigger than the news! In fact they get young people interested in the news, they should have Mark Zuckerburg presenting it!

Jenny: Yeah, facebook is where I see most of the news stories that I hear about!

Chris: I feel sorry for the twitter guy, he can only send news in 140 characters or less! #quaternews

Jenny: Yes you can’t fit a lot of news into 140 characters… I guess you could always just have the headlines though and a link to read the full story, that would work well!

Chris: That would work well! Can you imagine a twitter version of this blogisode!

Jenny: Would every line be a tweet, or would it be a single tweet for the whole show?

Chris: Well I see it going ‘Chris and Jenny are thinking about something, click here to see’

Jenny: We really wouldn’t fit a lot into that then!

Chris: There are hyperlinks and links, I don’t really understand the difference? Is it because a hyperlink is jacked up on coffee so it’s hyper?

Jenny: Who knows, but I had a coffee this afternoon, so maybe I’m hyper Jenny!!

Chris: That would be a rubbish superhero, you wouldn’t get anything done! You’d be distracted by things… it’d be ‘Oh there’s something else happening over here let’s go do that’ when you’re trying to rescue somebody, it’d be useless!

Jenny: Yes I would be, not like our favourite superhero at the moment… SUPERGIRL!

Chris: Mundanevisionman! Oh we said a different thing…

Jenny: Awkward…. maybe we can have 2 favourites!

Chris: You can’t have 2 favourites, that would defeat the object of favouritism!

Jenny: Hmm well I have to say we’ll have to agree to disagree then on who the best superhero is at the moment!

Chris: No, it is supergirl, there is no Mundanevisionman… or is there? Maybe I’m Mundanevisionman

Jenny: Or maybe when we leave the studio the sloth turns into Mundanevisionman! Or Mundanevisionslothman!

Chris: Anyway back to Holly and Phil, and their lovely evening out… could they have just done this evening rather than this morning?

Jenny: Yes, mayve that episode they should have filmed in advance, before they got drunk, and it could be a special viewing in the morning called ‘this evening this morning’!

Chris: Or they could have gone off the air and said ‘We apologise for technically difficulties due to inebriation! Please come back later, Jeremy Kyle needs more viewers’

Jenny: What are you trying to suggest about Jeremy Kyle? That it’s a rubbish show with no viewers???

Chris: No, I’m inebriated sorry! We just won an award, there’s a lot of piccalilli on my trousers! For those of you that don’t know, that’s a reference to Holly having piccalilli on her dress… can you use piccalilli as a dressing? I don’t know

Jenny: I’ve never eaten piccalilli and I have no idea what it actually is!

Chris: Look at Holly’s dress on youtube and that’s it!

Jenny: Well it looked like a yellow smudge but that’s all I could tell!

Chris: I’ve got a tongue twister… they eat a lot of piccalilli in Picadilly! I’m worried that we’re being too harsh on Fern and Phil… I keep calling her Fern that’s the harshest thing I can do!

Jenny: Nah it’s just banter, I’m sure they expected it when they decided to film ‘this morning’ still drunk in last night’s clothes!

Chris: Oh wait they filmed this morning? I thought it was in the week!

Jenny: Haha ha, such a joker!

Chris: That’s what Mundanevision is all about!

Jenny: Yes, I’m sure our viewers are laughing away each Friday/Saturday when they get to read our latest blogisode of Mundanevision!

Chris: I think this show should be dedicated to Fern and Phil… I mean Holly!!!

Jenny: Yes maybe we should! We could tag them in the link on twitter hoping they read it!

Chris: That’s a very good idea! Modern technology, I love it!

Jenny: I wonder if we’ll get a favourite or a reply!

Chris: I like Holly, she must be great fun at Christmas! Guys time has flown again! It’s a fix!! Before I start that again we will say, see you next week!




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Every day could be a Mundanevision blogisode day, now that they are posting weekly .So Grab a cup of tea and a biscuit and get comfortable because you're going to read about the least trendy topics.It's a blog you really do want to miss...
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