Selfie girl band

Hey guys, welcome to blogs on frogs, hang on no… it’s Mundanevision! It is a Tuesday so the Mundanevision is a bit mucked around at the moment, it’s like a gorilla blog, you never know when it will strike next! The best advice I can give you is duck and cover, and enjoy this week’s show!

Chris: Hey Jenny, remember when we had Adele in the studio?

Jenny: Yes course I do, how could I forget that?!

Chris: If this was a TV show there’d be a black and white flashback to when we had Adele on… I’m sure readers can remember that far back so imagine your own black and white flashback! It’s much more entertaining that way… you can imagine us at Alton Towers playing miniature golf, or eating pancakes and laughing! Or none of the above or a combination of all the above!!

Jenny: Mmmm pancakes… now you’ve made me want to be sat eating pancakes… maybe we should do our next blogisode whilst eating pancakes…. how about that?

Chris: While playing miniature golf, with a little tiny Tiger Woods! Anyway, I digress, you remember this singer called Adele, she was in the studio, is she still in fashion now it’s been so long? We enjoyed having her in the studio so much, we’ve now got our very own blog band! Everyone, meet the Afternoon Girls! Wait, what’s that noise? It’s the sound of the sloth clapping! So they’re going to keep us entertained with lots of hip and happening tunes while we are doing the show! And before lots of readers write in and say they can’t actually hear the Afternoon Girls, you can get the same effect by putting on an MP3 or radio whilst reading this blog!

Jenny: I wonder what song they’re going to give us today? Maybe as it’s their first show they’ll do more than one song?

Chris: Well they’re playing a song now, let’s play it again! As a band on a blog it’s never been done before, we’re so ground breaking! Let’s give the audience hints to the song… like some blog charads! The song the Afternoon Girls just played is by a old group of 5, the lead singer has very big lips, not a relation to Angelina Jolie, singing about a day of the week, and a precious stone is involved! Any clue Jenny that’s you’d like to give our readers?

Jenny: ‘You will lose your mind’ trying to guess, ‘there’s no time to lose’, that’s all I’m gonna say on it!

Chris: Oh one more thing, ‘ain’t life unkind’

Jenny: What day did you say it was today again Chris?

Chris:  Tuesday is a very good day for a precious stone!

Jenny: That’s a nice red top you’ve got on today Chris, did you wear it to fit in with the song?

Chris: Maybe I did

Chris strokes his chin

Jenny: How coordinated of you! Hey, my top is kind of red too!

Chris: And funnily enough, we have a member of the Afternoon Girls called Ruby, the lead singer is called Ruby!

They’re nodding

Jenny: I wonder if our viewers have guessed the song yet?

Chris: If you guess it please leave us a comment under this week’s blogisode!

Jenny: Yes please do! I wonder how many people will be able to guess!

Chris: You will win access to next week’s blogisode… absolutely free! If that’s not an incentive I don’t know what is!

Jenny: Wow, what a lucky viewer that will be!

Chris: I know and it’s not even black Friday, it’s grey outside! We’re crazy!

Jenny: Well I’m sure our viewers already knew that last part, we certainly are crazy sometimes!

Chris: Oh I thought you meant the grey thing, we have viewer/readers across the world, and it might be nice and sunny where they are, lucky people!

Jenny: Oh how I would love a nice and hot day sometime this week, to sunbathe, and go swimming outdoors! I love the sun so much!

Chris: Yes that sounds nice! People even like it so much they make a cream for it, I think it is so the sun doesn’t get burnt!

Jenny: I have to wear plenty of suncream in the sun myself, otherwise I end up as red as your top!!

Chris: Oh you mean you wear it? You don’t put it on the sun? No wonder I was getting a bit hot… oh, woops!

Jenny: Silly you!

Chris: And I had to get some of those selfie sticks and use quite a few to get it to reach! I even put a rubber glove on the end for the entire operation to reach the sun!

Jenny: And what did you do with the selfie sticks after? Is that why your profile picture on Facebook is a selfie??

Chris: Selfies get a lot of stick recently!

Jenny: Don’t worry, your selfie is just fine, I’m not judging!!

Chris: When I go out I use a very old type of selfie stick called my arm, in fact the first selfie stick!

Jenny: Yes I do the same, one of my friends has a selfie stick and she’s taken a few pics with me in with it! The only thing I don’t like about them is when the stick is in your selfie too! I don’t want everyone seeing I’m taking a selfie with a selfie stick!

Chris: It’s a bit like seeing behind the curtain of how you take your ingenious photos!

Jenny: Yes it is! I have to say selfies taken with selfie sticks do look better in general than ones taken with your arm as the selfie stick!

Chris: That’s why arms have died out! People don’t use arms anymore… it’s the selfie stick! In fact we’re typing this very blogisode with 2 selfie sticks!

Jenny: It’s cus I want to get a photo with the Afternoon Girls after the show, I thought they’d come in use!

Chris: Oh I see! Can you fit more that one telephone on one selfie stick?

Jenny: Unfortunately I think not, but don’t worry we’ve got 2 here today so we can each use one!!

Chris: Well I’ve come up with a great idea of my own, I’ve brought it in to show you! This is great blogging, we’re using props now!

Jenny: What have you brought in to show me then?

Chris: Well I’ve brought in a selfie branch!

jenny: Oh perfect! Now we can take a selfie to fit all of us in and the studio in too!!

Chris: And if you don’t like that, then I’ve got another idea, what about a selfie tree, you don’t need to hold the selfie stick you can just put it in the tree… yeah I’ve had too much time on my hands I’m sorry

(Chris looks ashamed)

Chris: Wow, time has flown again on this show, thank you very much to myselfie and Jenny! And indeed the Afternoon Girls!



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Every day could be a Mundanevision blogisode day, now that they are posting weekly .So Grab a cup of tea and a biscuit and get comfortable because you're going to read about the least trendy topics.It's a blog you really do want to miss...
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