Poppins vs McPhee

Hey friends! It’s rainy so stay indoors and listen/read another blogisode of Mundanevision! We have the Afternoon Girls in the studio considering last week’s song was such a big hit! 

Chris: Hi Jenny

Jenny: Hey Chris, looking forward to this week’s song from the Afternoon Girls?

Chris: Oh I love it they’re a really great bunch of girls!

Jenny: And I think the sloth loves them too!

Chris: I think the sloth is going to join in today, he’s going to be on the tambourine!

Jenny: Oh I’m not sure how good the sloth is at the tambourine but I guess we’ll find out later!!

Chris: Depends whether it’s a slow song or not…

Jenny: Here’s hoping it is!!

Chris: So it’s a little wet where we are today!

Jenny: A little… bit of an understatement there Chris!

Chris: I think we need this new river boat taxi service! Noah I believe the guy is called that runs it!

Jenny: We might indeed be needing that soon, as long as it can withstand the wind as well, I nearly got blown over on my way here today!

Chris: I think there’s a reason why the weather is like this, I think it’s because some kid somewhere needs Mary Poppins! Do you think Mary Poppins and Nanny McPhee are rivals?

Jenny: Well they do take quite different approaches on child minding, and so if they met they very well could be!

Chris: I wonder if they have the same agent though…?

Jenny: An agent for the weird but wonderful nanny’s of the world!

Chris: Or the WNW for short!

Jenny: I’d love to have had Mary Poppins as my nanny when I was younger!

Chris: I’d rather have Nanny McPhee to be honest! Why I hear you cry? You were saying that weren’t you it was lost in the wind… Mary Poppins only knows Dick Van Dyke who plays Bert the chimney sweep and Nanny McPhee knows everyone!

Jenny: But Mary Poppins sings loads and has really great songs, I love singing!

Chris: Nanny McPhee doesn’t have time for songs, she has lessons to impart!

Jenny: Hmm I think I prefer songs over lessons definitely! I used to love watching Mary Poppins, saying that, I haven’t seen either Mary Poppins or Nanny McPhee for ages, probably about 8 or so years!!

Chris: They’re probably busy…

Jenny: Yes there’s plenty of naughty children out there!

Chris: I think I prefer Nanny McPhee’s staying power

Jenny: But imagine going for a ride on Mary Poppins umbrella…! Wouldn’t that be cool!!

Chris: Yes that’d be amazing but Nanny McPhee leaves somewhere when all your lessons have been learnt, where as Mary Poppins flies off when the wind comes in from the east, can you imagine if the wind was changeable she’d be coming and going all over the place… here comes Mary, now there goes Mary, oh and here comes Mary!

Jenny: Yes I can see that being a bit of a problem… hmm, I wonder who is more popular with our viewers!!

Chris: I’m guessing they’re going to side with you and say Mary Poppins, because Mary Poppins is Disney, and Nanny McPhee is expensive, I mean… she’s got fee in her name!!

Jenny: And what about the Afternoon girls, they probably prefer Mary Poppins too with all the singing she does!

Chris: I just had a thought, Mary’s surname is Poppins, you don’t want a nanny to just pop in, you want one to hang around! I think Nanny McPhee’s work ethic is a lot better, ‘when you need me but do not want me, then I must stay. When you want me but no longer need me, then I have to go.’

Jenny: Yes that is quite a good ethic to go by! Maybe we should watch both after to see who is better!!

Chris: Yes, let’s! I’ll get the sloth to run down to blockbuster… oh, wait…

Jenny: I know, we can get him to run down to Tesco instead and buy us loads of popcorn and chocolate! And we can try and find the film online somewhere…

Chris: Have you seen the sloth run?? How long is this blog today?

Jenny: Maybe we should set him off now and he might be back by next week’s blogisode!

Chris: Though I think the Afternoon Girls are primed for their mysterious song! This is the interactive bit of the blogisode, but only 1 person interacted! Maybe our other readers are shy!

Jenny: Or maybe they just aren’t very good at guessing!!

Chris: That could be it I guess! Right, don’t make me ‘wait on a bed of nails’… sing the song!

Jenny: I’m sure we can make it ‘through the storm’ today!

Chris: Don’t ‘give it away’ Jenny! This song is sung by a man usually in sunglasses!

Jenny: Right sloth, are you ready? I’m sure the Afternoon Girls will be playing, ‘with or without you’!

Chris: I think that’s all the clues we can give for this one! It’s rather an easy one this week!

Jenny: That way we might get more people replying as they’ll be able to guess it! And without the help of google….

Chris: Absolutely! What’s the prize this week Jenny? Are you doing the prize or am I doing the prize? This feels just like an 80’s game show…

Jenny: I’ll leave the honours to you Chris!

Chris: Okay, the prize this week is a virtual flight on Mary Poppins’ umbrella!

Jenny: Yes, by reading this blogisode you should be able to use your imagination pretty well to picture yourself flying with Mary Poppins on her umbrella!

Chris: Is there a coupon involved?

Jenny: There can be if you’re happy to make one Chris! I’m sure you can use your media skills to make one!

Chris: I’m sure there’s an online coupon maker somewhere!

Jenny: We can have a look after the show whilst watching Mary Poppins and Nanny McPhee…

Chris: Core blimey that’s a good idea! That’s a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious idea infact! Time has flown away from us much like Mary Poppins… don’t go Mary!! We need you!! While Nanny McPhee comes in to teach us our lessons, we’ll see you next week!



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