Burning the candle both ends

Oh hey guys, I did not see you there! Come in! I guess you must be here for another blogisode, do you have a reservation? Under what name sorry? Oh, Jenny! Come in, we can start the show! Now our usual table and keyboard awaits

Chris: I’m under cover today hence I’m sporting this beard!

Jenny: I almost didn’t recognise you there Chris, but it suits you!

Chris: I think we could be a great comic book duo, Jenny and the beard!

Jenny: Indeed, the name reminds me of the program Pinkie and the brain! Maybe it’d be similar to that!

Chris: Oh yes I loved Pinkie and the brain! But I feel we’re both super intelligent!

Jenny: Even if you do say so yourself Chris!!

Chris: Careful if you upset me today I can be prickly!

Jenny: I better stay on your good side then Chris!

Chris: Anyway enough talk about beards! We have the Afternoon Girls in the studio, I wonder what song they’re going to play today, shall we find out later?

Jenny: Yes sounds good, I look forward to it!

Chris: This is like the proper show now, I almost feel like we should have some cheesy music coming up next on the show!

Jenny: In fitting with the music we were listening to earlier today at the Coffee Cellar, that was cheesy cheery music!

Chris: Yes it was, what a teaser! Our readers/listeners will be intrigued by that comment!

Jenny: Maybe it’ll be our new favourite coffee shop, with different music each week to match our show!

Chris: Yes! I think that’s a good idea, because one week we can be full of beans, and then full of cake!

Jenny: Cake… that just makes me think of yesterday and all the pancakes… yum!!!

Chris: Yes of course it was pancake day yesterday, the beginning of lent! I think I will give up pancakes this year!

Jenny: I’ve decided this year, instead of giving up something I’m going to do something every day, I’m going to do a bit of yoga every day I’ve decided, to stretch and get fit!

Chris: I wish you were not on the floor when you said that!

Jenny: I can multi task Chris, don’t you worry, it won’t affect the show!

Chris: There’s a distinct smell of scented candles as well, I am incensed!

Jenny: Oh I do love smelly candles, I’ve got 6 of them!! My favourite is the yankee candles, they’re just amazing!!

Chris: Yankee candles, do you buy them from America?

Jenny: Luckily not, as that would be a bit expensive to pay postage from there, or even to fly across to get them!

Chris: But on the way back the plane would be so relaxed, the pilot would turn into a Jamaican and be so relaxed, like ‘yeah man!’

Jenny: Yes, maybe they would be so relaxed they wouldn’t bother to check my flight ticket and I could get away with flying back for free… you’ve got me onto an idea there Chris!

Chris: So just encircle Gatwick airport and there you go! Everybody would be so relaxed, if your bags are too heavy so what!

Jenny: Yes I hate having a weight restriction on my suitcase, I’m not a light packer I can tell you that!!

Chris: Aeroplanes and roller coasters both have weight limits on! You’re not a light packer but are you a light snacker?

Jenny: Yes! Hey, they should allow me extra baggage weight seeing as I’m so small I don’t weigh much myself!

Chris: If they start giving you the weight limit though they’d have to do the same to Kylie Minogue and it’d get out of control!

Jenny: Do you know how much she weighs?

Chris: No, is there a way we can weigh Kylie?

Jenny: I bet google knows, I went to the Kylie Minogue clothing expedition in London when I was about 14, and they told us how small her waist was, and I remember at the time, her waist was smaller than mine was when I was 14! She is absolutely tiny!!

Chris: But she’s got a great voice! Can you image her having a really tiny voice?!

Jenny: Yes she’s got a big voice for a small person! And she’s keeping very well, I think she’s quite old now!

Chris: If Kylie reads this… you’re not old! And could you leave a comment with how much you weigh? Thank you!! You could use the excuse in airports, do you know how much my bag weighs? It’s less than Kylie!

Jenny: Hey, we could get Kylie in to do a duet with the Afternoon Girls!!

Chris: That is a great idea! Do you think she will accept a reverse charge phone call? ‘Hello? I would like to book Kylie, but can you reverse the charges?’

Jenny: Well I’m certainly sure she’s got enough money to accept a reverse charge phone call!

Chris: I reckon she does the locomotion the entire time!

Jenny: I used to love that song! It was always on at school discos when I was a kid!

Chris: It’s not a brand new dance now, it’s quite an old one! Everyone’s doing an old dance now…!

Jenny: Come on come on, do the locomotion!

Chris: For if there’s any train enthusiasts reading this blog… you can change locomotion to locomotive!

Jenny: Constantly on it with your song parodies Chris!

Chris: On it? On what! I’m on scented candle!

Jenny: Yes I wonder if they have any affect on the brain, other than making you really relaxed of course…

Chris: I’ve seen the sloth and he’s now moving really fast, it’s crazy! He’s a blur!!

Jenny: I can’t even see him Chris, he’s moving that fast! What’s going on!!

Chris: I think it’s the effect of the scented candles! The Afternoon Girls are breathing heavily, I think they’re ready! Is that the time already? What’s wrong with a man before 12?

Jenny: Looking out the window I gaze into the night!

Chris: Have we really been doing this blogisode that long? I’m a bit scared of the dark I need someone to chase the shadows away!

Jenny: There’s not a soul out there I’m afraid Chris!

Chris: Guys time has flown again, thank you to the Afternoon Girls, thank you to my beard for making me very wise, and thank you to Kylie for reversing the charges! And next week we have a special announcement don’t we Jenny!

Jenny: Yes, we’re back to our usual day for Mundanevision, from now onwards it will be regularly on the Friday again! Yay!

Chris: Okay, we will see you on Friday then guys!



About mundanevision

Every day could be a Mundanevision blogisode day, now that they are posting weekly .So Grab a cup of tea and a biscuit and get comfortable because you're going to read about the least trendy topics.It's a blog you really do want to miss...
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