Friends reunited anniversary

Buzz buzz, my fit bit is telling me we have another blogisode of Mundanevision to do! Today is a special occasion, because it’s our 1 year anniversary!! So if someone could bake us a virtual cake that’d be really tasty! Jenny’s here, I’m here, the sloth is here… thank god we didn’t choose an animal with camouflage… and the Afternoon Girls are here so let’s get this blogisode under way… crowd goes crazy…!

Chris: Hey Jenny, do you like my new fit bit?

fit bit

Jenny: Yes, looks great, they’re a bit of a hype at the moment aren’t they?

Chris: They are, just like selfie sticks! Why don’t we combine the 2 and have fit sticks!

Jenny: Haha, and somehow you’ve managed to get your fit bit to tell you when it’s Mundanevision time!!

Chris: Yes I guess it’s a Mundanebit…

Jenny: Well all these gadgets, what would we do without them!

Chris: Go back to bits of paper and a pen, and then if we did that nobody would have heard of Mundanevision, it would be a letter writing blog which would be very different…

Jenny: I wonder how that would work? Maybe people would subscribe to it and we’d have to post copies of the blog to everyone every week!

Chris: So it wouldn’t be a blog, it would be a letter writing service!

Jenny: I never get letters, apart from the bank occasionally with my statement, I used to get so excited when I was a kid every time I got a letter!!

Chris:I got excited over a magnetic letter that you stuck on the fridge as well! That was really basic letter writing!

Jenny: Oh yes I remember those, and last year from Nando’s I also got given word which you could stick on the fridge and make into different sentences… me and my flatmates had quite a bit of fun with those!

Chris: Hollywood are the only people that still use these, you always see them in films! They are what ransom notes are written in!!

Jenny: I know what you mean! I watch enough CSI and NCSI to know about ransom notes!

Chris: I don’t watch those crime fighting shows, there’s far too many of them they’re going to run out of letters soon! I’m B.O.R.E.D

Jenny: I love them… they’re perfect to watch just as I’m going to sleep, I’ve recently decided though that I’m going to watch all of the friends episodes all over again in order! I’m quite excited about it… I’ve almost finished series 1 already!

Chris: Wow, that’s a lot of friends… you flat must be crammed of people!

Jenny: Yes and it’s not a very big flat either! The episodes are only 20 minutes long so I’m hoping it’s not going to take me too long to get through them all!

Chris: They’re doing a friends reunion apparently! They should call it friends reunited!

Jenny: I would so love that if they did! I’ve heard that rumour before though and it never happened…

Chris: Was it spread about by Adele?

Jenny: Probably, but hey, this time I actually think they are doing a friends reunion, I saw a picture somewhere with all the cast together!!!

Chris: I’ve got an idea of what the friends reunion episode could be about, do you want to hear it?

Jenny: Of course I do!

Chris: Well it’s one where all the friends characters go on top gear sets, because joy can get them access!

Jenny: And what would they be doing on there?

Chris: Well I think Rachel and Monica could be camera women, and she could sell everybody shampoo in the breaks… oh wait, it’s BBC there won’t be any breaks! She would say things like ‘if you like my camera work, just think what I can do with your hair with pantenne’ and then Ross would be a continuity announcer, do the voice overs! Phoebe would be jingle writer obviously!!

Jenny: And what about Chandler and Joey??

Chris: Well Joey is already going to be on the show as a presenter! And Chandler would be the wise cracking one, maybe be the stick I don’t know!

Jenny: Sounds like you’ve got it all thought out there! Did you think about this before I came?!

Chris: Ah, no! Seriously it’s off the cut! We never think about the stuff, if we think about it we never do anything! In fact I’ve got Pheobe’s very first top gear jingle sorted out… So listen up Lisa Cudrow, it would go a little something like this…

Chris clears his throat…

‘Super car, super car…. we are reviewing you

super car, super car, you’ve got a flat!’

Jenny: That’s pretty good! I can just imagine her singing it now… I seem to have her voice in my head… maybe I’ve been watching too much friends recently…

Chris: I’ve got Janice in mine! OH MY GOD!!

Jenny: Her voice is the most annoying voice ever!!!!

Chris: Of the 90’s!

Jenny: Definitely! And her laugh isn’t any better!!

Chris: I cannot remember her laugh…. I can only remember Janice’s laugh! I’m not going to do it for you as I would annoy myself!

Jenny: Hey, what are the Afternoon Girls singing this week? Will it be a friends inspired Pheobe song?

Chris: They’ve already done that one, I changed the lyrics to smelly cat… it was a few minutes ago!

Jenny: Ah right! I thought they’d be doing another one too!

Chris: I know the 90’s was a long time ago but… it is actually present day now, we’ve got hashtags and everything!

Jenny: #sillyJenny… oopsy!

Chris: Yes they are going to do another song… shall we get them to do it?

Afternoon girls perform their song of the week

Chris: That was lovely, thank you Afternoon Girls!

Jenny: It’s Friday and I’m in love with their music!

Chris: Yes, I wish it was Friday all day, Saturday can wait a bit longer!

Jenny: I’m just smiling at the sound of their music!

Chris: Monday, Monday is not a very good day, Monday can fall apart!

Jenny: Yes you’re right, you can never get enough of Friday!

Chris: If the week is a disease, Friday is ‘The Cure’!

Jenny: I think our readers should know by now what the song of the week is!

Chris: So, that rounds off the anniversary blogisde! I know you weren’t here from the beginning Jenny but you’re a good addition! And to everybody who has remained constant to reading this for the year and who was with us from the beginning, we can only apologise! We’re glad our little blog brings so much joy to people over the world! We could not do it without you! Thank you so much, we’re our of here, see you next week!



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