Season 3/4 regeneration

Hey guys! I know I said we’d do the last episode of season 3 on Friday, but you’ve got it today instead! But let’s not let that stop us having fun!! It’s a lovely day here, I hope it’s a lovely day where you are too! Let’s go…

Chris: Hey Jenny!

Jenny: Hey Chris! I’m so sad!!! It’s my last day!!!

Chris: What your last day ever?!

Jenny: Well my last day with you and doing Mundanevision, but don’t worry you won’t get rid of me that easily… we’ll be meeting up for coffee soon enough!!

Chris: And the spirit of Jenny will be in this studio!

Jenny: Yes! I will always be here even when I’m not, just maybe in your mind rather than for real!

Chris: I’ve said this before on twitter, but we are like the Dr Who of blogs, we always regenerate! And I always have female assistants… well apart from Ryan!

Jenny: It’s good! It keeps it interesting!

Chris: That’s what I think too, hopefully Kishan Thakar will keep reading this

Jenny: Yes, despite the fact I’m leaving… you never know he could just be a fan of the sloth so he’ll definitely stick around!

Chris: Because this is the end of the season, I feel like we should sell out and do what every show does at the end of the season, do a clip show! Ah do you remember when the sloth had too much coffee and he ran around the studio?

Jenny: Yes I do!! It was absurd! I’ve never seen him go so fast, maybe we should give him coffee more often!!!

Chris: This is not working for Mundanevision, it’s much better on TV… plus the fact this is a radio show you can read with your eyes! I’ve never heard them do it on radio shows! So let’s talk about totally new and radically instinct subjects to ease the listeners/readers transition into season 4!

Jenny: Yes, like the pudding you’re going to have later!

Chris: Ah yes, the pudding that we are going to have! Should we invite the Afternoon Girls?!

Jenny: I’m sure they wouldn’t say no to a DOLCE DI CIOCCOLATO… yum!!!

Chris: Can you imagine how thin the slices have to be to be, there’s quite a lot of them, at least 4! And there could be more we don’t know!! The lead singer has a variety of wigs!

Jenny: Or maybe we could order hundreds of the chocolately pudding and eat them until we can eat no more!

Chris: And then explode, that would be a brilliant way to end the blog! Do carluccio’s do take out?

Jenny: We’ll have to see!

Chris: We’ll have to deliveroo it!

Jenny: That is a good shout! And maybe deliveroo ourselves too so we can get there easy peasy if we want to!

Chris: Deliveroo sounds like an A. A. Milne creation, maybe Roo now delivers food!


Jenny: Well the name fits! Wouldn’t that be cool!

Chris: Yes and Winnie the pooh is the sous chef! He would be amazing at desserts, the only problem is he would eat them before they got to the customers, especially the ones with honey in!!

Jenny: Yes we all know how Pooh loves his honey, I just have a picture of him stuck in my head, with his head stuck in a honey jar!

Chris: Yes and the time they moved Eeyore’s house!

Jenny: I used to watch Winnie the pooh every morning before school, and I remember on the TV schedule it used to just be listed at ‘Pooh’ and my mum got confused as to why I wanted to watch a program about Poo! She’s German and had never heard of it before!

Chris: Mind you that’s a good descriptive word for some TV programs!

Jenny: Yes we won’t be naming names but I think our viewers will have similar ideas in their heads as to what we mean!

Chris: Imagine if that just comes up on the TV guide when you’re going through, that’d be a brilliant invention, just replacing the name of the TV shows with Poohs, and then you can’t actually watch it!

Jenny: It certainly would be interesting! What’s your favourite TV program at the moment Chris? I think I can guess… X files?

Chris: Yes that will be the one! It’s definitely not worthy of the rating Pooh!

Jenny: I thought so! I’ve still yet to watch any X files shows! I bet you think I’m crazy!

Chris: No I’m not judging… but Simon Cowell is!

Jenny: Good old Simon Cowell, what do you think he would make of the Afternoon Girls?

Chris: Oh they have to be a secret cus he would sign them up straight away with their singing prowess, and give them loads of awards! On the subject of awards, the BRITS is on tonight!

Jenny: Ah I didn’t know that! I will possibly be watch that on TV, will you?

Chris: Yes! Adele is leaving the nominations… I don’t know where she’d taken them! I will say hello from the other side of the TV, I’m not sure she will hear me though!

Jenny: Are our Afternoon Girls singing a BRITS inspired song today then?

Chris: They might be!

Chris says to the Afternoon Girls ‘put those puddings down and come on!’

Chris: Well I’ll do my through the keyhole description… this artist is quite new, he’s been nominated for the BRIT awards, he wears amazing hats, his album is amazing I urge you to listen!! His second name is a broad inlet of the sea where the land curves inwards, so in a way he does hold back the river! Any clues Jenny you would like to give!

Jenny: Nope! Joking! Well… stop for a minute and let me think… hmm… well soon these days of Mundanevision will all be distant flashing by for me! Lonely water for me!

Chris: Could I have a lonely water please, not coffee! I want water with friends! This artist is doing the opposite of Moses with the red sea in the bible, it’s not often you get to hear Moses references in a blog! And with that biblical reference, it’s time for us to say goodbye

TARDIS noise as the show comes to a close

I will see you very very soon for season 4! In the mean time please read our blogisodes and if you like them then tell your friends! Thanks you Afternoon Girls and sloth alike…




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  1. You’re right..Kishan Thakar read until end..


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