Chocolate Jason Bourne

Hey guys, it is Mundanevision time. If you don’t know what mundanevision is, where have you been, this is our fourth season? You might recognise the familiar typing, Poppy is back. 

Chris: Hey Poppy.

Poppy: Hello.

Chris: Its good to have you back in the studio. Not much has changed, just that the afternoon girls are mundanevision band. If it is good enough for TFI Friday, so I thought why can’t we have one.

Poppy: That’s a sound argument, it clearly works.

Chris: It does everyone wants to be on this show, we are so famous.

Poppy: It is true I can’t get anywhere without being recognised.

Chris: I am sure that is something to do with the mundanevision t-shirts we wear everywhere.

Poppy: Not a great disguise I will admit.

Chris: I know, perhaps we shouldn’t have put our faces on there either. We wouldn’t be very good secret agents.

Poppy: Perhaps not, or maybe we are so visible no one takes any notice, therefore we are perfect secret agents.

Chris: That is a good idea, that is clearly how 007 gets away with it, because everyone knows who he is. I was thinking the other day, with all the sequels coming out, they should a prequel to the Bourne films, and call it Bourne reborn. Just go back to Bourne the early years.


Poppy: I haven’t watched any of the Bourne films, but I appreciate a play on words.

Chris: This would be a good place to start as it would show how Bourne was born.

Poppy: That does makes sense. I don’t ever feel like prequels add much to a story.

Chris: No I don’t suppose it would, but it was fun to see how many times I can fit Bourne into one sentence. It would be like a Bourne Benjimin Button, but in reverse. So, he’s just been Bourne. Enough of this word play I am even confusing myself! I am so sorry.

Poppy: No need to apologise, I just can’t keep up with what type of Bourne I should be typing!

Chris: Let’s stop this and move onto other subjects. I just haven’t thought that far ahead… But, we must move on from Bourne we don’t want people to get bored. Oh just one more thing I will say is the tag line could be Bourne ready. 

Poppy: That sounds like a Sun headline.

Chris: It would only be available to read in the Sun.

Poppy: Well that does makes sense…

Chris: Well, its Easter soon. There is no follow up to that it is just a statement, we are very factual on Mundanevision, we are very factual here.

Poppy: The bunny rabbits must be collecting all their eggs ready to deliver.

Chris: I saw a pink bunny rabbit the other day. Is a pink bunny rabbit what you see when your’e drunk at easter?

Poppy: No just high. Did you know that Lewis Carrol wrote the majority of Alice in Wonderland high?

Chris: No wonder, that book makes a lot more sense now.

Poppy: Explains why the cat is smiling so much too.

Chris: And why the white rabbit has a pocket watch.


Poppy: Are you sure it isn’t a pink rabbit?

Chris: I am colour blind, so would Alice be chasing that rabbit to put it under citizens arrest for stealing that watch. Can rabbits even tell time?

Poppy: Well, that depends on what school they burrowed next to.

Chris: As far as I can tell there is only two times rabbits care about, and that is feeding time and sleeping time. If you are a rabbit and care about any other time please comment.

Poppy: Well, that is a way to attract a new audience.

Chris: Yes, we are trying to be animal friendly to get the sloth more friends.

Poppy: Well, if he did more than slept maybe he could meet knew people, other than just the thinking tree.

Chris: We need to introduce him to nocturnal animals.

Poppy: I hear wombats are nice this time of year.

Chris: Maybe he should try online dating, but he wouldn’t be able to do a speed date. Shall we bring the afternoon girls on now, maybe they will sing a song about a speed dating sloth. Right, today’s song is by a female artist, who has the same first name as someone makes suits. So Poppy, any clues you want to give the readers?

Poppy: I don’t want to give it way too easily, as we would get problems, I don’t think we could solve them.

Chris: I recently cut my finger, its a bit of a deep cut.

Poppy: Well, don’t rub salt in the wound

Chris: Well the salt I bought especially was a waste of money then, I thought it might help.

Poppy: Nope, and don’t try band-aids to fix bullet holes either.

Chris: well, we are very good at tailoring these lyrics to what we are talking about. The afternoon girls usually finish up the show, but because I am a maverick we decided they should play in the middle. I know this is totally unpresidented, but don’t write in complaining. Because its Easter I thought I would try and talk about Easter in a humorous way. That would be smashing. So I made that up totally on the spot, I mean I have thought about it for ages and ages, did you like it?

Poppy: it was eggcellent!

Chris: I should have done my bit about how NASA could put a lion on mars.


Poppy: Yes, but it might need a boost.

Chris: Can you imagine the bounty you would get from succeeding?

Poppy: Even more if it reached the milky way or galaxy beyond.

Chris: They might need a double decker to get up there.

Poppy: I wonder if the engineer would be called Freddo?

Chris: I have a feeling the lion would snicker. We did eggcellent chocolate humour Poppy. And that’s our blogisode guys, thank you very much for reading, and if you found this Random you might enjoy some of our other efforts. Peace.


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Every day could be a Mundanevision blogisode day, now that they are posting weekly .So Grab a cup of tea and a biscuit and get comfortable because you're going to read about the least trendy topics.It's a blog you really do want to miss...
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