Chris vs Poppy

Hey guys, did somebody say mundanevision? No, ok we are doing it anyway. 

Chris: Hey Poppy.

Poppy: Hello.

Chris: Have you seen Batman vs Superman yet?

Poppy: No, I am going to though. I am very excited to see how Ben Affleck takes to the role of Batman.

Chris: I haven’t seen it either, but I am going to and it might be quite entertaining. I wish  it was a marvel film so I could say marvellous.

Poppy: Well, you did anyway really?!

Chris: I did didn’t I. I wonder if cartoon characters can defect from one comic company to another. DC characters turning to Marvel and visa versa.

Poppy: That sounds like a lot of paperwork.

Chris: Maybe there are unofficial channels they can go through. Anyway rather than paperwork don’t you mean artwork? *I am on fire today*

Poppy: I was meaning the legality but I am pretty sure there would be a lot of artwork too. I don’t think Batman can be bothered with all that hassle. I want to watch batman now…

Chris: I think Bruce Wayne could buy out Clarke Kent’s Paper and then what would he do?

Poppy: Maybe use his x-ray eyes to burn every copy on sight.

Chris: He would be a brilliant editor, people would ask him to proof read and he would say “already done, I did it 5 minutes ago”

Poppy: That would be incredibly helpful.

Chris: It would. I think Bruce Wayne would turn the Daily planet into a nightclub.

Poppy: What makes you say that?

Chris: Because he only likes doing things at night.

Poppy: Oh, hence Bat-man

Chris: And he would take up cricket… Bat-man

Poppy: Nah, they only dress in white, which isn’t his colour, doesn’t bring out his eyes.

Chris: I see your point, maybe he will only play night matches

Poppy: Are you confused between Batman and Vampires?

Chris: Yes, maybe I am. Damn you spelling *Chris shakes his fist* By the way if none of this actually happens in the film I will be very disappointed. We are giving golden ideas and the studio should pay us.

Poppy: Ah royalties…

Chris: Yes, I can’t believe we weren’t involved

Poppy: Yet another missed opportunity by DC.

Chris: Yeah, come on DC you don’t even have a proper word at the front of your films.

Poppy: They need to get it together.

Chris: Maybe, they are under cover after all they are Detective Comics after all.

Poppy: You could very well be right.

Chris: In which case we have blown their cover by talking about this on Mundanevision, sorry guys.

Poppy: What a nightmare for Justice League America. We’ve ruined everything!

Chris: We tried to get a representative to talk to, but they were all very drawn and 1 dimensional. We leads us nicely onto One Direction, who we are not going to talk about.

Poppy: We they have broken up so there isn’t much to talk about now, how truly sad.

Chris: bit like a chocolate egg at easter.

Poppy: what a smashing pun.

Chris: If One Direction play a concert with sound and vision isn’t that 2D?

Poppy: Nope, 2D refers to shapes… Foiled by logic again!

*Chris shakes fist*

Chris: So guys we know this is a shorter blogisode than usual but it is the first day back after easter and we are easing into it. We’ve barely run out of words and the afternoon girls are still on holiday so they can’t save us. I love that superhero reference about saving. See you next week. Peace.




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Every day could be a Mundanevision blogisode day, now that they are posting weekly .So Grab a cup of tea and a biscuit and get comfortable because you're going to read about the least trendy topics.It's a blog you really do want to miss...
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