Superhero Air Safety

Hey guys! It s Tuesday, time for another blogisode of the ever popular mundanevision. Or maybe I am just disillusion. 

Chris:So I went to see Batman vs. Superman the other day.

Poppy: Oh really, was it any good?

Chris: I liked the first half but not the second, but isn’t that what people say about football matches?

Poppy: No, I am pretty sure they say they didn’t like the first or the second half.

Chris: Wouldn’t it be great if you could hold up a red card when watching a film, so then the film would have to change?

Poppy: That idea would be really well suited to the theatre or stand up comedy.

Chris: they do that for stand up, its called heckling.

Poppy: Oh yes i suppose it is.

Chris: anyway, back to Superman vs. Batman. I don’t want to ruin it for anyone who hasn’t seen it but Wonder Woman is brought in to help them out. However, there is a ridiculous scene in which she is on a commercial airline and puts her sword and shield in an overhead locker. They always tell you to put heavy objects under the seat in front. I think she is posing a great health and safety threat, and hope this doesn’t encourage people to do the same.

Poppy: Wow, that is an extensive lesson in airline safety I didn’t know you felt so passionately about it.

Chris: I reckon there should be speedy boarding for superheroes like the flash for instance. Also would all their weapons be confiscated? For example would spiderman have his webs taken away from him, or would he have to put them on aeroplane mode?  Then his web ability would be disabled.

Poppy: the other thing I have often wondered is how Batman doesn’t loose his car keys.

Chris: He has one of those whistling key rings. You know the ones that you would whistle and the key ring would beep to let you know where your keys were. Like a tracking device but noisier.

Poppy: I could really do with one of those.

Chris: they might have an official name.

Poppy: You can probably trigger them from an app now.

Chris: app-solutely. You could tag superheroes with them. Then you could whistle for them and find out where they are. I wonder where clarke kent is? Oh there he is and he looks suspiciously like Henry Cavill.

Poppy: that defeats the whole point of having a disguise though.

Chris: I know, so they campaigned to get the whole whistling keyring thing out of production. Oh I thought of another one, The Green Lantern would have his ring confiscated so it wouldn’t dazzle the pilot with the green ray that comes out of it.

Poppy: Yes that would once again endanger passenger safety. As we already know, you don’t like this kind of disruptive behaviour whilst in flight.

Chris: Well at least they can get themselves out of peril. Actually they might be quite helpful to have on a flight.

Poppy: Maybe they should be installed into every flight.

Chris: Yes, and today your comic book character is Superman, you will find him in B6. Maybe at check in they could ask if you would like to be sat near the superhero, aisle or window. But then maybe that would lead to complaint from passengers with lesser superheroes on their flight, we were expecting supergirl but we got spiderman, who was on aeroplane mode so his webs didn’t actually work. But on the plus side Wolverine would be good at piercing the plastic covering he food trays.

Poppy: I am sure tat is one of Hugh Jackman’s favourite perks of being wolverine! Can you imagine Wolverine at a barbecue, he would be like steaks anyone? or shrimps as he is Australian.

Chris: Could be messy if you throw a fizzy drink at him and he tried to catch it. So guys that the mundanevision guide to superhero aeroplane safety. Hope you enjoyed see you next time. Peace.



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