Summer Edition

Hey guys! It’s Mundanevision time again. The sun is shining the birds are singing and Poppy is writing. Let’s do this. 

Chris: Hey Poppy, I am feeling full of the joys of spring today, I have even fitted springs to the bottoms of my shoes. What how can it be summer I am so last season.

Poppy: Yes summer is in the air, and its quite lovely.

Chris: It is, Wimbledon is on the TV and its creating quite a racket.

Poppy: There has been more drama this year at Wimbledon this year, what with the world number 1 being knocked out. But I guess he was just in a rush to get back to his vineyard.

Chris: Oh that’s right, Djokovic has a vineyard now, perhaps he had too much before he went on court. Makes you wonder what is in those plastic bottles.

Poppy: Ah yes, well I think it was a very wise investment, and I guess the grapes must have been calling.

Chris: Now, he has been knocked out of Wimbledon I wonder if he will cover the Marvin Gay classic I heard it on the grape vine?

Poppy: The thing is sports people are always on drinking bans so you’d think owning a vineyard would be like torture for him really.

Chris: I know, I would like to find out the name and the alcohol content. It must knock you for 6… lauve. I also wonder if the maximum amount you can get in a crate is 40.

Poppy: Moving on to other summer activities it is barbecue season again. Because nothing says summer like charcoaled meat.

Chris: Yes charcoaled meat in a bun or if you are fancy you can even do baguettes. Like that well known song, you know summer has begun when you put out a bun. Well actually I don’t know if that’s a song, but I might write it. Just so this weeks blogisode is factually accurate.

Poppy: Yeah I don’t think that will be one for the charts though Chris.

Chris: Ok, I wasn’t expecting to be grilled on the subject.

Poppy: Actually I was preventing you taking a roasting when it was released.

Chris: Anyway moving swiftly on, the other big topic of the summer, festivals… There are so many festivals now. It always rains but our spirits will not dampen. The is even on an Isle, Its surrounded by water in the first place so a bit of water can’t hurt those people.

Poppy: I was at a festival and it was so windy that the stage blew away.

Chris: Oh no, did the singers have to grab on to things?

Poppy: No, it was after the performances had finished luckily.

Chris: Oh that’s lucky, Dave Grohl would have sounded very interesting in a hurricane. There is even one I heard of recently in Iceland in a hollowed out volcano. I bet the crowd erupted.

Poppy: If you think about it volcanoes must have great acoustics.

Chris: Yes and if you didn’t like anyone playing you could just release the Lava.

Poppy: That would be one way to keep the performers engaging with their audience.

Chris: It could be a new twist on Britain’s Got Talent, so that if all the judges press their buzzers the performer is dropped in a vat of lava.

Poppy: Probably be doing us a favour in all honesty.

Chris: You’d also get a lot of astronauts trying to shot out the top of the volcano into space. And yes the volcano will get famous and have a twitter account, with the first tweet being my stomach is rumbling. Pompeii, just not going off like she used to. Right guys before the studio erupts we will see you next week. Duck and cover… peace.


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Every day could be a Mundanevision blogisode day, now that they are posting weekly .So Grab a cup of tea and a biscuit and get comfortable because you're going to read about the least trendy topics.It's a blog you really do want to miss...
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