Cheetahs in Downing Street

Hey guys! I have just swung in from watching Tarzan to further celebrate I have decorated the studio in leopard print. Welcome to the strange and bizarre world of Mundanevision.

Chris: Poppy, do you think a leopard can print?

Poppy: What postcards?

Chris: Do you think they can print anything 3D or otherwise. If not does that just make them a cheetah?

Poppy: I believe that Cheetahs are a small frame and are capable of reaching higher speeds when running. So to answer your question seriously, no I don’t think it does.

Chris: Woah, wait a minute. That has just blown my mind. Can cheetahs hang picture you mentioned something about frames?

Poppy: Fine, lighter bone structure!

Chris: If they can hang pictures can they build cabinets the country needs a new one. The prime minister is stepping down today. What does he mean by that? Is he on a raised platform?

Poppy: Quite possibly, I think there are steps into number 10. He will be stepping down them in a number of hours now.

Chris: Do you think his last cabinet meeting was like the last day at school and they could bring in boards games?

Poppy: Cluedo is a classic.

Chris: Although political cluedo would be easy to win. It would be Farage or Boris.

Poppy: I wonder is David Cameron would be any good at mouse trap?

Chris: I’d like to see the entire cabinet play pictionary. Is it a book, is it a film or a politcal reform?

Poppy: That would be thrilling, except maybe not…. You are right that would be funny though

Chris: I think whilst they were doing that the shadow cabinet would be making shadow puppets on the wall.

Poppy: miming David Cameron’s exit on the walls would not be very polite.

Chris: They should bring in Andy Murray, at least he would get the job done.

Poppy: Yes! I doubt there is anything that man couldn’t do at the moment, he seems to be on fire.

Chris: I know, he rather good. Imagine he dropped the trophy though, would he have to go back and replay the match? or just buy the trophy as he broke it?

Poppy: I don’t think there was any chance of him letting that trophy out of his hands, he even took a bath with it you know.

Chris: You’re quite right its like a security blanket now. By next year it will take a lot to prize it away from him.

Poppy: Well, he will just have to win it back again then.

Chris: I am sure he will try, now that Djokovic is pre-occupied with wine.

Poppy: That really was a shock exit, but then again that’s sport. It was also nice to see a new face in the Wimbledon final!

Chris: Yes, the social network sites erupted with the news, Instagram must have been flooded with pictures of that trophy.

Poppy: The density of photos tagged to the Wimbledon site must have been absolutely enormous.

Chris: Even without filters. That is fast becoming the only meaning for filters, coffee must upset.

Poppy: Instagram is home to some very odd ways of life. It seems that some people live their lives through it. There is quote from 2 broke girls that says ” twitter is for stupid people, and Instagram is twitter for people who can’t read.”

Chris: I don’t get that programme, they claim to be broke yet their series is doing quite well. It’s on the third series now.

Poppy: I think it is that the characters are rude yet somehow likeable. I just need to master the somehow likeable bit now!

Chris: So, it’s time for us to go. And update our Instagram accounts with pictures of cheetahs. Peace.




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