Wally Go!

Hey guys! After a week in hiding we are back. This is the ultimate blog. This is Mundanevision. 

Chris: So I wanted to talk about the latest craze that is sweeping the nation Pokemon Go. Have you played it, are you likely to? Poppy your thoughts and comments please.

Poppy: Living in a rural area there is very little point in me downloading the game. However I do think that it is good that the nation is being persuaded to become more active. It is simply a shame that all of the million pounds campaigns have not been as successful as this one app.

Chris: Good point. And the people that do not want to play pokemon can have fun with those who do. They could jump out at them and say “PIKACHU”. That would be active. THe thunderbirds are going to be upset now there is Pokemon Go and they’ve have lost monopoly on the word go.

Poppy: True, I can see the appeal of the game but its not for me. Apparently people have been using it to meet new people and socialise.

Chris: The only problem with that is that you go up a person and say “oh, I thought you were a Pokemon” and leave again. Kind of like speed dating. Also I thought the catch line “got to catch them all” can be adapted to law enforcement.

Poppy: I don’t think it is quite the same, criminals don’t appear on a screen when they are in your area. Although that would make life far simpler.

Chris: Also can you imagine how easy it would be for Superheroes if they could just plot where all the villans would be in an app.

Poppy: Rather takes the fun out of hide and seek I feel.

Chris: Yes, but its practical which is what I am saying.

Poppy: Practical solutions to everyday problems like where to find my supervillan

Chris: Yeah it would cut out so much time. Batman can have a life and Superman can take the strain out of his relationship with Lois.

Poppy: Yes I am sure this technology will make the lives of these heroes far easier whilst taking all of the fun out the films and thus making them unemployed.

Chris: I think even we should have one called Mundanevision on the move. They could attempt to find us in a variety of places like a 3D Where’s Wally.

Poppy: You realise that its actually real life hide and seek yeah?

Chris: Actually with all the film remakes and making films out of pointless things like Tetrus. I think Where’s Wally the film should be released next holidays. It could be in a selected cinema and if you found which one you could go and see it.

Poppy: Not sure how much money the film would make doing that but it is a clever idea.

Chris: Well lets think about this the film could be the story of a young boy, how old is Wally anyway. He never looks any older you know like just one of those people, we need to find him and ask him.

Poppy: Pretty sure he makes his living out of hiding though.

Chris: He’d be great at children’s parties and always win hide and seek. Do you think he only has one outfit or could you get him to wear other colours and blend into his surroundings. Keeping children occupied for hours. I think we may have hit upon a great idea. Rent wally out for children’s parties. He’d also be a good secret agent or assassin as no one would see him coming.

Poppy: It would be called Rent-a-Wally.

Chris: Yes, now we need jumpers and hats. Although that might get a bit confusing as who would want to rent a stupid person.

Poppy: Not me I have enough of those in my life thank you!

Chris: What you mean people in hats, glasses and red stripy tops.

Poppy: I can think of a few.

Chris: So apparently the sloth is telling me to wind it up. So we are off to find out where Wally actually is. Thank you very much for putting up with us. Peace.


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Every day could be a Mundanevision blogisode day, now that they are posting weekly .So Grab a cup of tea and a biscuit and get comfortable because you're going to read about the least trendy topics.It's a blog you really do want to miss...
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