Finding word count

Hey guys, it’s time for the ever popular and always in demand mundanevision. We are so in demand we should be on BBC iPlayer. 

Chris: Hey Poppy, I’ve just seen Finding Dory, of course you know this because you were there. So, what did you think? It was difficult to find a fish in a dark cinema.

Poppy: There have been easier tasks for sure. But it was a wonderful story.

Chris: Yes, it was. Maybe it could have been shorter, I feel like it was an endurance test for kids.

Poppy: No wonder it took 3 years to make, it was so long.

Chris: I know we have spoken about this before but it is obvious to me that Where’s Wally and Dory should team up.

Poppy: Dory would look really cute in Wally’s hat.

Chris: Yes she would. It also strikes me that with Dory’s love for shells the petrol company could have sponsored the film.

Poppy: “and once again shells save the day”

Chris: Yes  but you can trust a shell they always clam up.

Poppy: Not sure I like crabs as they are shellfish.

Chris: When this eventually gets released to DVD they should hide it around the shops and make the children look for it.

Poppy: That would be a good solution to the boredom facing millions of children that occurs when their mother runs into someone they know.

Chris: You see we are giving people advice for activities to do with their children during the holidays. Informative and entertaining that’s us. There is a film coming out called Sing, in which all sorts of animals sing. It reminded me of an animated x-factor.

Poppy: As if the real life one isn’t horrific enough

Chris: Can you imagine an animated Simon Cowell though… I don’t think we get animated just nasty.

Poppy: In fairness he must get bored of the supreme lack of talent taking to the stage.

Chris: If Simon Cowell is reading this, you aren’t really nasty simply misunderstood. And we would like to get through to the next round please. He must get that joke all the time in pubs, “it’s your round next Simon”.

Poppy: Well if that is all it takes to get a drink from him, I reckon he’d be a very poor man.

Chris: Yes, you might be right, but do you mean port man? He strikes me as a port man. Do you think they’d sit a judge the karaoke?

Poppy: My question is does karaoke even exist anymore?

Chris: I am sure it exists, just no one can remember doing it.

Poppy: That is probably for the best. In that case I suppose we just have to feel sorry for the sober barman.

Chris: There is probably a karaoke app for your phone to be fair. They call it a smart phone, but after a few drinks the karaoke starts, that is not a smart phone.

Poppy: Certainly not, and I am sure his friends will record the event and play it back to his future self.

Chris: You mean you can download and delete apps at different points in the night, then you can deny all knowledge of the events. Singing karaoke badly may even make pokemon go.

Poppy: Only if we are lucky. I don’t know if that would be a good idea, its like an expensive rendition of texting your ex.

Chris: As you said above I am sure your friends would record it and put it on youtube.

Poppy: Good lord, I think I’d rather die.

Chris: If it were a choice between karaoke and dying… hmm that’s a  tough one. Maybe they do that as rehabilitation in maximum security prisons, they sing born to run.

Poppy: Or the well know high school musical classic breaking free

Chris: I don’t know much about high school musical except Ashton Kutcher

Poppy:… its Zac Efron

Chris: You see I don’t know much about high school musical. Is that the one on two and a half men.

Poppy: Close enough.

Chris: Wait wait, its Charlie Sheen or is he the new guy on the Cilit Bang adverts? We’ve just found a word count. Peace.



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