Transferring pizza

Hey guys, it is Wednesday. The perfect day for a blogisode of Mundanevision, the last for a bit. But you know what they say, you can never keep a good blogisode down. 

Chris: I keep hearing everywhere today that it is transfer deadline day, and if it is not too late I would like to reserve some stick on dragon transfers.

Image result for dragon stickers

Poppy: Is it not to do with football so surely a football related temporary tattoo would be more appropriate?

Chris: I don’t want a football one, ok then, if I can’t get the dragons can I have the luminous star and moon? I think they will look great one bedroom walls and sooth me to sleep.

Poppy: That they will. But I think you may have misinterpreted what transfer deadline day is. Today I heard on the radio that there is a man hidden in a bush outside a football managers office trying to find intel on the latest transfers. On top of that, the radio station actually sent a pizza to his bush to lift his flagging spirits.

Chris: Well he obviously wants information on the latest stickers. Maybe there are some Game of Thrones ones you can get. I wasn’t aware bushes had addresses, how did the pizza get there.

Poppy: By delivery I presume. The pizza person tends to ring you when he is nearby so maybe he emerged and met the pizza person at the allotted place, I am not really sure.

Chris: On the subject of radios I heard that dominoes are piloting a scheme whereby drones deliver your pizza.

Image result for dominos drone delivery

Poppy: That plan could easily be foiled by someone with an air rifle.

Chris: Depends what the pizza was… Opps I hit the cheese and bacon and I wanted the mushroom and pepperoni, curse this wobbly sight.

Poppy: All pizza is good pizza and free pizza is great pizza.

Chris: What about if this hypothetical man gets an AK47 or surface to air missile, the missile will keep it warmer, and then there will be pizza for everyone.

Poppy: I don’t like sharing

Chris: Fair enough… anyway if this transfer deadline day is something to do with football I am now frantically trying to cancel my 500 sticker sheet order with vistaprint.

Poppy: I wish you luck with that as I fear you will need it.

Chris: I have even order some for the studio that look like keys for a keyboard, so we can have sticky keys.

Poppy: How ingenius of you, as we know my typing often leaves a lot to be desired!

Chris: I know, ever the practical joker.

Poppy: Well I am very interested by this pizza delivery service. Universities and studentified areas of cities are going to have drones all over the place.

Chris: Don’t you think that boring people will ring u the pizza people and keep droning on.

Poppy: Nah, you have to order online otherwise you talk to some person on the phone who clearly has cloth in their ears. Trust me, I have an in depth knowledge of ordering pizza.

Chris: I have heard this is a pilot scheme but surely drones aren’t piloted?

Poppy: I don’t know I am not sure about this plan though.

Chris: Talking about pizza mean and women having cloth in their ears… surely they can’t find you

Poppy: Honestly, the struggle is real.

Chris: I know, just ask any ninja turtle, they feel your pain.

Image result for ninja turtle

Poppy: I didn’t see their latest film, so I can not comment on their quality of hearing. Do you suppose they adapt to have superior hearing over time?

Chris: They must have evolved, they have evolved enough to work with Michael Bay. You’d have to tread lightly on that film set so you don’t squash them. Yes I know they look big, but its camera angles, its got to be camera angles.

Poppy: Ah yes, those same angles that meant that Harry Potter didn’t look like he should have been starring in the Hobbit.

Chris: Don’t start on Hobbit Potter, I mean Harry Potter. You’ll make him shire.

Poppy: You can understand HP wanting some privacy after all that he has been through.

Chris: HP, I thought HP make computers?

Poppy: And sauce.

Chris: Harry Potter make sauce now?

Poppy: Did you not wonder why it was called Sorcery?

Chris: No, but now I do! Who make peri peri?

Poppy: Nandos?

Chris: Is he a wizard? I bet some people think so. Ladies and Gentleman of blogland, we have had a great fun creating this series of blogisodes for you. I hope you enjoyed reading them. Until the next time like any self respecting Pokemon we must go. Peace.




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