Game of Cakes

Hey guys, it’s Saturday. At least it is in our time zone! It’s time for your weekly outlet of the strange and weird, but that’s a bit of a mouthful so we shortened it to Mundanevision…

Chris: Hey Siri!

Siri: Hiya Christopher! How are you this grey afternoon?

Chris: I am really well. So, such a lot has happened: Brad and Angelina have broken up, and the Great British Bake Off is off the BBC! But I’m glad to see that Channel 4 are rising to the occasion (get it, because it’s about cakes?!). What are your views on the Bake Off?

Siri: I’ve never really watched it – I watched the finale of last season and I’m ashamed to say it was actually really gripping. I really like food, so I think that watching people make pretty food and getting the country to watch is a really good idea, but I haven’t seen it properly. What are your views of GBBO?

Chris: GBBO sounds like an amazing comedy night! Welcome to GBBO!

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Siri: What would it stand for if it were a comedy night? Great British Bouncing Orchestras? Good Bald Bristol Orangutans? I’m not sure how those are comedy shows, but you never know!

Chris: It’s a shame that Channel 4’s got the Bake Off because you know when failing comic books do crossovers, like Batman meets Spiderman? (Before we comment, I’m not sure whether the Batman Spiderman one exists, but they are two superheroes!). Well, it would be really good if HBO picked up the failing show and crossed it with Game of Thrones – Game of Cakes – because there’d be no financial worries for anything as the shows are so big. I know we both have very limited knowledge of Game of Thrones and it could go either way!

Siri: You could watch your favourite weird characters competing over who makes the best Yorkshire Puddings though, which would be hilarious!

Chris: I think I know who would win that battle – it would be Khaleesi, as she is the mother of all dragons so she would have the biggest eggs!

Siri: Also if the ovens broke, her dragons could help with that!

Chris: Yes!

Siri: I don’t know many of the other characters in Game of Thrones, so I’d definitely support Khaleesi.

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Chris: No, that’s it. I only know John Snow.

Siri: Is there one called Cersi?

Chris: I have no idea! I have no idea! Let’s just make up Game of Thrones characters for the rest of this blogisode!

Siri: Ooh, we’d be good at rewriting Game of Thrones! I think there is a Cersi though, she’s the one who everyone said “SHAME” to, I think. OH WELL, that’s enough talk of a TV show neither of us watch!

Chris: We gave it a good go.

Siri: Yes, definitely. We did a pretty good job of trying to talk about the things that everyone else is talking about. BUT, speaking of, what do you know about Brangelina?

Chris: Is he a GoT character?

Siri: Imagine what Game of Thrones would be like if Brad and Angelina were on it too!

Chris: Ohhh, that’s who you mean! ENUNCIATE! Yeah, they’ve split up. It’s such a shame on the same week as the Bake Off leaving, what are we going to root for now?

Siri: Well, I think we can root for the rival version of the Bake Off that BBC is launching – they have the same hosts and Mary Berry is going to be on it too, so I think people’s loyalty will switch.

Chris: Is this one called Bake On? And Eggs?

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Siri: You should definitely be in the business of naming TV shows!

Chris: Oh, it’s Saturday, the rulebook is out the window, I can do whatever I want!

Siri: You know, I used to go to a school where we had Saturday lessons, and it still surprises me every single Saturday that I’m not in school!

Chris: No, you are hosting a blog with me!

Siri: A FAR better use of my time, and I’m learning a lot more than I ever did in school. For example, Khaleesi would win Game of Cakes.

Chris: I know what we’re going to talk about now. This is very unprofessional, but there might be some new readers of our blogisodes. How would you sum up Mundanevision?

Siri: Are you asking me?

Chris: I’m asking you.

Siri: In four words, not mundane at all.

Chris: Hey! Thank you. Here, we aim to please.

Siri: Random would definitely also be a word I’d use!

Chris: Yes, random is a word. This is getting like Count Down. Except there’s nobody called Carol in the building. Can you get a Carol for next blogisode, please?

Siri: Do you know everyone in the building? There might be someone called Carol! I don’t know anyone with that name, but I can definitely get some Christmas carols for next blogisode!

Chris: That would be amazing. Maybe she only comes out at Christmas? “This is my time to shine!” I’m not doing a song this week, the Afternoon Girls can stand. The Standing Girls.

Siri: If we did Mundanevision in the morning, would they still be called the Afternoon Girls?


Chris: Ah, that is very deep for Saturday.

Siri: Yeah you’re right, I’m sorry, I don’t know what I was thinking posing such life-changing philosophical questions on the weekend!

Chris: On Mundanevision, of all platforms! What are you doing?

Siri: Throwing some randomness in there to take our readers by surprise!

Chris: In that case, very good! Have a promotion!

Siri: Ooh, what’s my new title?

Chris: You are…

Siri: How about co-co-host? Like co-co pops but MUCH better?

Chris: People will think you’re made of chocolate!

Siri: As part of my promotion can I have a lifetime supply of chocolate?

Chris: Yes, and I think it would be quite good if we build a statue of you in your honour.

Siri: If the statue is made of chocolate, it’s not going to last more than a few seconds – actually, I’m not sure it will even finish being built!

Chris: Would you like you staring back at you? This is a philosophical question, like the one you posed!

Siri: Yes, you’re right, all these deep questions are FAR too much for a Saturday afternoon!

Chris: So, we’re off to play Games with Cakes. We will see you very soon, ninja style!

Siri: See you next time!

Chris: Peace.


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