Bake Off: The Movie Special Features


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The Making of Bake Off: The Movie

Hi, my name is Chris. We’ve just recently finished wrapping on Bake Off: the Movie. Siri and I decided to divulge some of the secrets of the making of it! We decided upon the idea of doing Bake Off: the Movie because The Great British Bake Off TV series was very popular and finished this year after 7 seasons and the audience wanted a bit of closure on the series. What would life be like in the future for Bake Off? Would it still rotate around the same characters? How many Bake Off jokes can we cram into one script? I think we addressed some issues. To get in the heads of bakers, we rented a replica of the actual marquee that they used in the series! You can already buy this on eBay, I was really surprised! Our bid was successful, and we built the marquee in the Mundanevision studio and surrounded ourselves with an assortment of baked goods so we could channel Mary and Paul as we were writing. The characters came from a variety of sources since we had never seen GBBO! We just made them off. Siri made Ru and some of the others up, and I came up with the main story and Jess. You may think that these characters were so vivid we must have cast them, but no, much like the robots in Westworld, we invented them. You would think we would interview previous contestants to find out background information and to really flesh out our fictional characters but really all we did was eat pies and the sugar did the rest! Or were we hallucinating the pies?

Deleted Scenes of Bake Off: The Movie

Hello, again… You might recognise me from the documentary! Now we’ve got some scenes that didn’t make the final cut.

What really happened to the pyramid…

After our heroes build pyramids, complete with hieroglyphics, the prime minister comes in to tell contestants the good news and accidentally knocks over the delicately balanced pyramid.

Jess:   After all that work, the clumsy prime minister has knocked it down! If only it were made out of peaches, then it would be grounds for impeachment!

Ru:   Take a timeout, have a break and a kitkat, you’re being too angry. She’s spreading good news!

Jess:   I bet it will be some Nutella challenge – I love Nutella.

Ru:   I have never tried it. This sugar ban is life ruining. Is it really yummy?

Jess:   Oh yeah, you’ll go nuts over it!

Ru:   Maybe we can use it to stick our pyramid back together then!

And they do! 

Prizes for the best baker…

Alice shakes hands with the winners.

Alice:   And for the winners, I have a special surprise! [She produces a bounty, inscribed with the Bake Off logo] Voila, Jess and Ru!

Jess:   I will treasure this always!

Ru:   It’s a bounty! [Walks to get the bounty]

Alice:   Hold on, it’s not that easy! You have to hunt for it, it’s a treasure hunt. Her you go, Bertie, hide this in the place we talked about earlier. Now, here’s your clue. It’s not in the White House’s garden, It’s not Bowie’s Perks of Wallflower song, It’s not related to birthday parties, It’s on a Quality Street!

Jess:   A quality street… hmm…

Ru:   Where is a good, high priced place in London where it could be?

Jess:   Oh, OH, is it Mayfair???

Alice:   [Smiles] You’ll have to go and find out!

Jess and Ru return from Mayfair, triumphant. 

Food Fight…

The Benny Hill theme plays in the background as the contestants and judges throw food to finish the movie. Acts as an alternative ending. They all get covered in flour. The police and prime minister enter and everyone stops, astounded at first, until they start to join in! 


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