Burning Pokemon GO

Give me an M! (M!) Give me a U! (U!) Give me an N! (N!) Give me an E! (Ooh, close.. that’s not the word, but try…) D! (D!) Give me an A! (A!) Give me an N! (N!) Give me an E! (E!) Give me an V! (V!) You know what, cheerleaders, that’s enough. Go and stand in the corner and make a pyramid, or something, like our bakers. Our name is just so long! Yes, you’re weekly outlet for the strange and weird is here, or, as we like to call it, a blogisode.

Chris: Hey Siri!

Siri: Good afternoon to you. What are you up to this fine day?

Chris: We are just in the studio recording this week’s Mundanevision.

Siri: Oh yes, I think I actually knew that, come to think of it!

Chris: So, let’s beginning. That was a riveting opening for our readers. So, they’ve developed a Super Mario App to cash in on the success of Pokemon Go.

Image result for super mario app

Siri: Super Mario Bros was my absolute favourite game. Maybe I’ll get the app, but I imagine it won’t be as fun single player – I liked playing with my sister.

Chris: With all the app developments going on at the moment, we should catch up. I’m feeling a bit left out, we need a Mundanevision app!

Siri: What would this Mundanevision App have on it?

Chris: It would just be cartoon versions of ourselves talking and giving an interactive tour of the studio and the sights and sounds of the local town.

Siri: That’s a brilliant idea, people can make requests from the Afternoon Girls, and hang with the sloth, and maybe we could even have secret doors through to the Bake Off World we created?

Chris: I like this idea, we should develop it right now!

Siri: Do you know anything about app development?

Chris: No, the only thing I know about it is that there’s a sleep disorder called appnia, is that related? It’s when you can’t get off your mobile phone to go to sleep!

Siri: I’m not sure that knowing that will really be a great help in coding and computing the app, but it’s kind of a start, I suppose. Is it a real thing?

Chris: No. Haha! So we need an app developer to get on board with us.

Siri: Yep, you know lots of people, you probably have a few app developer contacts out there! The only contacts I have are in my eyes.

Chris: SO, app developy people, get in touch! You bring the ideas and brains, we’ll bring the whiteboard! It sounds like it would be a beautiful lucrative friendship to me.

Siri: Yes, definitely not a one-sided one! I’m glad both sides are contributing equally…

Chris: Alright, since you’re the app developer, we’ll bring a blackboard in case you’d prefer that.

Siri: And I’ll bring the multicoloured chalks!

Image result for multi coloured chalks and blackboard

Chris: A very good idea. The thing about all the games being turned into apps, though, and having real world uses, like getting people out and about, etc., will they do one with pacman? It could be loosely related to Weight Watchers? Apparently you can eat yourself thin… And ghosts could be the motivation for people to lose weight – they don’t weight anything!

Siri: I’m not sure it’s a very healthy app to have though, although it’s certainly a fun idea! I think that people probably want to avoid getting sued by the parents of people who have developed eating disorders because they want to be the weight of a ghost. Slightly unrealistic expectations may be set.

Chris: No more than the expectation of beauty magazines for young girls!

Siri: Very very good point, my friend. We could develop an app where people have to go around burning down magazine stands? I mean, we might get arrested, but technically we didn’t do anything wrong except encourage humanity to live more how they want and avoid giving unrealistic ideas to people of what they should look like. All shiny and two dimensional. Ridiculous.

Chris: I think that’s a good idea. Everything is online now anyway, so why do people even need magazine stands?

Image result for magazine stand

Siri: Yeah, you’re right, it’s hard to believe people even bother to leave the house to get a magazine. Although I suppose they pick them up on their way to places. But now they can burn them down on their way to places instead.

Chris: We would just like to emphasise that Mundanevision does not condone burning of other people’s property.

Siri: Yes, and no magazine stand owners were damaged in the making of this blogisode.

Chris: Clever. Anyway, away from app development, what else has been happening?

Siri: Other than world chaos, you mean?

Chris: Other than world chaos, there are new presidential Top Trumps being made as we speak.

Siri: Oh yes? Is there a different card for each of the different women who have accused him of sexual assault?

Chris: There may or may not be.

Siri: Or maybe a different card for each of his different personalities – I’m partially convinced that he is actually an identical decuplet or whatever you would call it, because he says so many things that contradict each other, and lies and changes his mind about his past, so maybe there are actually dozens of him?

Chris: To be honest, if there were political Top Trumps or a political card game, it would make a cabinet reshuffle much easier!

Siri: Hahaha, that is certainly true, we should suggest it to Theresa May. I’m sure she would think it’s a great idea.

Chris: Maybe! Wait, is Maybe Theresa May’s airline? Like Flybe? But endorsed by her?

Siri: Yes, I think they all have airlines. Like BA – Boris Airways.

Chris: Cameron’s Cameroon Air?

Siri: Philippine Hammond’s Airlines! We could go on forever.

Image result for plane

Chris: Let’s not. The sky is the limit with these puns!

Siri: I know, and it’s taking me over the moon!

Chris: What are you on? Are you on Branson’s Space Shuttle?

Siri: Of course I am.

Chris: We’ve been up here in space ever since Trump was elected.

Siri: See you in 4 years, planet earth! Except we’ll see you all here on Mundanevision next week.

Chris: Yes, we’re firmly on the ground, we’ll see you soon! Peace.


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Every day could be a Mundanevision blogisode day, now that they are posting weekly .So Grab a cup of tea and a biscuit and get comfortable because you're going to read about the least trendy topics.It's a blog you really do want to miss...
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