Hi guys! Welcome to another edition of Mundanevision. We should really explain what we’re doing here, in case we’re scaring anybody – because that wouldn’t be good. We have almost posted our hundredth blogisode, and we wanted to make sure we were at one hundred before Siri goes away for Christmas, so we’ve got an extra one this week. Let’s start the countdown! 

Chris: Hey Siri! Sorry to drag you back in here again, you were just walking past and the sloth used his walking stick to shepherd you in to the studio!

Siri: That’s quite alright, a pleasure to be here, as always. What is up, Christopher?

Chris: The ceiling. And the sky.

Siri: Yes, and quite a lot of clouds today. Or is it one giant cloud, I can’t even tell?

Chris: Is it the cloud that’s owned by Apple?

Image result for cloud storage logo

Siri: It’s very confusing when you have Apple that own the Cloud, and the Sky is a television channel, and the Milky Way, Mars and Galaxy are all chocolates, and the Sun is a newspaper… There’s not much left in the sky that hasn’t been claimed by companies!

Chris: I like to think that Dropbox is one of those arcade grabbing arms, because they’re always dropping everything and you can never win any prizes.

Siri: That’s a good point, although hopefully Dropbox doesn’t drop too many files, like the game drops prizes.

Image result for dropbox

Chris: Well, it depends what your definition of drop is. In rapper speak that would be quite a good thing, because you can drop it like it’s hot. I’m going to drop a new file and share it with you.

Siri: Yes, you could drop files like singers drop albums. Do authors drop books?

Chris: I think if you drop books it hurts you. Especially hardbacks.

Siri: Okay, so for musicians and Dropbox users, dropping is good. For authors and game players, dropping is bad, yes?

Chris: Yes.

Siri: And if you’re having a walk outside and there are birds above you, I guess droppings would be bad in that situation too?

Chris: YES, droppings would be bad!

Siri: I thought you were talking about present wrappers earlier, and I think that drop is probably not quite as positive for professional present wrappers as it is for professional rappers.

Image result for elves wrapping presents

Chris: They’d have a smashing time though. I’m sure that Google could sponsor a driving school, and call it Google Drive!

Siri: I would definitely go there, I hope they have Google Goggles to make it easier to see. They could even start an underwater Google Goggle Drive – ing school? Or Google Goggle Diving school, even!

Chris: Google Goggle Diving is a good idea. Let’s use that as a springboard to talk about other things like social media that could possible have tie ins to the real world.

Siri: Ahaha, what did you have in mind to discuss?

Chris: I’m sure we’ve spoken before about Snapchat, and how it can be a great tool for 21st century arguments – just people snapping at each other.

Siri: Yes, there are many people that have big fights over Snapchat because of the snapping. What Twits (ers).

Image result for snapchat

Chris: But if you really love each other it probably only lasts for about 10 seconds anyway, and then disappears!

Siri: Unless you screenshot it! Then shots have been fired. I think it’s probably not the most violent and angry of social medias though, because there’s that one where you just throw hardback books in peoples faces. Do you know what that one’s called?

Chris: Bookchat?

Siri: I was thinking Facebook, but that works too!

Chris: Wow. Thanks Zuckerberg! I forgot the biggest social network in the world right now!

Siri: Although Instagram is fast catching up with it! Apparently when people meet each other they don’t swap Facebooks anymore, they find each other on Instagram!

Chris: The best new name I can come up with for an up and coming band, if they want to be big, is just to call themselves the Social Network, and then they will get plenty of hits!

Siri: Yes, you’d make a good marketing advisor. I never would have thought of that, but definitely just look at what the most googled phrases are, and name your band after that.

Chris: Hopefully it’s Mundanevision! Don’t know what that is, but I feel I should mention it.

Siri: Hopefully. Let’s double check though. It might actually be the Afternoon Girls? I’ve just had a look, and ‘weather’ is the top word. Which doesn’t surprise me at all here in England.

Chris: Yes, that would be the top word, whether we like it or not! How very English!

Siri: So if you wanted a band name with 3 words, you’d be called Weather Translate Maps. I’ll admit that this is probably not the best band name I’ve ever heard of.

Chris: It really is quite good. You could be the WTM for short?

Siri: You could, but WTM has the same number of syllables as Weather Translate Maps. I knew someone once who shortened W. H. Smiths to WHS, which makes absolutely no sense to me, syllably! It sounds kind of like I’m saying Silly Billy, which also makes sense.

Chris: Would now be a perfect time to start thinking about Twitter, because most people on Twitter are idiots. Apart from notable exceptions. You know who you are. We don’t, but you do.

Siri: I can think of one notable exception.

Chris: Is it… http://www.twitter.com/mundanevision ?


Chris: Well, I am psychic.

Siri: Ooh, how mysterious. Have you learnt the alien language? Is that how you became psychic?

Chris: No, I just watch loads of Darren Brown! It’s amazing, I know what he’s going to say next on his DVD! I can only do it with Darren Brown though, I’m really sorry. But that still counts.

Image result for derren brown

Siri: Definitely still counts. I’m sure it has nothing to do with the number of times you’ve watched the DVD. Soon, you’ll be able to do that with Arrival as well – maybe you actually will learn their language?

Chris: It’s coming out soon! Is it Arriving at the same time as Girl on a Train?

Siri: I don’t know. Are you going to buy the DVDs for both of them?

Chris: Well, Girl on the Train was good, but Arrival was better.

Siri: Agreed.

Chris: I’ll probably wait for Now TV for Girl on a Train.

Siri: Yes, that’s a good idea. Now TV to the rescue!

Chris: That box should have a cape on. Anyway, enough of this social network banter. We are now going to be very antisocial. Peace.


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