Echos in time

Hey guys! The turkey is n the bin and the New Year is in. Welcome to Mundanevision. 

Chris: Its a grey day where we are, so I hope lots of you are inside reading this. If you’re not at least bookmark it for later. Or get the new amazon echo to read it to you.

Image result for amazon echo dot change search

Poppy: I didn’t know it could do that.

Chris: Well I am not sure it can read this blog, but it can read audiobooks and papers to you. Its very exciting.

Poppy: Ah yes, because you have recently purchased one.

Chris: Yes, I have. I love new technology, its much better than old technology. Or even last years technology.

Poppy: It is surprising the rate at which it improves.

Chris: It is, maybe one day this blog be out of date, and Arnold will have to come back from the future to save it.

Poppy: Arnold?

Chris: Yeah I was avoiding saying Schwarzenegger, in case you were struggling with spelling.

Image result for arnold schwarzenegger terminator 1

Poppy: Oh well thank you! Still ended up having to google it anyway.

Chris: In the 85th reboot of the franchise.

Poppy: I think we all just a bit passed it by now.

Chris: Yeah but I have a really good idea for the 85th reboot… Arnold becomes an ecowarrior and save trees from being destroyed to make paper.

Poppy: Hopefully it will be before the 85th, not sure the planet can hold out that long.

Chris: What about if all the film scripts are written in 180 characters or less to engage the younger audiences.

Poppy: I think they already are.

Chris: Wait, I am not late am I. Can I go back in time and stop that happening?

Poppy: Is your name Arnold?

Chris: No, I am the doctor. Time travelling and curing medical conditions.

Poppy: Must be a treat to go back to medieval times then, plague and all that.

Chris: You can’t cure that bit, its all a bit confusing.

Poppy: Oh right, well maybe you should figure it out?

Chris: Yes maybe. Before I go back so I don’t waste time figuring it out while I am there. Which make for a good dramatic story, but do nothing for my medical career, they will think I am completely incompetent.

Poppy: It would be fun to have friend in all the different time periods. That way when someone annoys you, it is possible to go to a time before they were even born.

Chris: Oh don’t you bring Matt Damon into this.

Image result for matt damon

Poppy: I don’t think that’s fair. Bruce Foresyth maybe, but surely not Matt Damon, he is easy enough to ignore?!

Image result for bruce forsyth

Chris: We all hasve a little Matt Damon inside of us, after all we are all Bourne. And you only become Bruce Foresyth if you play your cards right.

Poppy: Well I personally am thankful we can’t all be Bruce. Which by the way is a really ugly name.

Chris: Bruce is not that bad. Strictly speaking.

Poppy: hmm… anyway friend in different time periods would be very cool.

Chris: Oh  I see what you mean, friends in  different time period. hat would be cool to have a medieval Ross and Rachel and a Victorian Ross and Rachel, then an Elizabethan Ross and Rachel… You get the picture.

Image result for ross and rachel

Poppy: Not exactly what I had in mind, but still very cool.

Chris: Is though, think hoe many more series there would be, blackadder would be very annoyed.

Image result for blackadder

Poppy: I LOVE THAT!!!

Chris: Yes blackadder is very, but if you are bitten by one not so much.

Poppy: A friend of mine sat on one once. It was very uncomfortable.

Chris: The only snake I have ever antagonised is the old mobile phone game.

Poppy: I was going to say the only snake I have sat on was my sister when she’s annoyed me. A figurative snake of course… she’s human really.

Chris: Away from snakes, or maybe towards them? Did you hear about Donald Trump this morning?

Poppy: Do I want to, that’s the question?

Chris: That would have made Hamlet much long, to hear or not to hear?

Poppy: So Donald Trump…

Chris: Yes. Apparently he is going to keep Guantanamo Bay open, so he can “catch more bad dudes”

Poppy: Anybody who uses the word “dude” is not fit to run  a country.

Chris: Maybe he thinks he’s president of the 90’s

Poppy: Not this is unfortunately very current.

Chris: I think we have run out of time, which is strange because time is infinite. Peace.


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