There are Stranger Things than this Blogisode…

BLOG TIME! Hey guys, as Siri just said, it is now Blog Time! So strap in, and make sure your tray tables are in the upright position. And please switch to channel 1. 

Chris: Hey Siri.

Siri: Oh, hey Chris. I didn’t see you there.

Chris: What? Have I become a ghost of a Christmas?

Siri: Maybe? My grandparents thing their house is being haunted, because their dog Roma keeps barking at the air.

Chris: Maybe she can smell the aroma?

Siri: I’ll suggest that to them, although my grandfather has a fast wit and is good at playing on words, so maybe he’s already thought of it. You and he would have a pretty punny conversation I think!

Chris: Anyway, talking about things being haunted by things moves me on to our first topic of conversation.

Siri: Ooh, what’s on the agenda for today?

Chris: You make it sound like I have a clipboard.

Siri: Your little desk looks kind of like a clipboard!

Chris: If you’re playing along at home, please tick off item one in your brain. RIGHT, I wanted to talk about Netflix’s new X Files, Grease, E.T. crossover, called ‘Stranger Things’.

Siri: I’m not sure there are stranger things than an X Files, Grease, E.T. crossover!

Chris: So they’ve tapped into that market – they’re actually geniuses! Have you seen this series? Do you know what I mean by and X Files, E.T. Grease crossover?

Siri: I’m not sure where the Grease aspect of it is, except that maybe it’s set in the same time, but it’s missing the leather jackets and the song, I think.

Chris: Well let me break it down for you. For anybody who hasn’t seen Stranger Things, this is supposed to be Netflix’s new paranormal mystery series.

Siri: OOoooooOOOOOOoooooooooOOOOOoooo….

Chris: Great paranormal noises, Siri.

Siri: Why thank you, I’ve been practising them all Christmas.

Chris: What a cracker. Right, so there are four kids (minus one, but then plus one), and they ride around on bikes, which looks scarily similar to the bikes used in Steven Spielberg’s E.T. There’s a teenage storyline about the older sister of one of the younger kids (bear with me). This older sister is going out with the most popular kid in school (as in Grease).

Image result for x files chris carterImage result for stranger things doctor brenner

Siri: Oh yeah, I forgot about her whole storyline.

Chris: And then the main doctor, who works at the laboratory who looks suspiciously like Chris Carter (who created the X Files). The kid that goes missing is called Will, which in my mind is just a shortened version of the name William, who is Molder Scully’s son in the X Files. I rest my case. And there are cars in it, which makes it even more like Grease.

Image result for ET kids on bikesImage result for stranger things kids on bikes

Siri: *claps* that was marvellous, I’m convinced. Stranger Things is that exact crossover.

Chris: AND, there’s an episode where they dress a girl up in a blonde wig, a bit like E.T.

Siri: Does she get away with it?

Image result for stranger things nancy and steveImage result for grease sandy and danny

Chris: She looks better blonde than with short hair.

Siri: My friend Lindsay has met the actors from it, and says the girl who plays Eleven is not very nice.

Chris: If they wait until the kids get older before the next series, will she call herself Thirteen?

Siri: I don’t think so, but maybe they’ll bring in another character called Thirteen. There’s someone called Four in the Divergent series, so clearly number names are becoming more popular.

Chris: We should give ourselves number names on this blog, so people can identify it. People are getting bored with proper names – even celebrities are opting out of calling their kids David. It’s got to be something like Divinity 13, or Divisable.

Siri: Speaking of Divisible, can we get back to Ed Sheeran’s new album, Divide, that’s coming out soon?

Related image

Chris: For anybody who doesn’t know, Ed Sheeran came back this week with not one, but

Siri: TWO

Chris: Two new songs.

Siri: Sorry I’m very excited.

Chris: I like them, and I’m glad he and his guitar are back.

Siri: And I was rereading the note he put on his instagram a year ago, that said that he was taking a break from his phone and media, and it said that this album is his best work yet, so I cannot express how excited I am.

Chris: I think we can learn from this that Siri is very excited.

Siri: No no no, you don’t understand, I AM SO SO SO EXCITED. I can’t even describe it. ED SHEERAN IS BACK.

Chris: Okay, there’s steam rising from the keyboarding and I think Siri is about to explode. Can we get a fire extinguisher in here please?

Siri: You’ll need one when his album drops, it’s going to be so hot it will literally be on fire. I’m excited, in case I hadn’t mentioned.

Chris: No, really? You keep your excitement hidden so well.

Siri: I’m still heartbroken because the Script were supposed to release an album in September 2016 (A WHOLE YEAR AGO… kind of) so this is pretty exciting news. Just so you know.

Chris: I don’t understand why people use the word ‘dropping albums’. Surely the case would crack if they dropped an album? Depending on how high they dropped it from.

Siri: Good point. Maybe they want the case to crack? You can’t listen to a CD if it’s still in its case, y’know.

Chris: Is this like CSI: Musical Edition, and they want to crack the case.

Siri: Ooh, that gets the award for the best pun so far of 2017. But also an award for best idea for a TV Show. Why were you not at the Golden Globes???

Chris: On the subject of musicals, La La Land has been nominated for a lot of Golden Globes.

Siri: And won them too, and now it’s nominated for a whole load of BAFTAs.

Chris: La La Land is the easiest name for a musical that anyone could have come up with.

Image result for la la land

Siri: It’s clever though, because La La Land is slang for Hollywood – like L.A., you see?

Chris: And here we go again, we are on to abbreviations. Right, before we go, Siri, I just want to say for all the new listeners we’ve got on our blog, how would you sum it up for them.

Siri: How many words do I have in this summary?

Chris: You have: one sentence.

Siri: Be prepared for an exciting ride of randomness, current topics, tv shows and so much more weirdness, but don’t be deceived by the title, it’s not Mundane at all.

Chris: Thank you, Siri. And now the weather with Jane –  no, who am I kidding, there’s no weather with Jane, I was just thinking about Stranger Things! Thank you for putting up with this, guys. We’ll be back very soon – peace.


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