Reunion Blogisode

There seems to be a trend in TV recently to have reunion shows, so welcome to our reunion show, after one whole day! Goodness, I feel a lot older. I hope this is as funny as the original Mundanevision, and I hope Netflix picks this up. 

Chris: Hey Siri.

Siri: Good day.

Chris: I can’t believe you’re back, after 48 hours, this feels so long.

Siri: I know, these last 2 days have been extremely difficult. I don’t know how we made it through.

Chris: Oh no, that was an inadvertent Madonna reference.

Siri: It certainly was! I have to admit, Madonna references aren’t normally what I excel in.

Chris: I love spreadsheets too – thank you Microsoft Excel.

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Siri: Ugh, don’t talk to me about spreadsheets, I’ve spent the whole morning trying to sort out applications for internships and jobs. It has been stressful.

Chris: Can you apply for an internship to be a pirate? Then you could be captain of your own ship!

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Siri: I hope so, I don’t know where one would find information about a pirate internship. I don’t think they surf the web as much as they sail the seas.

Chris: Yes, I think the high seas is where to go! Anyway, let’s get back on track. I want to thank word press for putting their faith in us, and getting this back together to do a reunion show.

Siri: Yes, thank you word press, we couldn’t have done it without you!

Chris: Now there was a point I wanted to make on the last blog, which we didn’t quite get round to. In 2008 the Killers asked “are we human or are we dancer?” in their song Human. This year Rag’n’Bone man have come up with the answer – that we are actually human after all! He then goes on to say “don’t put the blame on me”, but we’re not blaming anyone! He must be very insecure.

Siri: I can’t believe it took us over a decade of our species’ existence to determine that yes, we are actually human. The Killers really did confuse everyone!

Chris: The Killers did pose one of the greatest anthropological questions of our age!

Siri: True, and I think Rag’n’Bone man will go down in history as being the genius who solved it.


Chris: I wonder if there are any other questions that will get answered this year. For example, the Clash posed the question “should I stay or should I go” what is the answer? What is the woman from the Ting Tings’s name?

Siri: The woman from the Ting Tings was named Katie. And I think Wham answered the Clash’s question? I’m not sure if the timeline is right for that, but I’m pretty sure they told the Clash to wake them up before they go go. I’ve checked, and the Clash asked in 1982, and Wham responded in 1984. So back in the 80s we were much faster at answering these questions.

Chris: It is because – I will put forward my hypothesis here – we were much faster at responding to people. For example, writing letters. We were good at responding to them to, but today our questions are posted on facebook and it could take a while for people to respond.

Siri: Also we don’t ask anyone in particular, we just put the question out there and hope that someone replies. In the old days, at least we were targeting specific people with our philosophical and anthropological questions.

Chris: Yeah, those pertinent questions tend to get lost on our facebook timeline, or snapchat, or isntagram, or twitter…

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Siri: Yeah, twitter seems to be more of a place for responses than questions. Something bad or good happens, and you can see the reactions and answers of individuals by just stalking their tweets.

Chris: Now that Siri’s said that, pigeons, make sure you watch out – we’re stalking your tweets! And before anybody writes in and says that pigeons don’t actually tweet, they coo, I know! They’re so hostile! I know that bluebirds tweet, and I know that other birds tweet, but pigeons coup. Are pigeons militant?

Siri: I think they are militant, in a very undercover and behind the scenes way. For example, during battles they are very good at bringing messages from certain people to another. Yet more proof that in the past we’ve got responses far faster.

Image result for pigeon post

Chris: By pigeon post!

Siri: Egg-sactly (sorry, I bet you’ve never heard that one before… not.).

Chris: No, I’m in a bit of a flap! After we post this blogisode, we should look into all the pertinent questions in pop, and put them up, and see who’s answered them in recent years, could be quite fun!

Siri: The first one that comes to my mind, sadly, is Justin Beiber’s What Do You Mean? I feel like he kind of answers that himself though, in the same song. That’s Beiber for you.

Chris: I can sympathise with Justin a bit though, because text speak is so confusing. What does it mean. Well done Justin, for pointing it out!

Siri: IKR, TBH it makes me LMAO. WU2?

Chris: Even the sensible people in rock music are at it – Ed sheeran posted the question “should I get drunk again?” The answer, Ed, is obvious to me. Only on special occasions. But as a general rule, no! And if you are requesting it for the first time you’ve done it, maybe you should stay off the alcohol!

Siri: Very very wise, I think alongside your TV show called Continuity Errors, you should release an album entitled “The Answers to Popstar’s Questions”.

Chris: Maybe we should release a book or even a bonus blogisode, where we just answer every question in pop and music that we can. I think we’ll not just be doing a service for us, we’ll be doing a service for popstars in general.

Siri: I agree. Oh, the things we’ll accomplish!

Chris: in 2017 – it’s so amazing. And with that, we should go and start accomplishing them! Watch out for our question and answer rock edition! Peace. x


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