Hallucinating Lyrics

It was our Mundanevision Blogiversary on Monday! We’ve been entertaining you and informing you for two years, but now it’s two years down the line and we’re back with a brand new blogisode of… Pete’s Dragon! No, only joking, it’s Mundanevision!

Chris: Happy two year blogiversary for Monday!

Siri: Yes! Congratulations, how does it feel?

Chris: Two years has flown! I hope everybody still likes this, and even if they don’t, they’ve been subjected to it every week. Sorry…

Siri: I’m sure they love it if they’ve been reading for this long.

Chris: Yes, thank you very much guys, we couldn’t do it without you. And thanks to the amazing co-hosts I’ve had over the last 2 years. You know who you are!

Siri: (One of them is me!)

Chris: Yay!

Siri: So, what’s on your mind this blogisode, Chris?

Chris: Well, remember a few weeks ago when we did the rock question and answer session?

Siri: Yes…

Chris: I’m pretty sure I came up with another one for today’s show. This might fall flat on its face, because I might have got totally the wrong end of the stick about this song, but here goes nothing. There’s a song by Rick Springfield called Jesse’s Girl.

Image result for rick springfield jessie's girl

Siri: Uh huh…

Chris: Where he sings Jesse’s got himself a girl and I want to make her mine, but later on I’m pretty sure he sings “I wish that I was Jesse’s girl”.

Siri: Huh. That’s cool. A bit confusing, when people change their minds half way through songs.

Chris: So, is this the first written account of a transgender person in a song?

Siri: I don’t know… maybe?

Chris: Can we check the lyrics.

Siri: Yes, and I want to hear the song too. The Afternoon Girls will play it for us now.

[Afternoon Girls sing Jesse’s Girl]

Chris: Wow, I got the wrong end of the microphone with that one! The actual lyrics are “I wish I had Jesse’s girl”. Stupid “had”! Getting in the way of our comedy.

Siri: That’s such a shame, it would be really cool if it had been a trans person. I think you should release the song with that lyric changed. It’s a really good song, but I think you could improve it.

Chris: Maybe I will. Maybe I will. [Chris strokes beard].

Siri: I look forward to it. And so do all our blog followers, I’m sure. There’s another song that has lyrics that kind of contradict each other. In You’re Beautiful by James Blunt, at one point he says that he has a plan, and later on he says “and I don’t know what to do”. So that’s all very confusing.

Chris: You lost me. I can’t believe you’re bringing up James Blunt on a reputable blogisode.

Siri: I’m bringing up his confusing lyrics though.

Chris: Luckily, I’m here to shed some light on those confusing lyrics.

Siri: Yes… go on.

Chris: I know James Blunt very well.

Siri: You do?

Chris: In my head. And he told me what the answer is.

Siri: Sure sure, go on.

Chris: Apparently he wrote the plan on a pub napkin while he was having a pint, and then the napkin went into the washing machine because it was in the back pocket of his jeans, and it disintegrated, and he doesn’t know what it is, or what he wrote down.

Siri: I suppose that does make sense.

Chris: He decided to leave that bit out of the song because he didn’t want to drone on for too long.

Siri: Aha, he’d rather people thought he was confused.

Chris: I just came up with a great tshirt slogan, as Siri was checking how “drone” is spelt.

Siri: Go on and tell them then.

Chris: “I don’t know spellings. I only know words.”

Siri: It would be a brilliant tshirt for probably half of our country’s population.

Chris: And America, forget about it! I’d make a bomb over there!

Siri: I really really really wouldn’t recommend making a bomb over there! Trump would Guantanamo Bay you.

Chris: Well, according to the press conference, he doesn’t know what Uranium is!

Siri: So true, plus you’re white so you’d probably be fine. Just don’t say anything he doesn’t like and go on and make bombs quietly.

Chris: Anyway, something I’m definitely not hallucinating is that the Brit Awards are on tonight!

Image result for brit awards

Siri: Really?!?!

Chris: Yes.

Siri: I thought we already had them… Maybe two weeks ago ish…? Am I going insane?

Chris: I think the music awards are on tonight. Although, what would be a much better award ceremony would be my Brit Awards, just to acknowledge my world’s favourite Brits.

Siri: Who would come in the top three places?

Chris: Mel and Sue.

Siri: Do they take up one place or two?

Chris: I think one.

Siri: I think that’s fair.

Chris: Maybe this is a bad ceremony for me, because half the people are American, in a way.

Siri: Do you know who’s nominated for the Brit Awards?

Chris: Well, Rag n Bone Man, obviously.

Siri: Of course, that goes without saying i guess.

Chris: I’m a bit worried about his choice of artist name for an award ceremony, when you’re supposed to dress up smart, and he comes in in tattered rags.

Siri: SUCH a good point. But maybe he’ll surprise us all?

Chris: Could we look up a definition of Rag n Bone Man? Was it a guy who went around selling stuff?

Related imageRelated image

Siri: Yes! Oh my lord, you learn something new every day. Apparently a rag and bone man is someone who goes around selling household items to local merchants! I didn’t even know that!

Chris: So they’ll be a load of local merchant copies of his CDs in CD players.

Siri: Absolutely. I wonder why he came up with that name… Suspicious.

Chris: Yes.

Siri: Do you know of anyone else nominated?

Chris: Well, Mr Ed Sheeran is performing from his castle on the hill.

Siri: Good one.

Chris: Or, if not, I’m sure he’ll be showing you the shape of his heart. He wears his heart in his sleeve, that boy. I can’t help thinking that his song “Sing” is just a go at grumpy audiences. Sing!

Siri: Quite possibly. Although when I wen to see him he had nothing to complain about, we were all singing very loudly. His new album is coming out in about ten days! Exciting stuff.

Chris: It is. You know what, you know what could be an exciting moment for our readers?

Siri: No… what?

Chris: It’s the end of the blogisode.

Siri: Well that’s not exciting!

Chris: Peace.

Image result for two year anniversary


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