Hey guuuuuuys! So many ‘u’s it’s like a sheep pen in here! Welcome to another bizarre and wonderful blogisode of Mundanevision!

Chris: Hey Siri!

Siri: Good afternoon, Christopher! Or should I say, Krys.

Chris: Before we start, can somebody shoo those sheep away please! We’ve done the ewe bit, we don’t need ewe anymore!

Siri: Looks like the Sloth is on it. But slowly…

Chris: Oh that’s better. I think it was meant to be a nod to Crufts, but nobody got it! To be quite frank, I didn’t even get it. Who wrote that? We should fire them immediately!

Siri: I did, I wrote it, and you came up with it, but since neither of us are being paid it’s a little hard to fire us, and I’m not sure how the sloth and the Afternoon Girls would survive without us!

Chris: Can we fire ourselves? Is that possible? I mean, I know we could out of a cannon.

Siri: They mentioned canons in the most recent episode of the Fresh Prince of Bel Air that I Watched! The butler mentioned them!

Image result for fresh prince of bel air

Chris: Geoffrey, Geoffrey, you mean Geoffrey! Bit shout out to the 90s! Thank you for coming onto the blog!

Siri: Yeah, thanks young Will Smith, and the character he played, who was also conveniently called Will Smith. Very cunning.

Chris: Aha! I’ts so meta! I never realised.

Siri: yes, it’s… no! I’ve forgotten the Fresh Prince’s word for cool!

Chris: Can we get a word doctor? Siri’s forgotten a word! I think there are two in the world, one called Collin, and one called Thesaurus.

Siri: Yes, although I hear the latter is becoming extinct. Got hit by a meteorite or something, that’s what happened to the thesaurus!

Chris: Big shout out to the formation of the world!

Siri: Ahahaha! So, what’s on your mind this blogisode, Chris?

Well, there’s only one thing on my mind! An amazing documentary we watched together called OJ: Made in America.

Siri: Uh huh, what was so brilliant about it?

Chris: Well, we watched it together. It was incredibly well put together from an angle I never considered before.

Siri: Did you learn a lot?

Chris: Yes, because I was growing up when OJ Simpson was on trial, so I didn’t know half the stuff that they dug up for this documentary. So I implore everybody to watch it, it’s on Netflix and iPlayer. It won the Oscar this year for best documentary, and as everyone knows, Oscar works like magic for everything. As soon as something’s got an Oscar, everyone will see it. I think that’s what worked for Sesame Street, as soon as it had someone called Oscar, everyone loved it! Siri, do you want to add anything to my praise of this very fine documentary? I think it will raise the bar for film makers, it was so incredible. It would take a lot to better this one.

Siri: You’ve said a MIGHTY lot of praise, but I have to add, that I did not know anything about OJ Simpson, and honestly can say that I couldn’t have cared less, especially when I found out he was a sports person, but the fact that they approached it from social and economic stand points, as well as some politics that were in there too, in context of the location of his murder trail, it was just incredible. They had the parallel between how most black people were being treated, by police officers and in shops etc, and then OJ Simpson’s luxurious life style, and kind of how he was nice to people and made people love him and need him, but then had a whole different side of him.

Image result for oj simpson made in america

Chris: I wholeheartedly agree with everything you just said. I’m not a fan of sports either, and… yeah, I just watched an 8 hour documentary about a sportsman, in essence! And, quite honestly, I could watch it again.

Siri: Same!

Chris: I think I’m going to write to the person involved and say exactly what we’ve just said on this blog. Basically word for word what you’ve said – I think I can send him a long message and just say that!

Siri: Absolutely! I think he’ll be pleased to hear it. Never mind the Oscar, he’s got Chris’s approval now.

Chris: A Chriscar… a Chris-Oscar? let’s make that happen, people! Next year, the Chriscars! Or the Siris?

Siri: I think Chriscar sounds kind of like your couple name, like Bradgelina! Or Taylor squared. Your couple name with Oscar… Pistorius… do people ship you…?

Chris: Because he never did anything bad!

Siri: I think people are more likely to ship Oscar Pistorius and OJ Simpson, to be honest!

Image result for oscar pistorius

Chris: Ok.

Siri: OJ.

Chris: With that, let’s go… Oh LOOK! The sloth brought orange juice in! He thought we wanted orange juice! I think with that we should post this, and write a message to the dude!

Siri: Brilliant idea, see you next weeks, folks!

Chris: Thank you so much everybody! Goals! Sports! Peace!























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