Don’t Relent Over Easter

Hey guys. Welcome to the last blogisode before the annual chocolate festival, known as Easter, begins. But we’re not relenting. If you’ve given Mundanevision up for Easter, what’s wrong with you? We’re tempting you with one last slice before we go on the break.

Chris: Hey Siri!

Siri: Good afternooon Christopher!

Chris: How are you today?

Siri: My brain is as cloudy as the world is today. But I’m happy to be here!

Chris: It’s either as cloudy as the world is, or as cloudy as cider!

Siri: Or that really yummy apple juice! I’m less alcoholic than cider.

Chris: Yes. Ooh, now I’m doubting myself. Can you even get cloudy cider? Maybe it’s the apple juice I was thinking of?

Siri: I’m afraid I’m not an expert when it comes to cider! I was just trusting you. Clearly not wise…

Image result for cloudy cider

Chris: It is not wise, or, in keeping with the beginning, not wine.

Siri: Oh you, don’t whine about my inability to pun.

Chris: I’ll be grapeful when we get off this topic.

Siri: Okay, let’s change to another subject then. Beer we go… So, Trump.

Chris: I don’t know who this Trump is, and I don’t know if you’ve heard but he’s building a wall.

Siri: I’m regretting mentioning him already. What’s going on now?

Chris: The deadline for the plans for said wall are being submitted tomorrow. The final plans. That’s the deadline.

Siri: Let’s hope it’s like his healthcare thing. Let’s hope he can’t even get his own party to support him.

Chris: Where would you even buy the cement for a wall that big from? Not your local Homebase, that’s for sure! Or American equivalent.

Image result for homebase

Siri: I think the whole point of the wall is ensuring that millions of immigrant Americans no longer have their homes as bases, and are chased back. What’s also ironic is many more people holding blue collar jobs there are immigrants, so there’s a fair chance that the builders employed for the wall… will be from Central and South America.

Chris: And then there’s all the other concerns. I mean, what kind of cement are you going to use? Is it going to be quick drying or… … the other kinds of cement elude me right now!

Siri: I’m not sure I can help you out to be honest! I hope they know what’s happening! Actually I don’t, I hope they don’t know anything about cement and end up using Trump’s hair to build a wall.

Chris: Can you imagine the amount of allergies they would get if the people on the other side were asthmatic! Then they would NEED healthcare.

Siri: What’s weird, is that maybe they have epipens so they don’t need any more healthcare, BUT they could be sneezing so much that they lose them and then it really would be like finding needles in a haystack.

Chris: I think someone should write a new version of the little pigs, but instead of houses, have them standing behind different walls made of different materials.

Image result for three little pigs

Siri: Not a bad idea, Chris. Maybe your next book?

Chris: Or maybe we could write it as a bonus blogisode, because you know people are going to miss us as we’re not doing this weekly!

Siri: Yes, I think on Thursday if you’ve given it any more thought, we could try and write it then?

Chris: Hooray! Big Bad Trump.

Siri: I’ll come up with the names of the characters, and I’ll edit, and you can do the rest! As usual!

Chris: Brilliant, what a team.

Siri: That’s why they call us Chris and Siri, the team.

Chris; And don’t forget the sloth, because if you don’t include him he looks very disapprovingly at you. It takes a long, time, but man that look is awful. By Friday, he would have nailed it!

Siri: Well, when our team includes the sloth, it’s no longer called Chris and Siri, the team, it’s called… hmmm… I’m not sure I remember… OH YEAH, MUNDANEVISION!

Chris: Oh yeah! That’s what we’re doing! Mundanevision, when I randomly talk at you once a week!

Siri: And I randomly talk at the rest of the world too. What else is exciting to report this blogisode?

Chris: Right, what else is exciting? Well, Google loves us, we are number one when you search for Mundanevision! We are the first, second and fourth results when you search for us! So cool.

top resuit

Siri: That IS exciting! Maybe some people reading this now found us from there?

Chris: Yes, if you did, thank you very much, if you didn’t you can do so please!

Siri: Well you all found us some way or the other, so thank you all!

Chris: To put a positive spin on the wall thing, I think Mexicans are building it to keep Trump out, rather than the other way around.

Siri: I wish that were true, but I fear that he has a few of his own private jets or something, that could just fly over it!

Chris: No, no, if I were building the wall, I would cover the top with missiles to shoot all the jets down!

Siri: Ooh, very clever, but maybe we shouldn’t shoot down EVERYTHING that flies over it? Maybe just orange people with yellow hair?

Chris: I think we’ll ban Willy Wonka and his Chocolate Factory as well, just in case. He may apply to that.

Image result for orange willy wonka chocolate factory

Siri: Yes, but meanwhile I think all the chocolate should leave America and be given to the Mexicans. Although American chocolate isn’t exactly very nice anyway.

Chris: Isn’t it obvious they Kraft anyway, so it’s krafty chocolate – you can’t trust it!

Siri: Definitely true, you absolutely can’t trust it! I’m not even certain that it can legally be called chocolate anyway… I’m not convinced that the cocoa content is high enough!

Chris: You don’t think it would be renamed Trumplate, do you?

Siri: I hope not, Trumplate sounds like Trumplet, sounds like Triplet, and now I’m just imagining THREE Donald Trumps!

Chris: Okay, on that image of three Donald Trumps climbing over a really high wall to get to Mexico and being shot down, have a great Easter, everybody! Don’t relent on the chocolate, stay tuned for an exclusive taste of a facebook and twitter game coming soon, and thank you very much everybody! Siri, any last words?

Siri: Thank you, happy Easter, and peace.



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