The Screaming Goat Paradox

Stop napping, it’s time for a brand new series of Mundanevision. Poppy is back, heyyyyyyy. 

Chris: Hey Poppy, if you could only watch one film for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Poppy: I’d rather not watch any films than be restricted to just one. Only having one film would be too much of a torment. You?

Chris: fair enough, I was hoping we could lead into a nice conversation about Baby Driver, that we both watched yesterday. Which is not what I first thought about a baby driving. How would he reach the peddles?

Image result for baby driver

Poppy: Opps, I ruined that seamless link then. I think it would require twins so that one would control the peddles and the other the gears and stearing and they could communicate using twin-telepathy

Chris: You’re right, teamwork

Poppy: makes dreamwork?

Chris: anyway, enough of baby related stuff. I thought the film was amazing. Really good soundtrack, really well cast, really good script, oh it was so good, I would go and see it again if I could, but unfortunately times are getting later and later.

Poppy: Yes, it was superb. Very refreshing cinema I thought.

Chris: And it worked on so many levels, if you just wanted to enjoy it as a popcorn flick, (not that I have ever flicked popcorn at anyone), but there were hidden depths.

Poppy: This is true and the two co-existing story lines that eventually merged were also very clever.

Chris: Oh yes, I liked the way they used the two story lines, it meant it wasn’t top gear the movie with loads of driving.

Poppy: It provided a good change of pace.

Chris: Everybody reading this blog will not be disappointed if they go and see it. Trust me, you will have a much better time than playing with your fidget spinners.

Image result for fidget spinner

Poppy: I am not sure I even know what those are. They sound like something that spins in a weirdly hypnotic way.

Chris: Nor do I really, I have just seen stands selling them in town. Apparently, they are the latest craze. To me a fidget spinner sounds like a good back up group.

Poppy: Yeah, it sounds jazzy

Chris: Maybe Mike and the fidget spinners should become a thing?

Poppy: I have heard of worse band names…

Chris: I think to stay relevant, we should have a child correspondent on the blog, I asked the sloth to get me one, but all he got me was a goat. Image result for child with microphone

Image result for goat

Poppy: Please tell me its the one that screams in time to Taylor Swift songs.

Chris: No. I played him Taylor Swift and he quite likes it,

Poppy: I can see how a goat would enjoy her early country pop stuff, probably reminds him of home.

Chris: Indeed. I wonder what the employment prospects are like for a screaming goat, in this uncertain economy. Maybe he could foresee disasters, like if someone was going to run off the road he could scream, or if you didn’t wear your seat belt.

Poppy: I would say if there was a strong likelihood of coming off the road a screaming goat in back of your car would only serve to increase those chances.

Chris: Oh yes, the startle reflex is quite bad. Maybe he could be an extra in horror movies.

Poppy: that could work, the villain would be surprised to open the cupboard to find a goat for sure.

Chris: Maybe he could be written into a Big Bang title, the screaming goat paradox.

Image result for big bang theory

Poppy: So versatile.

Chris: Yes, I agree. In hot weather he could become the Ice-creaming goat.

Poppy: I think I’d prefer to hear the usual ringtone.

Chris: that would ensure that the big kids would get more ice cream than the small kids as they would be scared

Poppy: and what about age equality?

Chris: Well how about a car alarm?

Poppy: That is an excellent idea, I will get right on it.

Chris: Ok, guys, time has flown, and the screaming goat has screamed. Till next time we meet, farewell. Peace.






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  1. Comme tu l’as fait pour mon premier roman jeunesse chez Vents d’Ouest, Salut Max!, tu as su donner beaucoup de lumière à Ma soeur est une luciole.


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